Wednesday, June 28, 2006

How Hash Works (Keep Hash Fun, Do Your Part)

(updated 27 AUG 2008)

Apia Hash House Harriers Run
  • The Hash run is held every Monday of the year at 5:30pm, rain or shine.
  • Hash supplies the beer and soft drinks.
  • Host of the run optionally supplies food at their own expense.
  • First Monday of each month is a Bring Your Own Food (BYOF) run.
  • Standard Hash Fee is $15.
  • New Hashers and Guests pay the standard fee + $5 for their first three runs.
  • Fee used to supply beer, supplement food, and provide shirts.
Hasher Etiquette
Hash is great fun for us all. Where else can you join your friends for a fun island run, a great BBQ, and usually all the beer/soda you can drink for $15? You can't. What makes this great experience possible is you. Everyone doing their little part so that Hash can be enjoyed by all each Monday.

This is an introduction to those new at Hash and a friendly reminder for our veterans on how to do your part and keep Hash fun.

The Runner:
  • Show-up and have fun!
  • Bring new people along to join us.
  • Make an effort to make new Hashers feel welcome.
  • Pay Hash Cash promptly (don't wait to be asked).
  • If it's a BYO Hash, be sure to Bring Your Own.
  • Be sure to thank the host.
  • Now and then, try to host Hash.
The Host:
  • Schedule your Hash weeks in advance.
  • Make clear your expectations for attending Hashers.
    (is it BYO meat, BYO salad, or just bring yourself?)
  • Provide a map to the venue a week before the run.
    (critical for turn-out and beer/soda delivery)
  • Make sure someone is home by 4:00 PM to accept delivery of beer/soda.
  • Do not cancel your Hash at the last minute.
  • If you'd like Kiwi to set the run, please ask him in advance.
The Volunteer:
  • If you volunteer for a duty, do it (don't ruin Hash for others).
  • Be proactive, if you see that something needs to be done, do it.
    (i.e. ice down sodas/coconuts, help carry the ice cooler, etc.)

Please do your part. When you do not, someone else must during work hours or Hash itself to scramble and make up for the failure. This is very stressful, ruins their Hash, and is just plain mean.

On on,

Mr. Whippy.