Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Run 1338 - 27 November - SCHUMACHER

Talofa lava dashing hares (not!) and those sexy meres
Well done to those die-hards who braved the pneumonia inducing conditions to join Alex and Nicole at Vaivase-uta for Run 1337. The regulars were joined by a very enthusiastic bunch of American new boots who were thoroughly interviewed as to what they are doing on island.
The group set out on a nice trot in a light drizzle through the bushes and were also continuously hassled by stray dogs. Part of the group was overhead discussing the beauty of carrying some weapons (the type with silencers attached) to put them out of their misery.
On the return of the small-ish group, found Kiwi and Snoofy well into the cooking whilst Schumacher had disappeared for hours to buy some sizeable cups for the nectar.....goodness knows where the heck he disappeared to for it took a long time.
Judging by the degree of merriment demonstrated by the group come 8pm, leaves no doubt that they all had their fair share of vailima. To help speed up the keg, the GM called for a boat race between the Americans and the Aussies, with a new addition that each person had to eat one sausage or a sushi prior to drinking. The Americans obediently did as instructed while Nicole of the Aussie team cheated by upending most her beer over her head. This was followed by Samoa vs The Rest of the World. Needless to say the team of Flo, Son of the Bitch and Kiwi toyed with the ROTW team and won by miles as was to be expected. Several awards were dished out. First one to Sassygirl, for providing additional glasses for the hash mugs. She received several more later on for spanking herself in the hash circle as well as some other misdemeanours the previous Friday night at the impromptuous Hash party at Headquarters. Similarly ACDC received several, one for false accusations that Schumacher was not at headquarters, plus a host of other stupid stuff-ups. The new boots impressed the die-hards with their "downing" abilities. No doubt they will be at next hash. There were so many more awareds that i cant recall any more as i had more than my fair share of down-downs. The team did well because the keg was lopsided come 8.45pm. Others threatened to head off to headquarters whilst the rest disappeared goodness knows where.
Is there someone else out there who wants to be "Hash Trash"
Next week's run will be hosted by the very Single Schumacher from his home at Vaoala. A map will be posted shortly if i am up to it..LOL
Pls check out the following blog for the Saturday party.
Thanks again Alex and Nicole...no doubt there will be some hash naming forth-cumming soon.

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