Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas Day Run

Sorry for the delay in posting - Christmas Day Run will be set from Shafter and 4WD from Taufua Beach Fales on Monday. Run will be at 1400hrs. BYO food and drinks. Please also note that there will be a New Year's Day Run, if you have a brilliant idea of where we can run from, please comment or email.

Hope to see some hashers on Monday 25th December 2006, pass the message

Merry Christmas & Happy 2007

Cheers ALL

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas Hash Run 1341

Talofa All

Our Christmas Hash will commence from the Tiafau Fale, next door to Hotel Millenia at Sogi.
Lets all meet at 5pm so we can be underway shortly thereafter with Santa and his chariot.

BYO meats for the BBQ. Can some of the meres make some salads in lieu of the meats.

Dress up in your best Christmas outfit and cum ready to run and drink. If you have words for the more popular Christmas Carols pls flick them my way asap.


Monday, December 11, 2006

RUN 1340 - 11 DECEMBER 2006

Hi all

today's run will be from Headquarters at "On The Rocks". BYO BBQ meats and whatever. Everyone to buy their own beers at reduced prices-SAT10/jug of ale.

C u all then.


Thursday, December 07, 2006

Can you Host Run 1340-11 December 2006

Hello all
We are looking for a venue for Run 1340 next Monday, 11 December 2006.
Let me know if you can.

Christmas Hash Run 1341 - 18 December 2006 will commence from Tiafau Fale, next door to Hotel Millenia at 5.30pm sharp. Cum dressed in your best Christmassy accoutrement.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

How to get a Name from the AHHH

There seems to be a misconception that anyone can just get named in the AHHH.
Mismanagement is following rules that have been observed since Eve consumed the apple and did a naughty with Adam.....

You will be named, AFTER YOU HAVE HOSTED A RUN!!!

So if you are keen to get a nasty name, host a run, or team up with others to host a run and then you will get named

Thank you

SassygirlBJ for Mismanagement

Hash Trash Run 1139-Eveready's & Karaeoke

Hello all
below is the hash trash for 4th November run. We are still looking for another scribe. If you fancy yourself a bit of a writer then drop me a line.

Run 1339 was hosted by Karaeoke and Eveready from their home at Lotopa behind Adria’s Cakes-the best Cakes in Samoa, especially the Rum Chocolate Cake loaded with cream…yummy!!

The heavens threatened to open all afternoon but thank goodness, only a few drops made their way down to keep the dust down. The run was led by the bouncy one, ACDC who ran all the falsies, closely followed by POD who kept an eye on the wayward one and brought him back. The pack, led by Mr. Whippy, trotted off behind Faleata School and picked up the paper trail heading down into the river. This proved rather trying for one of the hashmen, who later on received the Environmental Award for slipping and dislocating his finger during the process, but thank goodness, good old Godfather, being well versed in these things, relocated his finger, ouch!!! back in place and valiantly ran the rest of the trail hugging an ice pack to his affected index. Some of the novice hashers, namely Deep-throat, Delicious and Luana couldn’t find the trail so decided to chariot ride to find the trail. Funnily enough they did a full circuit of the block and ended back at the taxi stand where they proceeded to the river and spent the rest of the run swimming. They were duly penalized for such unhash-like behaviour. The troops drifted in just before dusk and enjoyed the nuts…good to have “Hash Nuts” back on island, and some delicious “poke”, chips and spicy guacamole courtesy of Eveready’s Spicey Kitchen.

The GM finally arrived with some lame excuse that he had pneumonia. He promptly appointed Lewinsky as his “whipping boy” to take any of his down-downs.

There was one New Boot: Aaron from British American Tobacco. He is definitely hash material, has a wicked sense of humour or was that dirty sense of humour and loves to smoke and occasionally break out a sweat. He is one of Eveready & Karaoeke’s new tenants.

Retreads: Hagar, Heinrich Arp, Nola Gidlow, Danny Rankin, who can’t remember his hash name, its been that bloody long since he last came to hash, took their down-downs enthusiastically. Unfortunately Heinrich had another one for wearing his skull piece during the awards and was threatening for a moment to wear the rest of his beer, much to the delight of the mob

GM pointed out that two of our long time hashers were buggering off shortly, Schumacher leaving in a couple of hours and Snoopy aka Snoofy, cum Wednesday night. They were given a down down each for being such great sports and for deserting the pride.

Schumacher nominated So’o for the Fashion Abuse Award for dressing like an Arabian Belly Dancer. Someone was overhead calling So’o the Sarabian Dancer…Samoan Arabian Dancer???

SassygirlBJ nominated Reverend Flaming Sword (incidentally the new boot Aaron thought the name was Rev. Flowing Soap!!) for Sexual Harassment Award and felt sorry for the Flaming one and declined to go into too much details. This brought much laughter from the crowd as it appears this hash-man keeps getting penalized on similar incidences. Flaming Sword was duly given the “Prick of the Week Award” and was observed enjoying this part of the award far too much.

Snoopy dobbed FBI in for trying to run her and Schumacher over whilst on the run. Whilst the award was duly noted, some of the hashmen thought that FBI should get the award for being a lousy driver and missing the two. FBI then proceeded to have a case of “verbal runs” and carried on till he was finally shouted at by just about everyone to quit his bs and take the down down. He was made to drink the “Tit of the Week Award”.

Snoopy was then asked to hand out the shirts…some way overdue!!! And far too much to list here. What was good tho’ was that Godfather finally got several shirts well due to him. Similarly Kiwi.

GM then called on Snake to assist him with the naming rituals. He also apologized for the Hash Monk’s absence as he is busily fighting some stupid war in Iraq or was it Iran or maybe Fiji.

The following were inducted into the pride, pod, mob, family, whatever!!!
Donovan all the way from the States with that Barry White Deep voice was aptly named “Deep-Throat” Once saw a movie of the same name and she wasn’t singing.
Shay our super chef teaching at Polytech School of Hospitality was named “Pupu”. This is pronounced as “poo-poo” and has nothing to do with what comes out the other end. Pupus (island style) = canapés or any nibblies palagi style.
Alex who works for the hopeless Electric Power Corporation has an affinity with pigs. It has been observed on a number of runs that whilst everyone else gets chased by dogs, Alex is chased by pigs, hence he was aptly named as “Oink”
Nicole, the leggy teacher from down under has never been seen to run or make an attempt to run so she was duly named “Johnny Walker”. After several shots of this baby, you wouldn’t be running anywhere, in fact you would be walking welly welly schlowly!!
Natasha suffered similarly at the previous run at Schumacher’s place. After several vailima’s she was talking welly welly schlowly and ending up trying to describe herself as being “puder-licious” perhaps from pretty and delicious. She was duly named “Delicious” and boy can this mere put away the down downs. And yet another candidate for the Samoan Meres Boat Team. Now there is a dynamic Trio!!!

Christmas Hash which was suppose to be on the 11th has now been postponed after a request from the “meres” of the UN to postpone as so many of the die-hards will be at a Conference at Aggies Resort. Show of hand has confirmed the Xmas Run will now take place on the 18th December and will commence from Tiafau, Second Headquarters of Hash. GM also confirmed that this year will be a young and good looking Santa of about 35. Am not sure if that is his waist line or IQ. Snoopy threatened to stay on if that was his age. Please get into the spirit of things and dress up in your Christmassy gear…by all means look like a fairy if you are that way inclined or a mistle-toe but for goodness sake, ensure mouth wash is handy…LOL

First prize for best costume-if you’re female is a dinner with POD
If you’re a guy, dinner with POD and Lewinsky. Am unsure whether GM has any other prizes.

More nominations from the floor were called for, whilst the troops awaited the special dinner guest to be brought in….”oink oink no more!!” Sassygirl asked for the GM to take a down-down for giving the family such a lame excuse as having pneumonia. Lewinsky stepped up and took the down down as planned.
FBI dobbed Son of the Bitch and Lewinsky for trying to run the hare down whilst he was setting the run.
POD nominated Snoopy for commenting at a certain watering hole that everyone else was drunk and she appeared to be the only “soder” one. Well done Snoofy!!
Lambada and Pavarotti got down-downs, for not canoodling as always at the hash circle and for using the railing to prop himself up all evening.
FBI asked for ACDC, Flaming Sword and Lezzie to be penalized for causing the Xmas Run to be changed to suit them. Also noted that ACDC and Flaming Sword will be sharing a single room at the resort. These guys are really starting to become a worry especially when they were also overheard talking about picking up Vaseline at the pharmacist.

At this time the keg was starting to look rather sorry as it tilted like the Leaning Tower of Pisa… Kiwi the Hare took his down-down. Eveready, thanked everyone for coming and was also excited that Deep-throat and Delicious were now duly named. Karaeoke, Nola and Deep-throat then joined him for the Hosts Award.

Godfather called the group together to sing its final farewell to Snoopy and Schumacher-“Goodbye my feleni” Snoopy responded with a challenge to the hashers to come to NZ next year and terrorise Napier….now there is a thought!!!

This was followed by a lavish spread which was much enjoyed by all. Overheard several hashers say this is the reason they never miss Eveready and Karaeoke’s hashes…the delicious spread to follow. Thanks Eveready, Karaeoke and the Troops.



Snoopy's Farewell

So all good things must eventually come to an end and my stay here in Samoa is nearly over. Family pressures call me home.

Our Samoan experience has been wonderful, for Margot especially, many of you don’t know her but she has really blossomed since being here.

There have been times when I have said ‘beam me up Scottie’, generally at taxis or packs of dogs or centipedes that want to walk through my living room, some times at Hash when the GM has made me have another ‘down down’ for some minor misdemeanor (incidentally, I hate beer), but mostly I have loved living here. I have loved the climate, the clear and balmy night skies, the warm waters, the snorkeling and swimming, the incredible scenery and sandy beaches, the thunder and lightening storms (scary/cool), and the not working and having time to myself, the opportunity to paint all day if I want.

But what has made living here so great are the people I have met, especially the Hash family I have become apart of, I would like to thank you all for your kindness and for giving me a sense of belonging even when I felt so alien.

Thank-you all for being such good company and companions on the trail. A special thanks to the Snake Pit crew, always supportive and kind, Snakes knowledge of the environment was so helpful in learning to understand my new surroundings. Thanks to the ‘Prettiful Ladies’ (you know who you are) for always being welcoming and ready for a laugh, you made me feel so accepted.

Thank you to all the lovely Hash men who gave me so many good laughs and took their ‘down downs’ like the good Samoans that they are. Thanks to Shumaker for being my Hash buddy, when I had no one to talk to, he was always there, with his beautiful wife and son.

Thanks Godfather for sharing your wonderful resort with us and making us feel at home. Thanks also to Shafter for being the great and magnificent GM that he is and for making me drink so much Vailima, I will never forget the taste. And of course Kiwi for all those well laid runs, thanks for showing we your town. Hash has taken me places I never thought or even dreamt about going, such as rubbish filled river beds in the dry season, steep muddy banks strewn with rotten and moldy logs, following water pipes in the dark and lots of back gardens. It was always an adventure.

I would like to challenge the Apia Hash to come to Napier next year for a run. Think about it and get back to me, I will keep my Samoan email address for awhile yet and will let you know my new one when I get it.
Fa’afetai Fa’afetai Fa’afetai Lava
Aka Snoofy
Aka Angela

Friday, December 01, 2006

Hash for Mon 04 Dec 2006

As per Sassy's previous post, Hash this Monday will be behind Adria's Cakes in Lotopa hosted by Eveready and Karaoke.

Map to Eveready and Karaoke <-- click here to view map

Looking forward to seeing you there,

The Mismanagement Team.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Hash for Mon 27 Nov 2006

As per Sassy's previous post, Schumacher will be hosting tonight's hash from his residence in Vaoala (see attached map).

The keg's ordered. See you there.

The Brewmaster, Mr. Whippy.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Upcoming Runs & Xmas Run

Talofa all
Run 1339: 4 December will be hosted by Eveready and Karaeoke at Lotopa, behind Adria's Cakes
Run 1340: 11 December will be our XMAS RUN. The venue will be advised in due course.
Feel free to email me if you feel up to hosting a run within the next century on

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Your Mismanagement Committee

Talofa to all and the new hashers

For your information, the following hashers make up your Mismanagement Committee. Feel free to ask questions or voice your opinions to any of long winded whinging thank you.!!!

Grand Master (GM): Shafter
Deputy GM: Lewinsky
Brewmaster: Mr. Whippy
Asst. Brewmaster and BBQ: Lezzie
Hash Mugs: Eveready
Hare Raiser (Hair raiser at other times): SassygirlBJ
Hash Cash: Princess of Darkness (POD)
Hash Trash: SassygirlBlowJob and sometimes FBI cums once a year
Hash Nuts: Godfather
Hash Music:SOTB & Flash Gordon

SassygirlBJ is the current official bearer of bad news and ass kicker!! as well as arranging for upcoming runs.

Saturday 25th November-BIRTHDAY PARTY

Talofa all

Shafter and Flo enthusiastically invite all the hashers to a party to celebrate Sole-less's 21st Birthday at Tiafau House, next door to Millenia.

Date: Saurday 25th November, commencing 6pm
Dress: Cheeky

A keg, piggy and umu is on the menu. Feel free to bring a salad if you are that way inclined.

You will not be penalised if you wish to bring a bottle of your favorite drink to share with the birthday child.

Gordon Flesh and Son of the Bitch to arrange for the music and Lezzy darling to bring the noise making box.

So pass this onto the others and for goodness sake try not to turn up when everyone is half-cut at 12pm. Early would be nice!!!

So see you all there then.



Run 1338 - 27 November - SCHUMACHER

Talofa lava dashing hares (not!) and those sexy meres
Well done to those die-hards who braved the pneumonia inducing conditions to join Alex and Nicole at Vaivase-uta for Run 1337. The regulars were joined by a very enthusiastic bunch of American new boots who were thoroughly interviewed as to what they are doing on island.
The group set out on a nice trot in a light drizzle through the bushes and were also continuously hassled by stray dogs. Part of the group was overhead discussing the beauty of carrying some weapons (the type with silencers attached) to put them out of their misery.
On the return of the small-ish group, found Kiwi and Snoofy well into the cooking whilst Schumacher had disappeared for hours to buy some sizeable cups for the nectar.....goodness knows where the heck he disappeared to for it took a long time.
Judging by the degree of merriment demonstrated by the group come 8pm, leaves no doubt that they all had their fair share of vailima. To help speed up the keg, the GM called for a boat race between the Americans and the Aussies, with a new addition that each person had to eat one sausage or a sushi prior to drinking. The Americans obediently did as instructed while Nicole of the Aussie team cheated by upending most her beer over her head. This was followed by Samoa vs The Rest of the World. Needless to say the team of Flo, Son of the Bitch and Kiwi toyed with the ROTW team and won by miles as was to be expected. Several awards were dished out. First one to Sassygirl, for providing additional glasses for the hash mugs. She received several more later on for spanking herself in the hash circle as well as some other misdemeanours the previous Friday night at the impromptuous Hash party at Headquarters. Similarly ACDC received several, one for false accusations that Schumacher was not at headquarters, plus a host of other stupid stuff-ups. The new boots impressed the die-hards with their "downing" abilities. No doubt they will be at next hash. There were so many more awareds that i cant recall any more as i had more than my fair share of down-downs. The team did well because the keg was lopsided come 8.45pm. Others threatened to head off to headquarters whilst the rest disappeared goodness knows where.
Is there someone else out there who wants to be "Hash Trash"
Next week's run will be hosted by the very Single Schumacher from his home at Vaoala. A map will be posted shortly if i am up to it..LOL
Pls check out the following blog for the Saturday party.
Thanks again Alex and doubt there will be some hash naming forth-cumming soon.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Next Week's Run 13 November

Talofa Hares and Gorgeous Meres

Last night saw a major increase in numbers at the hash, thanks to the Brewmaster's family and friends who were here for Mr. Whippy and Louisa's wedding. Congratulations again to the Barkers and we look forward to a lot of little Barkers running around soon...terrorising the hash clan..

Last night we farewelled Crabs and Bloody Mary after two years....that was the fastest second cumming we have seen. We wish them both where-ever they may be in the future and look forward to a third cumming. You two will be sadly missed, being fantastic people and even more ardent hashers.

Lambada and Pavarotti, who were showing far too much affection in public last night have offered to host next week's run from their home at Vailele....ummm close to SassygirlBJ's home, which means she can go straight home without visiting headquarters.....not!

A map will be forthcoming shortly if i get around to it.

1. Some male shoes from last night's run...and no i went home alone
2. Flash Gordon's shades....nice ones too
3. Ladies blue sandals from the White Monday's run are still in my car....very soon they will belong to the owner of the car if no-one claims them..

Dont forget the 20K, 10K and Kids 3K Fun Run this Saturday. I have registration forms if you are interested. There will be NO RACE DAY REGISTRATIONS.


21 K OAC Qualifying Race, 10K Fun Run, Kids 3k Fun Run

Mahalo all you hashers!!!

I have registration forms available for the above runs. Race Date: 11 Nov 2006 with the deadline for Registration 9 Nov 2006. NO RACE DAY REGISTRATIONS.

So get your a into g and stop by and see me if you haven't registered already. Drag your family out for some fresh air and exercise



Monday, November 06, 2006

Todays Run-6 November 2006

Hallo all
sorry about the delay in blogging this: Today's Run will be from Tiafau Fale and will be Crabs and Bloody Mary's last run. Crabs has kindly offered to shout the keg. The rest of you, ensure you bring something edible to throw on the bbq. If you like to eat a lot, then ensure you bring enough to cook. If you are on a diet like me, well then, .....seafood diet it is.

Run will be SAT5/person tonight. This goes to the T-shirts and please don't bellyache about paying. Your mismanagement do not want to hear about it.

See you all then


Thursday, November 02, 2006

Whippy's Mini Stag Party @ Hennies

Unfortunately, all the rumors are true. Mr. Whippy will be tying the knot. Hashmen are invited to join Whippy and his 'less' crazy bro's from overseas for a stag party at Hennie's from 7:00 - 10:00 PM. Rumor has it that the men plan to crash the hen's party thereafter. Mr. Whippy will shout the first few rounds of beer, so try to hit Hennies before 8:00.


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Hash for Mon 30 Oct 2006

The Brewmaster's family is in town for his wedding and has volunteered to host the Hash at their home in Lotopa before the big day. See the attached map for directions.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Saturday 28th Birthday Party

Talofa all

Thanks again to Lewinsky and POD for another fantastic hash and spread last night. And to all those wimps who did not attend due to a few rain-drops and cyclonic winds, you missed out a great run.....despite the fact that Lewinsky and Son of the Bitch set it from the comfort of the car. They were duly punished for this. James, the ADB consultant, pretending to be a surfer was a great sport when asked to drink out of his shiny new shoes...pity the run did not go thru the mangroves...!!!
Everyone that was in the house ended up with a down-down. Some for valid misdemeanours and others, down-right stupid....but then who needed a smart excuse to be given a down down at hash....most of the down-downs ended down Shafter's throat as the celebrations of the arrival of the new hashman continued. The new addition is named Anesi, after Flo's late dad. Lets hope he can run fast like Sosene Anesi and turn out to be as good looking as him. But then the poor lad, he's got the old man's looks....LOL!!!

The evening ended up with some serious arm wrestling with poor Lezzie losing due to poor technique. He even lost to SassygirlBJ who started up the madness. No other mere wanted to take her on so the hares had to do. Needless to say the meres around the circle were blushing at the sight of some serious guns being flashed..... this is good entertainment especially for the meres if they are into checking out biceps...LOL

Shafter has invited the Hash Family to parteee this Saturday, 28th October 2006, commencing 7.30pm at the Cappucino Vineyard to celebrate Flo's birthday and new figure.
Lukem u fallas den. Wear something spunky, or if you don't have then just turn up in island style wear.



Monday, October 23, 2006

Hash for Mon 23 Oct 2006

This evening's hash will be hosted by POD and Lewinsky from their home at

See you all then



Monday, October 16, 2006

Alcoholics Anonymous

Hello all - I think this is my first bear with me if its not all that flash (no pun intended).

No doubt all would have heard of the incident in front of Crabbers on Saturday night so I wont divulge the details although I would like to draw your attention (for downdowns this arvo) to a certain individual who was hauled into the Cop Shop accused of being a member of the AAAA (Anti Alcoholics Anonymous Association) also known as the AHHH.... For all you people that cant read (or cant read between the lines) thats drunk driving ...

Will see that this person is identified in due course...



Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Run 1332 - ACDC Welcome Back Run

A million thanks to Godfather for a fantastic, heart stopping, gut wrenching run that saw the mad hashers take off in the middle of the day on a a few falsies around the golf course and then last seen heading for the mountains.....the mob finally ended up on the Siumu Cross Island road...phew!!! and ran all the way back to the onons. Several of the runners were hyperventilating, flushed and cussing on arrival at how tough the run was. Thank goodness they all made it back on time with plenty of sunlight to spare. Needless to say, Godfather admitted that he was late from setting the run as he got hopelessly lost in the bush!!! Well done Godfather!!! SassygirlBJ and Snake went on their own run totally oblivious of the track... and grateful for it too. Would not like to have another BJ done on the sexy one in the middle of the day....repeat of the Vavau Run.

Here is hoping that FBI will be forthcoming with the rest of the hash trash this month...LOL

Welcome back ACDC!!!! Great to hear the Wild One is back in one piece and not been mistaken for a terrorist.

ACDC has offered to host next week's Run 1332 to welcome his family who are visiting from New Zealand as well as to make up for the runs and parties that he missed out on. The Trot will take place at Tiafau Fale, next door to Hotel Millenia.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

White Sunday Hash Trot

Talofa All

White Monday's hash will be hosted by Godfather and Godmother at Sinalei Reef Resort. All the kaikai will be provided. All you need to provide is your running shoes and any other special drinks you wish to consume. Hash will arrange the keg as usual.

You are all kindly asked to use the car park next to the Golf Course and then walk down the side road adjacent to Maninoa Beach Surf. ABSOLUTELY NO WALKING THROUGH THE HOTEL PROPER. All the children are off limit to the hotel proper. It is highly appreciated if all the meres and hares ensure this simple instruction is abided by.

Run will commence at 1pm.

For catering purposes, would you pls advise whether you will be attending....either by commenting via this blog or by emailing me at



Monday, October 02, 2006

Hash 02 Oct 2006 - Vaivase-uta

Please note the change of venue for tonite's hash 02/10/2006 hosted by Soprano and Just Missed. It is now at Electric Power Corporation (EPC) compound at Vaivase-uta at HOUSE NO.2 BUT NOT at Alafua as previously advsied you last week. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

The drive straight up to Vaivase-uta..DO NOT turn right at the CHURCH BUT keep driving straight up and it is the first road on your right after a galvanisned fence near the road. You drive up for 100 metres and come to broken galvanished gate thats EPC compound...IF you have problem with the location call me at 7771402..cheers...


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

BOC Samoa Limited Aids AHHH

AHHH wishes to extend its sincerest thanks to Chris Fancourt aka Chillibeans and BOC Samoa Limited for its generous offer to support AHHH through the provision of a new gas bottle and future free refills.

We look forward to seeing Chillibeans on a run soon. We need to check out his "down down" skills.



Run 1330 - Soprano and Just Missed

Talofa All

Our FBI is still MIA and needs to be pulled up for his slackness in attendance and not presenting a thorough report on the ongoings of the last lot of hashes. Will try to put a report together but no guarantees it will be forthcoming this century.

Next week's Hash will be hosted by Soprano & Just Missed at Vaivase. Will post a map shortly for our new recruits.

Many many thanks to Snake, Fang, Venom and Snakebite for Run 1328 and the fantastic spread put on for the mob and to Mads, the Viking Hunk and his co-hosts for yesterday's tasty and plentiful spread. Thank you very much to Crabs, Son of the Bitch, Al, Ron and Kiwi for cooking the BBQ.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Full Moon Party - Saturday 07th October 2006

AHHH Full Moon Party will be held at Tiafau Fale on the Saturday 07th October 2006 at 6.00pm onwards - We will also celebrate the THE THREE S's Birthdays - you will find out then who they are.... Keg and food will also be provided. Just bring yourself along - If you have a special drink bring it with you, we can share it... kidding.... Hope to see you all there...

Please note that this is an Adults Only Party

Dresscode: Fiafia (no bottomless kilts)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Run 1329 - 25 September 2006

Change of plan folks.... next week's Run, will now be hosted by the Viking Hunk-Mads at his home, in the cool heights of Vailima, down the road from SPREP. In case Kiwi is not back on island by Monday, could Swinger or Tramp help set the run please. They are familiar with all the bushes and tracks.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Hash Trash Run 1237

Following is the report from FBI on Run 1237 at Harry Potter's home.

Hash # 1327 was organized by the three musketeers – Harry C Porter, FBI, Lezzie, and ACDC. The venue was HCP’s boom-boom flat at Motootua. Kiwi set a good track for the meres and hares to endure for about 45mins. FBI caught Kiwi on his way back from setting the run, and this helped the hares/meres follow the route. However, this did not help the harriers from missing the first turn. It took about 10mins of searching for paper trail until Sassygirl spotted some paper inside Malifa Primary School compound. For the first time in a long time, a mere led the way to the host’s place. Godfather, FBI and Alex could not keep up with the determined mere’s finishing style. The absence of ACDC from the run and during the first part of the drink-drink session was quite noticeable. He did arrive later, without Ms. Pole-dancer. Wonder why??? Lezzie and FBI got the BBQ going while HCP played cameraman. Soo helped out in setting the table for the food. Kiwi was excused from the BBQ ‘cos he was dressed up in fashionable attire fit for a prince of hash. Sassygirl and SOTB were stationed at the keg serving drinks. Fang collected hash cash for the evening.

During the special award ceremony, the following hares & meres got their down-downs from the bodacious and colorful Grand Master (Shafter):
Ø The “new-boots” were welcomed in the usual hash tradition, notably the presence of Ms. Germany solicited loud jives from the hares who wanted to extend her visa in Samoa. Unfortunately, the laws of the country could not allow her to stay longer.
Ø New shoes award went to Godfather who conjured up a story about giving the shoes back after a certain trial period to see if they fit his lightning feet. FBI did a quick check and called up all the shoe shop owners. End result was a negative response. Godfather bravely accepted his award and drank like a 25-year old.
Ø Cell phone punishment went to FBI and Agent O for their phones going off during the award ceremony. Actually, it was RC’s cell phone but FBI got charged for the crime.
Ø During FBI’s downdown, Sassygirl was spotted having an ear next to Shafter’s upper leg, obviously trying to find the source of another ringing phone….unfortunately for her, it was ringing from her backside pocket. On checking out the caller the GM announced that the call was from another man, not her husband. She got duly penalized for her indiscretion.
Ø Amidst the loud cheers/laughter from the hash groupie, FBI got his special award from the GM. Sassygirl dished out the exotic-looking cup of a lady’s tittie! Not to miss such a grand occasion, FBI delivered in flying colors! His suave dance moves got the hares/meres into a wild frenzy of excitement. The kids were excused as they did too enjoyed the dancing moves of the FBI man.
Ø ACDC and Mads received nomination from Soprano/Snake for singing the hash anthem at Lalomanu beach in wrong tunes and lyrics. Pathetic!!!
Ø Kiwi received a nomination from FBI for setting the run in national attire and true Samoan colors. His snazzy looks got weird admiring looks from lady drivers passing by.
Ø Kiwi and FBI received the last award of the evening for doing something weird. Kiwi was given the pussy-cup while FBI drank from the legendary cup!

Singing was again provided by Godfather and his swingers RC, FBI, Sassygirl, Lezzie, Kiwi, Soprano, Flo and Soo. To end a successful hash run and fun evening, Shafter conveyed grateful thanks to the hosts for the lovely spread of food. Harriers started disbursing in small batches, leaving only FBI and HCP to tidy up the premises. Next hash run will be hosted by Snake and Fang at the snake-pit.

With respect,
Director of Pacific Operations

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Farewell Agent Orange, Hansel & Gretel

At Run 1327 hosted by Harry Potter, FBI, Lezzie and ACDC, saw one of our favourite mere and pikininis shed a few tears when they announced that Agent Orange who has been with the hash family for the last nine months and the little agents were leaving in a few days. Back to the Land of the White Cloud. Till we meet again Agent Orange, safe travels.

More to come on this hash when FBI files his formal report.

Agent Orange however had a little something special for the AHHH. Most of us just found out on the night that AO was also a writer of sorts. Following is the special poem penned for the AHHH family:

"So long and thanks for all the sashimi!

Thank you to our hash family for a year of drunken fun
Such as Pole-dancer's 30th and falling on my bum

Shafter was the master and the ceremonies kind,
On the Locks were after, with mummies left behind

Kiwi a true legend with flour on the street
POD collected cash, records always restaurant neat

Taumesina, Vaitele, Lotopa
Was that a joy boy I just saw setting a run from the car?

The Tokelauan Maestro, with the Doctor by his side
Yet, in the presence of Godfather - they would on occassion hide

There's Snoopy on the hunt for punishable new shoes
Thanks Sassygirl for going on-line and telling us what to do

Fa'afetai to Snake and Fang plus the kiddy totting gangs
Hanging with Hansel and Gretel, whilst I got pissed and sang

Visitors were a plenty, cheers for joining the "On on"
Ka pai Crabs and Bloody Mary, especially for Shirley Bond

I never did catch a Pavement Singers beach road live act
But I've seen Flo knock back a pint and was quite impressed by that

Desperate Housewives evenings out were really quite a treat
But where did the silly rumours start that I once worked on the street?

I'm going to miss my Agency Boys, you really were great fun
Definitely the motivation for attending so many runs

Good luck with the Full Moon Parties, I hope they stay on track
although they could do with a warning of ACDC flashing his kilt and crack

Before I finish a quick leaving question for Eveready and Karaeoke
If I packed your nephew in my suitcase would anyone try to stop me?

As we venture off, know that you are all dear to our heart
We shall wear our Apian Hash names proudly long after we depart

So if you're in New Zealand, be sure to give us a call
And I'll be around to see ya, quick as a Tiafau fall.

Agent Orange - Apia - Sept 2006

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Subscribing to the Apia Hash House Harriers Collective Email Address

For the hundredth time, if you want to be on the collective email list of AHH, pls select the following link and provide the info for the respective prompts.


Welcome to the mailing list, courtesy of our sponsor and continuous support by Computer Services Limited, Apia and Rottweiler & FBI. Fa'afetai tele CSL.

To post to this list, send your email to:

General information about the mailing list is at:
If you ever want to unsubscribe or change your options (eg, switch to
or from digest mode, change your password, etc.), visit your
subscription page at:

You can also make such adjustments via email by sending a message to:
with the word `help' in the subject or body (don't include the
quotes), and you will get back a message with instructions.
You must know your password to change your options (including changing
the password, itself) or to unsubscribe.

UPCOMING RUNS 1328, 1329, 1330, 1331

A million thanks to our previous and generous hosts.

Following are the upcoming runs and if you feel the urge to do something useful for hash and your hash mates, then host a run. Don't be shy to contact SassygirlBJ if you are overly keen..LOL

Run 1328 - 18th Sept - Snakepit in Apia. Opposite Pacific Explorer/formerly known as Island Hopper Vacations - Lotemau Centre.

Run 1329 - 25th Sept - Soprano & Just Missed at Alafua - we will provide the map closer to the day

Run 1330 - 2nd Oct - awaiting confirmation from Mats the Blonde Swede??

Run 1331 - 9th Oct - White Sunday Monday - Godfather & Godmother - possibly at Sinalei Reef Resort and Spa.

Run 1332 - 16th Oct - Possibly Flying Fish's place at Siusega

Poledancer and Daz last dash!!!

Mahalo all
Following is from Poledancer and Daz....lets all give these two a sendoff they will not forget after Faleolo International Airport
It has been a pleasure knowing you and sharing a drink or ten with you guys...we look forward to meeting up again somewhere, some place, some bar ....

"Yes, it's sad to say but our time on The Island Paradise is fast coming to an end...Neither of us are up for any big farewell fanfare. But that said, we would love for you to join us as we watch the sun set on the last place on Earth for the final time (til we next come back to Samoa that is...!). We both leave for Melbourne on Saturday 23rd September - no doubt puffy eyed (hopefully that'll at least give us some sympathy votes for our excess baggage requests...)Where: the Yacht Club When: Friday 22nd SeptemberTime: 5pm onwards Afterwards: Tropicana for a final siva.

We'll do contact detail swapping on the night (Al, how much were those business cards you got printed up??!). In the event you can't make it to the Yachtie though, please forward through your details as we'd love to stay in touch (and will be happy to offer discount accomodation rates in Melbourne and Alice Springs to any interstate or international visitors!)Finally, a big thank you to those of you who have helped make this place a happy home to spend the past 6 and 12 months. Making new friends abroad has been fantastic and no doubt will continue to be for reliving memories (and ensuring the truth doesn't get in the way of a good story!)See you Friday (in 2 weeks time) - but hopefully before that too!Cheers,Daz & Nic

Friday, September 08, 2006


Hello everyone

Put on your dancing shoes and get with it to the beat of the NZ Group "Beetroot" who will be rocking the house tonight with supporting acts from the talented local boyz: Vaniah Toloa, Zibso, Mr.T, Ben Vai etc.,

The party will kick off at "Tiafau House", next door Millenia Hotel at 6.00pm onwards.

This is the only DJ'd function for the Teuila Festival so see you there sharp and early!!!

All proceeds will go to Team Samoa-Archery for their preparations for the upcoming Oceania Competition, SPG2007 and Beijing Olympics 2008.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Upcumming Runs: 1326, 1327

Run 1326 -4 September: Nelle and Shay will host run 1326 on the 4th September 2006 at Vaivase - tai, opposite the Samoa Polytechnic, nextdoor to the DB taxi stand - Alailima Family Hostel.

See you all on Monday


Run 1327 - 11 September: Harry Potter, FBI and ACDC co-hosts at Von Reiche Compound behind MADD Gallery, Moto'otua. Landlord has permitted our use of their swimming pool but no stupid antics....

Let Sassy know know if you can host a run.


Thursday, August 24, 2006

Run 1325 at Siusega with BB and Swinger & Map

Talofa all
Run 1325 will be hosted by Da Bod and Swinger from their Siusega Home. Entrance is opposite the English Cricket Pitch/Aussie Rules field at the sports complex at Faleata. Will try to get a map together for those who do not know where the love-bach is. We do not want to lose anyone in the bushes so pls be prompt.


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Run 1325- 28 August: Swinger and BB Da Bod at Siusega
Run 1326 -4 September: Nelle and Shay at Vaivase

Run 1327 - 11 September: Harry Potter, FBI and ACDC co-hosts at Von Reiche Compound behind MADD Gallery, Moto'otua. Landlord has permitted our use of their swimming pool but no stupid antics....

Run 1328, 1329, 1330,.... - Anyone???

Let Sassygirl know or comment on the blog if you can host a run


Friday, August 18, 2006

21st August 2006 Run - TRAMP & WIB

Talofa All

Next week's "Live Run" will now be a "Dead Run"
Everyone is still expected to be at Tramp and WIB's place up Vaoala by 5.15pm. Due to some unforseen circumstances, the run will be set closer to home. Please ensure that you are on time as we do want to start sharp on time as it gets dark rather early.


Father's Day Run

Mahalo all

Well, Father's Day has been and gone and no doubt some fathers got a good going over whilst others, got bugger all.

The hashers met at the Apia Yacht Club at 2pm, doubtful as to whether a run will take place or not. However, true to form, the lot started rolling in at 2.15pm so Son of the Bitch and Kiwi were despatched with strict instructions to keep the run short as the ambulance service was also on holiday.

The trot started off on the seawall, heading towards the Observatory amidst all the party animals on the seawall. This was followed by a gentle trot around the back of Tiafau, pleasantly enough at the beginning. Harry Potter took off looking for a good work out, calling out to Sassygirl that he wanted to kill himself..... at that time of the day, that could easily have been arranged!! The firm trot turned into bloody muck as Sassy went knee deep in the mangroves whilst Harry Potter flittered around in the mangroves like a butterfly calling onon. Lucky he wasn't close enough, he would have gotten a mouthful of the muck. Thank goodness for Crabs and Snake who came to the rescue of the one who must be obeyed and pulled her out. In the meantime, the pikinini hashers had caught up as if walking on water and merrily clambered up the mangrove plants. Snake stayed behind to help all the damsels who could be heard cussing and carrying on. Swinger got an earbashing from BB when she sank up to her waist in the shit and was not amused.

To get through the mangrove bush required one to be a contortionist at best. The troops finally emerged filthy and hyperventilating to encouragement from HCP and Lezzie whose excuse was that he had arrived late and was subsequently chased by dogs whilst following the trail. Yeah Right... which dog was this one Lezzie!!!!

The run ended in the sea for a good soaking to rinse the crap off.... Thank goodness there were no New Shoes on the day....yikes, imagine drinking out of them!!!PASS.

Crab, SOTB, Kiwi, Swinger were the enthusiastic chefs for the day. They cooked enough food to feed a battalion. Snake let on that Fang had her birthday the previous day but of course was unsure of her age. The dirty minded meres had much to say about this. Snake, was still grinning from ear to ear and thought all his christmases had cum at once. Happy birthday Fang. Snake shouted most of the drinks for the day and Fang took a wine down-down for her cumming of age. She was noticeably a bit tipsy shortly thereafter. Not sure whether the oysters that Shafter and Flo brought had any effect on the feisty meres later on.

New hasher Tim was initiated on the day by drinking out of his shoe, much to the amusement of the seasoned hashers. Christian, the groupie had one too for being seated during the proceedings.

Can't remember the rest of the awards..... so be it.
Everyone agreed that the hash trot was a fantastic one, short and trying.
Fantastic BBQ!!! The lot finally left at 1945hrs.

Onon SassygirlBJ

Monday, August 14, 2006


Ford Explorer,
Year 2000, Black, Auto, CD, AC, new tyres, full service history, owned by expats since arriving on island. An excellent vehicle for families, trips to Savaii, and cruising over to the south coast. $40,000 or make an offer.

Comment if you need to contact the owner

Run 1322 - Father's Day Run

HAsh Run 1322 - August 14th 2006.. will be at the Apia Yacht Club at 2.00pm

Kiwi will set the run.. BYO for BBQ and drinks - AYC bar will be opened for drinks

See ya all at 2.00


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Full Moon Party

Full Moon Party ..

Where : On the Locks

Time: anytime after 4.30 - onwards

Date: Wednesday 09th August 2006

See ya all

Monday, August 07, 2006

Run 1321 - 7th August 2006

Today's Run will be hosted by Lezzie and ACDC as part of the continuing celebration of Poledancer's cumming of age. The run will be from Tiafau Fale, next door to Hotel Millenia at Sogi.

Lezzie and ACDC will provide the meats and would those delightful young desperate housewives and housemen pls bring along a salad to accompany the meats.

See you all then


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Run 1320 Report

Talofa all Hares, Meres & Pikininis

Thanks for a what turned out to be a delightful evening after all last night. Much fun was had by all. Thanks to Godfather and the Roadside singers or swingers for the
entertainment. Poor Lezzie almost broke his back trying to impress everyone with his
dance moves. Thank goodness the only thing he broke was his shades.... could have been worse, he could have dropped his partner on her head and resulting in a courtcase...will try and put together a hash trash as FBI is missing in action again.

Thanks to Son of the Bitch, ACDC, Lezzie and Lewinsky who paid for the jugs of down-down plus many more later on. Thanks to those who merrily partook of the jugs without using their bloody brains to reciprocate. Thanks to all the other strays picked up on the roadside who enjoyed the singing, free drinks and feed. May they one day turn up to hash and pay.

Now here comes the issue that a number of our hashers are annoyed with but do not
vocalise, and which I have no problem doing. Last night almost ended up in a nasty
scenario so I have decided, enough is enough and things need to be straightened out. Just to ensure that all the hashers know a few facts and take this into consideration and perhaps offer to help some-times: "Hello.... hash is suppose to be fun if everyone does their part!!!"

1. Kiwi, SOTB, Lezzie, ACDC, Flo, myself etc., are not the official BBQ cooks. We do not go to hash so we can end up serving every one else. Please feel free to offer now and then to cook. It never fails to amaze me how some of the hashers would distance themselves from the BBQ until the food is cooked. They are the first to flock in and grab food, whilst the idiots doing the cooking wander off and sing with Godfather.
2. It is highly recommended that those who love to eat, should also be keen to cook and not sit around on their backsides and expect others to cook for them.

I am using this forum to vent my disappointment so there is no second guessing or
mistaking what is being said. We all want to enjoy ourselves, and whilst we do not mind cooking now and then, it is not acceptable to be taken for granted that we shall do this all the time and for heaven's sake, lets keep hash fun for EVERYONE!!!

Now that I have said my piece, I hope that there will be some attitude changes in the upcoming hashes. If you are cooking at BYO BBQs, dont cook only your food and leave the others to do their cooking. Make it a team effort.

Oh by the way, many thanks to Agent Orange for preparing all those nice salads and for offering to help doing anything else as she was not good at bbqs.



Upcumming Runs: 1321, 1322, 1323

Run 1322 - 7 August: Hosted by ACDC at Tiafau Fale, next door to Hotel Millenia
Run 1323 - 14 August: no-one at this stage-is this a public holiday for Father's Day?
Run 1324 - 21 August: Woman In Black and Tramp, the Run will have to start sharp
1715hrs. This will involve some transporting of hashers so
please turn up early. The pickup point will be advised soon at
at a theatre near you.
Run 1325- 28 August: Possibly Soprano and Just Missed at Alafua or Swinger and BB Da Bod at Siusega or Tanumapua
Run 1326 -4 September: Nelle and Shay at Vaivase
Run 1327 - 11 September: Harry Potter, FBI and ACDC co-hosts at Von Reiche Compound behind MADD Gallery, Moto'otua. Landlord has permitted our use of their swimming pool but no stupid antics....

Let me know if you can host a run.


Monday, July 31, 2006

Hash Run for 31st July 2006

Talofa allDue to the poor response and offers for today's run, it will therefore be run from headquarters..."On the Locks" at Matafele. BYO BBQ if you want to eat and the run will be SAT5/person. This amounts goes to the shirts.Everyone is asked to buy their own drinks and Lewinsky assures me that he will sell his draft at cost to the hashers. There will be limited number of awards for obivous reasons.
We hope to have a venue for you next week and the following weeks.....


Friday, July 28, 2006

Pole Dancer Cumming of AGE

You're all INVITED to join the celebration of Pole Dancer's 30 something birthday

When: 6.00pm kick off, Saturday 05th August 2069

Where: Tiafau (outdoor fale at Millenia Hotel)

BBQ Dinner provided


Dress to impress (flip flops are of course welcome)......

See you there!!!!!!

Hopefully you'll recognise me with gray hair and new wrinkles...

Monday, July 24, 2006


Attention Hares and Mares,

Unconfirmed reports from CIA intelligence sources in the Pacific revealed that that Mr. Whippy might be doing a runner from his AHH firm by flying out tomorrow to elope with a Samoan precious lady in AmericaJJ

As of 7pm this evening, I have deployed Agent Orange and Agent Harry Porter to the field to find more information on this breaking news. An unidentified young striking Samoan woman in her late 20s is said to have tamed the heart of Mr. Whippy, hence, he is seeking refuge in good old USA to plan his future life imprisonment with this Samoan beauty.
Stay tuned for another update tomorrow at the hash ceremony. Bring plenty of booze and chow.


Saturday, July 22, 2006

Need a temporary Brewmaster!!!!

Anyone to take over Mr Whippy's job as "the Brewmaster"???.....

Lezzie, is it you!!! the assistant Brew Master?????... the cooler and left over soft drinks are at Shafter's office

Hash BBQ, the full gas bottle is at the SHA office

Hash Mugs??? whoever's got them.. please remember to bring them

Mr Whippy, have you got somebody to arrange the keg for the next run


Map to Lewinski's

Here's a map for you newbies and our kind Samoa Breweries delivery boys. Just click on it to enlarge, then print it.

Enjoy, see you all when I return,

The Brewmaster, Mr. Whippy.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hash Run for Monday the 24th July 2006

Run on the 24th July 2006 will be hosted by Lewinsky and POD at Taumesina. If you do not have an idea, Mr Whipster could you please scribble something for the never been to the hash before..

Please do not forget to remind your guests about the hash tradition such as when you are asked to do downdown do not offend and let them know that food will be done after our awards.

Have a good sober week


Monday, July 17, 2006

Hash Trash for 10th July 2006 - Run 1317 - Hosted by Karaoke and Eveready at Lotopa

Hash Trash – 10/7/2006

Hash 1317 was kindly hosted by Eveready and Karaoke at their palace in Lotopa village. Despite the rainy weather in the evening, the meres and hares braved the gloomy conditions in search of egg -shells as the bloody rain washed away the flour which was originally used to mark the hash trail. Pleased to report a successful mission was had by all. The distraction of hash agent’s communications was an excellent cover for the actual social misdemeanors that occurred during the past week. Well done FBI.

During the special award ceremony, the following hares & meres got their down-downs from bully Grand Master (Shafter):

New Boots were introduced to the usual miserable AHHH lots

Retreads - Shumacher, Wild Turkey and Patrick - Wild Turkey for being in Germany (full of bullshit) and Schumacher being the honest one owning up that they were migrating from Vailele to Vailima, because of his former landlord being fed up with his attitude. POD for sacrificing the hash run for her gymnastic (whattever!!!!! ) session. Luana for appearing only when the run is at their place and Jenny for cumming once a year, bit like Santa.

Ø FBI and his sidekick Agent Abel Cain (whom we all thought was Harry Potter) turned up just in time for the delicious spread prepared by Karaoke & Ever-ready. Without any knowledge of prior events earlier in the special awards ceremony, GM called an emergency hash circle and reiterated FBI’s long email to the hash group. Apparently, the email was read out earlier during the awards. For his CIA efforts, FBI was nominated to write the hash-trash and SOB will be BBQ Lieutenant.

Ø At the same time, Madam Soo was nominated by Eveready for wetting her pants during the run and had to change to her outing attire during the “circle of the ring” ceremonyJJ Soo, SOB and FBI accepted their down-downs, amidst the loud cheers and laughter from the hash band.

Ø Sassygirl being a Samaritan offered to drink most of Soo’s down-down in a paper cup. For her efforts, she will receive a down-down at the next hash run.

Ø While I was in the middle on completing this write-up, Agent O decided to send in her report to FBI. Please refer to her coverage in orange ink below.

However, that is not to say that the evening wasn’t free of unexplained disturbances in the force. It appears that a possible imposter (Agent Orange to provide Exhibit A), suspected to be impersonating agent-orange had infiltrated the ranks. The suspected infiltrator (identified in Exhibit A), cloaked in Agent Orange disguise, strategically placed himself between a member of the Tokelaeun Tapulega and a young Samoan chief. Motivation yet to be determined, although any discussions of pacific-rim geo-economic concerns regarding the management and investment of hash cash in the next financial quarter should be well documented for future reflective analysis. The accomplice to the suspected Agent Orange imposter (face not clearly shown in Exhibit B) was also identified. Accomplice alarm registered due to breaches of meeting protocol by his lack of enthusiasm for Agent O, assisting in the consumption of keg and B. arriving in the same car as imposter. Agent O with the help of fellow hasher Lessie procured stealth shadowing vehicle for the following suspects: ACDC, RC, Dr. Tekie, Kiwi, Agent Caine, and SOB.

On a lighter note, Flo and FBI peformed a Tokelau item to the loud singing of ACDC/RC/Dr. Tekie and cheering from Lessie and rest of the hash cheerleaders. Sassygirl revved it up by performing a solo dance, with off-note singing from ACDC. Poor Karaoke at this point in time wanted to rest but she was too polite to chase out the drunkard meres and hares. The Aussies sang waltzing Matilda, and countered by the Kiwi mafia led by Hansel and Gretel! Dr. Tekie’s request of the Samoan melody “Le Manutagi E” got everyone to sing more like a choir, and not a broken band! With the singing and dancing in full swing, ACDC decided to announce a dance show at Bora-Bora on Tues evening (11/7/06) at 1830 hours. Investigation into the nature of the long conversation between Agent O and Agent Caine will recommence at this location- Bora Bora! To end a successful hash run and fun evening, Shafter gave a word of thanks to Karaoke and Everready for the lovely spread of food, and then called the drunkard troops to proceed to headquarters- ON THE LOCKS!

With respect,
Director of Pacific Operations
CIA Headquarters
United States of Samoa

Friday, July 14, 2006

Hash Run for the 17th July 2006

Mahalo meres and hashmen

Hash Run for the 17th July 2006 will be at the STA Fale

Bring your own meat or whatever you can eat (BYO BBQ )

Please Glenda if you don't mind some greenies and some leafies or anyone else want to help

See you all tonite


Friday, July 07, 2006

Hash 3 July Images

Soprano showing off his Samoan Siva and tattoo,...again!!! whilst Shafter is doing his immitation of "Let it be....!"

FBI, turned up late and then blended into the bushes during the awards, hence he was called up for being a prick and had to take his down down from one!

Lewinsky and Princess of Darkness (POD) practising their waltz. The two finally got engaged the day before at Aganoa Beach with Lewinsky propsing on his knees. Now that he has one foot well and truly nailed down, POD has only to worry about the other one.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Map to Karaoke & Eveready's

Here's a map for you newbies and our kind Samoa Breweries delivery boys. Just click on it to enlarge, then print it.

See you all there,

The Brewmaster, Mr. Whippy.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Hash for 10th July 2006

Hash run next Monday 10th July 2006 will be at Eveready and Karaoke's place at Lotopa - Adria's Cake Shop will the easiest direction for those who do not have an idea

Hash trash and photos will be posted soon


Monday, July 03, 2006

Hash for 3 JUL 2006 at Yacht Club

Shafter and Flo will host today's run and will commence from the Apia Yacht Club at 5.30pm sharp. We will need everyone to be on time as everyone will be transported somewhere????? i dont know where....LOL

We would also like all of you to come down and celebrate POD and Lewinsky's engagement....yeah folks...its official, about bloody time too.

Again, can we kindly ask the desperate housewives and housemen to toss a salad and bring it down pls. see you all then.


Wednesday, June 28, 2006

How Hash Works (Keep Hash Fun, Do Your Part)

(updated 27 AUG 2008)

Apia Hash House Harriers Run
  • The Hash run is held every Monday of the year at 5:30pm, rain or shine.
  • Hash supplies the beer and soft drinks.
  • Host of the run optionally supplies food at their own expense.
  • First Monday of each month is a Bring Your Own Food (BYOF) run.
  • Standard Hash Fee is $15.
  • New Hashers and Guests pay the standard fee + $5 for their first three runs.
  • Fee used to supply beer, supplement food, and provide shirts.
Hasher Etiquette
Hash is great fun for us all. Where else can you join your friends for a fun island run, a great BBQ, and usually all the beer/soda you can drink for $15? You can't. What makes this great experience possible is you. Everyone doing their little part so that Hash can be enjoyed by all each Monday.

This is an introduction to those new at Hash and a friendly reminder for our veterans on how to do your part and keep Hash fun.

The Runner:
  • Show-up and have fun!
  • Bring new people along to join us.
  • Make an effort to make new Hashers feel welcome.
  • Pay Hash Cash promptly (don't wait to be asked).
  • If it's a BYO Hash, be sure to Bring Your Own.
  • Be sure to thank the host.
  • Now and then, try to host Hash.
The Host:
  • Schedule your Hash weeks in advance.
  • Make clear your expectations for attending Hashers.
    (is it BYO meat, BYO salad, or just bring yourself?)
  • Provide a map to the venue a week before the run.
    (critical for turn-out and beer/soda delivery)
  • Make sure someone is home by 4:00 PM to accept delivery of beer/soda.
  • Do not cancel your Hash at the last minute.
  • If you'd like Kiwi to set the run, please ask him in advance.
The Volunteer:
  • If you volunteer for a duty, do it (don't ruin Hash for others).
  • Be proactive, if you see that something needs to be done, do it.
    (i.e. ice down sodas/coconuts, help carry the ice cooler, etc.)

Please do your part. When you do not, someone else must during work hours or Hash itself to scramble and make up for the failure. This is very stressful, ruins their Hash, and is just plain mean.

On on,

Mr. Whippy.