Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Message from Rev. Flaming Sword & Delicious Run

To Karaoke, EveryReady & Delicious,

Lezzy, ACDC, FBI and the Rev. Flaming Sword would like to THANK YOU for
an excellent hash run last night.

We all love the Jungle runs, makes us feel primitive, and yesterday's
run was exceptionally brilliant.

We all love it when you guys host as the chow is more of a banquet and
the cowboy burgers a delightful addition to the menu.

The singing and dancing especially the Sivas made for an outstanding

Fa'afetai tele lava,
The Most Reverend Flaming Sword

Monday, February 26, 2007

Hash Map for Monday, 26 FEB 2007

'Just stopped by Adria's Cakes this morning to get a map for today's scheduled venue at the Levi Residence in Aleisa - see attached map.

Please note, as per Sassy's note below, if the weather gets REALLY nasty, the venue may change... as always, check the blog.

The Brewmaster, Mr. Whippy

Todays Run 1350 and Delicious Cumming of Age

Eveready has left a new comment on your post "Run 1350 - Delicious - Cumming of Age":

Calling all cowboys and cowgirls! (or is it cowladies? cow-women? mere-cows? better stick to cowgirls) Hash on monday feb 26 will a rumble-in-the-jungle run at aleisa at Beverly Levi's house across from the old Mormon church weather permitting (it will be at Bev's unless otherwise informed, so check the blog monday afternoon). if the weather is nasty then it will be at Evereadys and Karaokes at lotopa.

Since it is Delicious' birthday and since Big Mac is Delicious' favorite food, the menu will be Texas style Cowboy food with hamburgers highlighting the menu.

Word to the wise, wear appropriate attire for a jungle run.

You know what they say about real cowboys... if you dont then youd better show up monday night and find out!! yu'all show-up now you hear!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Run 1350 - Delicious - Cumming of Age

Next week's Run 1350 will be hosted by the birthday mere - Delicious. Proposed venue is the Levi's Residence at Aleisa. This will be reconfirmed later on in the week. Stay tuned.

Run 1350 - 26th February 2007

Talofa All Meres and Hashmen, young and old and the wannabe, youngish!!!!

Hearty Congratulations to Lezzy who celebrated his birthday yesterday during Run 1349. The run started out with a handful of runners and walkers and not surprising, come the awards and drinking time, the circle had quadrubled.

Kiwi, accompanied by the other three hares, Lewinsky, Flash Gordon and Son of the Bitch set the run around the town and its environs, with a new track discovered in inner Apia.

There were plenty of New Boots at hand, three of which made up the rest of Oink's family visiting from Down Under. Apparently Papa and Mama Oink were former hashers but it has been so damn long since they hung up their sneakers, that they have forgotten their hash-names. Two other new hashers from the land of dykes and windmills...oops sorry, make that dikes and windmills hit the ground running, and will be seen around the bushes with the hashers for the next 3-4 years. They are young Christa and Henk. They were noticed imbibing in quite a bit of the nectar of life....so they must be good hashers. Another new-boot from Tokelau graced the AHHH, after a long spell without any brothers and sisters from Tokelau. Would not be surprised if the presence of this new addition from Tokelau had something to do with the supply of delectable raw clams on the menu as well....uuuummmm goood! Youngish Ben from the land of the long white cloud and sheep was another new boot who was due to bugger off island the following day. Some of the meres took a fancy to the young lad. May he cum again to Samoa. SOON.

Sheepfart, on the other hand is a retread and has had more cumming to Samoa than we care to know about. He had several down-downs much to the delight of the circle. Poor bastard!!! Flo, make sure Sheepfart gets his 50th shirt this century. LOL!!! Soprano, Just Missed and the clan finally made a showing with some pathetic excuse of going off on a second honey-moon and leaving their children home alone. They got nailed for being absent from the hash for so long. The GM spotted young Lincoln, son of Soprano and Just Missed, who insisted on throwing gravel at any one that stepped up to take a down-down. For not house training their son, they got another down down. Poison Ivy was punished for missing in action for so long. She has apparently being learning the Samoan Siva and Pupu had no excuse at all. Pupu was also caught sporting a toga (apparently with nothing underneath) at the Valentine's Celebrations at Paddles, thereby giving hashmen a bad name.

For desecrating the GM's car, the four hares were punished. Apparently the previous week, the same bunch insisted on pissing on the GM's vehicle wheels, this week.... well one can only imagine what happened.

Kiwi was done for acid painting the Deputy Brewmaster's Car (Lezzy) after the previous hash when he threw up all the way from Vaitele to Vaivase-uta.

Flo and FBI were caught sneaking into the circle. The GM was not impressed that he did not get a hug & kiss on Flo's arrival, let alone, telling how boring her day may have been....to which Ray Charles promptly responded.."forget the day, Flo has had a boring year!" which brought the house down... malo Ray Charles.

Poor Lewinsky had several down-downs, despite his lame excuse of being on antibiotics, he lost count.

Tony Blair, aided by Selena, who keep the Tobacco Companies in business and smoke like chimneys. dobbed Delicious, Christa, Kiwi and Ray Charles for smoking in the circle. Amazingly, SassygirlBJ & Flo who had been smoking merrily next to them were not pulled up. phew!!!

SassygirlBlowJob finally announced that the current Mismanagement had agreed unanimously to stand again for another term. On being questioned as to when the vote was taken, the circle was firmly told that the responsibility lay with Mismanagement to coerce any willing bods to undertake the work of ensuring smooth operations.

Your Mismanagement Team:

Grand Master - Shafter aka Chris Hewson
Asst GM - Lewinsky aka Courtney Stevenson
Brewmaster - Mr. Whippy aka Eugene Barker
Assts B.master and Bbq - Lezzy aka Tuala Ah Him
Hash Mugs - Eveready aka Adolf Arp
Hash Cash - Princess of Darkness aka Ariane Butler Vaai
Hash Nuts - Godfather aka Tuatagaloa Joe Annandale
Hare Raiser-cum-Hash Trash & Super Bitch - SassygirlBlowJob aka Nynette Sass
Hash Blog - Florence Nightingale aka Tauasili Anesi, SassgirlBJ & Mr. Whippy
Hash Music - Son of the Bitch aka Antony Sass & Flash Gordon aka Marcus Berking

The circle finally sang Happy Birthday to Lezzy, but just before cutting the cake, FBI broke into song and led the group in a rendition of Lezzy's favourite song: "To all the men i loved before!!!!" to much laughter.

Onon was called followed by a fantastic spread put on by Lezzie and assisted by ACDC, Ray Charles and FBI.


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Run 1349 - 19 February 2007

Dear merry hashers

Next week's run will be from Tiafau Fale, at Sogi, next door to Hotel Millenia. This is a special run hosted by Lezzie, ACDC, FBI and Rev. Flaming Sword. The theme: come dressed as in the 70s and 80s, whatever the heck that means. It could be a bit hard for some of you as you hadn't even been thought of then, but of course you can always google it and check out the fashion of the day.

The reason for the special run?? Well, you will just have to bring your ass down to find out what its all about. Definitely a run not to miss. Faisuas (clams) will also be in the menu.

Bring your dancing shoes and could Eveready, Karaeoke, ACDC and Delicious come prepared to give us a dance demonstration please. We want to see those moves you have been learning.


A message from Hagar the Horrible

Talofa all

Following is a msg from the Great Dane-Hagar the Horrible, who is freezing his butt in Viking land:

Dear Apia Hash,

Thanks for the great support showed to the last run we hosted in Vailima -
I enjoyed myself, but sometimes wonder if the honourable hashers attending
this freakshow was enjoying themselves as well?!

Anyway, I wish you all good times here from the cold Denmark, where we are
currently parked somewhere around minus 5 - which is a bitch when you've
just come from Samoa through Bondi Beach! Still, it's great catching up with
family and friends again.

I will be following the hash-blog from time to time and should some of you
ever desire to go to the lovely shores of Scandinavia, please feel free to
give me a buzz and I'll sort you out.

WIth those words, thanks for everything, it's been great hanging around the
hash-posse and my down-down techniques have been further developed, which I
perceive as a very good thing!

Take care

WIth best regards

Mads aka Hagar the Horrible

Mads Kragholm Nielsen
Danmarksgade 76, St. Th.
9000 Aalborg
Tlf: 61675668
Skype: mads.kragholm

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Run 12th Feb 2007

Talofa all you meres and hares

Next week's run will be from Apia Concrete Products (ACP) at Vaitele. If you haven't figured out where ACP by now, then you will have to call 757 4250 to give you directions....good luck!!

Snake and Family will be putting up the "bangers, bread and tons of onions". Run is SAT15/person. Pls be on time.

If you wish to host a run, contact sassygirlBJ on sassygirl@samoa.ws


Monday, February 05, 2007

Run1345 - 5th February 2007

Hi All
Today's Run will be from the Samoa Tourism Fale in Apia. BYO BBQ pls and for those meres who have some time on their hands, pls a green salad of sorts.