Friday, October 30, 2015

Hash Run 1799 C

Talofa Hashers
This Monday Hash Run 1799 C (or 1799 ter for Murray) will be hosted by Hot Nuts and Nutcracker at the Nuthouse in Vailima, just past Chinese Embassy and Vaiala Beach School. Run will start at 6 PM, bring your 20 tala Hash Cash. Theme will be sackcloth and ashes for the loosing team in RWC with the winners wearing happy clown faces and glee. Just kidding - the host is requesting that we wear black or gold or both!
See map for directions below.
On On
Poumuli, IKA Slit

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Samoa Jazz Festival this weekend!

The Festival has three parts.

On Friday night there is a 'teaser' show at the Edge. This will feature a number of the international bands.

The main day of the Festival is on Saturday and this will be held in the Marina Quarter. There will be local bands playing short sets at Annabelles, Ooh La La, Seafood Gourmet and Palusami from 5.00 pm. The main concert with international bands will be from 7.00 to about 11.00 on the outdoor stage area of Club X. 

Then some more local bands will do sets at SIPS, The Edge and Sheeshas to keep the night alive until after midnight.

The road will be closed from Ooh La La down to Palusami from about 4.30 through to the end. So there will be tables out on the road in front of Club X and other food/beverage vendors.

We are seeking a big turnout for this night of FANTASTIC LIVE MUSIC

This is all in the cause of trying to develop the jazz and live music scene in Samoa and support the Samoa Jazz Society to put on more events in the future. 

We truly appreciate the support of the Hash family to come on down for this Saturday event and to spread the word about it within your social circles.

The wind down event of the Festival will be over at Sinalei on Sunday afternoon. This will also be an opportunity to wind down after the World Cup Final (that starts at 6.00 a.m. that morning!)

Draft Apia Hash Rules

Again Mismanagement invites comments on the draft Apia Hash Rules, adopted from Hashes around the world. For your consideration...
  1. There are no rules. 
  2. No poofters. 
  3. See rule 1. 
  4. The Grand Master (GM) is always right.
  5. When the GM is wrong, rule 4 applies. 
  6. The Religious Adviser (RA) is always right except when rule 4 applies. 
  7. No poofters. 
  8. The Hash Cash and run numbers are always right. If there is a perceived discrepancy between the stats and reality then reality is warped. 
  9. No stealing (see hereunder - definition of stealing):
    Stealing - the covert removal of another Hasher's property with the intention of depriving said hasher of such property for an indefinite period of time. 
  10. No stealing, but borrowing is okay (see hereunder the definition of borrowing):
    Borrowing - the act of covert temporary removal of another Hasher's property (property in this instance is confined to items of a portable nature and directly related to hashing such as mugs, bugles and run books). Substantial items such as kegs whilst being directly related to hashing should never be borrowed. At all times the property borrowed is held for a relatively short period of time and always returned in good order. Often suitable engraving to record for posterity the guile of the borrower enhances such property. Borrowing is a complex issue and where any doubt exists the GM should be consulted. 
  11. No poofters. 
  12. Rain is not permitted during Hash runs. The RA is personally responsible for ensuring that fine conditions prevail for a period of not less than four hours each Hash day from 15:00. 
  13. No discrimination. Poms, Frogs, unemployed, dogs, women, NGO types, criminals, teachers, disabled, nymphomaniacs and even lawyers are all encouraged to run Hash. Alcoholics are particularly welcome. Athletes are tolerated in some Hashes. Athletes and dogs whilst permitted to run can never aspire to become Grand Master. 
  14. Definitely no poofters. 
  15. No competitiveness. 
  16. Under no circumstances are poofters permitted to run Hash. 
  17. No training. Hashers caught training will be deemed to have breached rule 15 and will be liable to punishment. A range of activities may be interpreted as training, and for guidance the following non-exhaustive list is provided:
    a) running other than official Hash runs
    b) cycling (fornication on a push bike is exempt)
    c) visiting a gymnasium for any other purpose than perving on the aerobics class
    d) using the stairs while lifts or escalators are available
    e) servicing the wife/girlfriend when so pissed it is a marathon effort. f) stretching of any kind (though exceptions may me made for particularly beautiful women).
  1. All Hashers must commit to memory rules 1, 2 and 3 and be able to recite them at any hour of the day or night regardless of their state of inebriation. 
  2. Poofterism will not be f**king tolerated under any conditions. 
  3. No fighting on the Hash. This rule is absolute and the entire culture of Hash relies on strict adherence to this rule. If a fellow Hasher causes you immense displeasure by stealing your car or impregnating your daughter (wives are exempt) then belt shit out of him at some other place than Hash and on some other day than Hashday which is a day of reverence and tranquility.
  4. Poofters will be shot on sight. No poofters. 
  5. Amendments to Rules 2, 7, 11, 14, 16, 19, 21 and 22 are illegal.
  6. The Shoe Inspector (SI) shall be called upon to seek out any new shoes at the appropriate time in the circle and perpetrator shall drink one down down from the shoe. If refusing to drink from own shoe, then this can be substituted for the SI or GM shoe. If no new shoes are found the SI shall take a down down. In the absence of the SI, the GM may appoint an interim SI at random.
  7. Live hares, if caught on the run, shall have their shorts pulled down. Unless the GM specifically states that rule 24 is not in effect.
  8. The Hash Shrine shall be placed in the middle of the circle at each Hash. The Shrine Master shall be responsible for adding Hash mementos to the Shrine.
  9. A Hashman shall not covet a fellow Hashman’s mere, nor his ass, nor anything that is his; see also rules 9, 10 & 20.
  10. No fondling shall be permitted on hash; fondling shall be deemed to be any sort of touching between a Hashman and a Hashmere, other than when retrieving car-keys or cash from pockets, bras or jock-straps; there can never be any touching between Hashmen or Hashmeres of the same gender, see Rules 2, 7, 11, 14, 16, 19, & 21.
  11. No chariot riding shall be permitted on a hashrun; ankle-biters under the age of 5years are exempt from this rule. A chariot shall be deemed to be any sort of vehicular perambulation that does not require a Hashman or Hashmere to propel him/herself forward by placing one foot in front of the other on the ground. This would however enable an otherwise incapacitated Hashman/Hashmere to join the hashrun by sitting astride a hobby-horse (or rigid inflatable doll) with wheels attached provided that it was propelled by foot-power.
  12. The Hash Shit shall be awarded by the incumbent Hash Shit, or if absent by the GM, to a Hasher who has committed a crime so heinous it exceeds punishment. The crime and the recipient shall be placed before the circle for a vote.
  13. No pissing on the Hare’s Trail.
* Poofter: 1) Somebody that should not be on the Hash 2) A Whiner or Winger 3) Somebody that lets other people find trail. 4) A Poofter.

Hash Trash 1799 B

Welcome to this edition of Loneliest Planet, reporting to you from Upper Vaoala in Apia, Samoa, where we were invited to attend a special socio-cultural event known as the Apia Hash. This is celebrated religiously every Monday by a disparate group of misfits, dyspeptics, over-the-hill sportsmen and the disabled, as they especially cater for sufferers of Tourette ’s syndrome. This is all overseen by their high council, known as Mismanagement. Our hosts were Katy and Speedhumper, who had also been out to set the run. There was very little warning for what was to come, save a shouted Hash Circle from a lady known as Sassygirl BJ. We were told that the run was set on flowers, which we thought was a nice touch, given the green and fragrant nature and flora of this island. We felt somewhat sheepish to discover that they meant the ground and milled variety used in baking. Nevertheless, we gamely followed the pack, as it had been foretold to us that there were some vicious dogs awaiting en route. Going up the soon-to-be paved Cross Island Road was a cultural delight, with scenic views marred only by the elevated garbage cans required to prevent canines making comestibles from the trash. Some lovely houses along the way, ranging from the humble Samoan fale to luxury villas that would not look out of place in Mogadishu. The trail took us down the Lamosa Road, which was so named as it is the Samoan  abbreviation for the London Missionaries who brought their no-tattoos, no-naked, no-dancing and culturally sensitive version of the gospel to these unsuspecting people. Apt that this is where the aforementioned canines resided. To call them rabid, slobbering, snapping bitches would be an insult to Lady Gagas everywhere. Thankfully the kind homeowner came out and beat several of them to a pulp with a stick, pour encourager les autres. We then emerged onto our starting road, but took a path less trodden, and we saw some lovely examples of Abelmoschus moschatus, so valued in India, which seemed to thrive here. We then crossed over a dried creek, to follow a trail through some thick healthy stands of Bambusa vulgaris, complemented by Casuarina equisetifolia which is an evergreen conifer-like angiosperm. We were then returned by way of what was called a false trail, which allowed the stragglers at the back to all of a sudden be at the front, and were first in line for some lovely local coconuts, procured by hand by the strapping lads of Poutasi. Next week we will be sampling the delights of a place called Tafaigata which we have been recommended to visit by some charming helpful expatriates here.

Sassygirl BJ stepped in as GM as POD has been stricken with the chicken. She called the circle to order, and asked the newbies to step forward. These were Simon (brought by some bird, more later) and Sandrine known as Kitty Kitty. They both got their first down-downs. Retreads were Snatched (making more Hashers), Pussysnatcher (breast feeding), Faumuina (holidays), Bad Investment (lazy), Titty Galore (with mum), Aaron (working) and Speedhumper (busy).

Shoe Inspector Sunny Side Up, tried but failed. Celebrity Awards went to Cunning Linguist for trying to disguise his journalist tag as The Tokelau Council and Pussysnatcher for Snatched for her story about men in skirts.

This Day in History Awards went to Murray for Gayboy (1851 – William Lassell discovers the moons Umbriel, and Ariel, orbiting Uranus), Witch Doctor (1905 – Sweden accepted the independence of Norway), Claudia (1917 – Battle of Caporetto; Italy suffers a catastrophic defeat by the forces of Austria-Hungary and Germany on the Austro-Italian front of World War I (lasts until 19 November - also called Twelfth Battle of the Isonzo) - The young unknown Oberleutnant Erwin Rommel captures Mount Matajur with only 100 Germans against a force of over 7000 Italians), Hot Nuts (1945 – Founding of the United Nations), Poumuli for Dawn Raid (1970 – Gary Gabelich sets a land speed record in a rocket-powered automobile called the Blue Flame, fueled with natural gas) and Godfather for Swinger (Feast Day of St James the Just).

Turning to the GM’s Awards, while this was a nice place for Hash, OSH would have had a field day with the low hanging garrottes used for clothes – Speedhumper, Aaron and Katy, helped by Daz, as this was the longest chorus to date!

The GM had met a new yoga instructor in town, who had been warned by IRA about hitchhiking and also sundry shady characters, but had disregarded the advice, had hitchhiked and been picked up by Bad Investment – A Chronicle of Disaster Foretold Award. Following on, after the run one of the Hashers had been a bit frisky, trying to get Titty G to come out into the bushes, to see, er, the tomatoes. Not only were these minuscule, but such hanky panky is against the Hash Rules, to be posted later. Eveready got the Wanna See My Bush Award.

Also this week, a Hasher had locked himself in his office, and had to phone someone to get the keys from his car to let him out – Hot Nuts for the Houdini Award. But Godfather stepped in and related how they had been watching the rugby, and Hot Nuts said, ok same time tomorrow? Which meant that Godfather sat up and waited for 3 hours before the game started. Thus the award was doubled.
A Hasher had approached some meres for help on the weekend, as he was afraid to go home. Apparently he had been helping himself too liberally (literally) with the local girls, and now one brother wanted to bash him up. As Cunning Linguist prepared, Alex noted that another Hasher had valiantly fought off a gorgeous local girl’s advances, and lucky for him as her boyfriend turned up a few minutes later. Daz got the Unhashmanlike Behaviour, while CL’s was really just Woozzing Out Award.

During the run some other unhashmanlike behaviour had been displayed by Poumuli according to Hot Nuts. Claiming he had steamed away from the pack, Poumuli replied that no, he had been last with Godfather, but the false trail found him at the front. And it was Hot Nuts who had shown undue athleticism by running fast to catch him up – people watching would think this was some sort of sporting club! In the end Simon, Hot Nuts and Poumuli took this one.

Hornithologist arrived and got the award for Simon missing her name. She also brought a friend, Glen, apparently also similarly erectile when around birds, and he was delegated to have a down-down for Hornithologist leaning.

Cunning Linguist wanted to award the GM for admitting on Facebook that she was inubriated, thereby implicating all that were with her. This failed on language alone, while Poumuli pointed out that CL had not been taught proper English enunciation in his adopted country, thus Murray got one more.

Poumuli also noted the large number of unsolved crimes recently, thus Crime. There then followed a discussion around the 1800th run, and it was agreed that it would be pushed back to the 16th of November. Vailima will be sponsoring and Sassy will be sending around order details for the shirts. Murray also made an announcement regarding the Jazz Festival on the weekend. And Claudia will have a birthday bash at the Edge on Thursday.

The Hares and Hosts were saluted, before we chowed on delicious home made burgers, WHO rulings be damned.

Check blog for next week’s run – likely to be at Hot Nuts’s.

On On

Poumuli, IKA Slit

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Run 1799B - with Speedhumper and Katy Woolley

Mahalo Hashers

Monday, 26 Oct Run will be hosted by Speedhumper and Katy Woolley up Vailima way.
"We live on a small, newly paved road off of cross island road.
Go up past Bank st, past the Mormon church and past the 3 Hearts Church, and our street is on the right just after a big pink house on the right. If you get to Lamosa st you have gone 200m too far.
When you get onto the small, newly paved road, park around there. We are the second house on the right, it's army green coloured.
Run starts 6pm sharp, beer and burgers after. Bring bathers if you want a swim, welcome to bring the kids.
From Speedhumper and Katy.
763 4497 if you get lost!"

Will have some shirt samples for sizes so you can book your 1800 Tshirt for the order..



Friday, October 23, 2015

Hash Trash 1799 A

The Hash was hosted at the Nafanua Steakhouse. Live hares were provided by Daz and Hot Nuts. We set out through the CopShop parking lot, up to the 4 corners and then down towards Palisi. Several hash halts were called, but the walkers ended up doing their own thing. Up the hill towards the prayer house at Palisi, then back down the other side, into town again and on home to Nafanua.

Godfather was absent so there were no frosty nuts waiting for us. POD was also absent so Hot Nuts stepped in as GM. New to Hash were Jessica (friend of Katy’s) and Bedbitch (Samoan but from FSM Hash). Retreads were Poumuli, Hot Nuts, Mr Whippy, Wet Pussy, Offspring and Witch Doctor.
Celebrity Awards went to Katy who had been on TV, and Cunning Linguist for the story on Ac/DC in the paper. Swinger had bee spotted on TV as well so that one went to Strap On.

The GM buggered up on the history but no really good ones anyway. Shoe inspection was not carried out but Cunning Linguist tried to get this anyway for Poumuli – False Accusation Award.

Claudia nominated Daz for the Misleading Award for giving wrong instructions on the run, which Daz countered by nominating all those who had used the down-down glasses before the circle started – Claudia, Jill, Cunning Linguist and Lucy, and since this was a crime, Crime.

At this point Wet Pussy wanted to encourage someone to download some more hash songs, but it was pointed out that Godfather only knows 3 songs. Poumuli gave a rendition of one he had heard with the Nadi Hash – Here’s to Brother Hashers – and received an award for it.

Witch Doctor nominated the GM for the Internet Retard Award for not checking the blog, and we then saluted the Hares and the Hosts.

Next week’s run may be hosted by Katy and Speedhumper but check the blog.

On On

Poumuli, IKA Slit

Monday, October 19, 2015

Run 1799 A - Nafanua Steak House - Apia

Hi Hashers

due to the fact that we have not secured a location for today, we will be trotting from Nafanua Steak House, next door to Italiano's Pizzeria.

Run at 6pm - do bring your hash cash and we can work out what to have for a feed depending on numbers. We an always arrange for one of those specials from Sunrise Restaurant for $10/head.



Thursday, October 08, 2015

Hash Trash - Run 1797

Thanks to Alex for the hash Trash

‘Twas, oddly enough, a night of Lion King and other Disney references.  And nuts.  Always nuts.  In answer to the question “can you feel the love tonight?” there was a resounding yes.  Except, perhaps, for Claudia and Jian Lucas.  Within the (Hash) circle of life were found coconuts, cat calls, jungle tales and nuts, cat calls, and even a Princess Jasmine cameo.
We were graced with the presence of two new would be hashers, one a former Manu Samoa player.   Perhaps it was the excesses of beer, or Speed Humper’s dance moves, but they didn’t last the night.
The down down’s round up:

·         Sassy was looking for a father, and Cock Blocker (CB) was looking for a mother, and they found each other.
·         Jian Lucas has been babysitting, and demonstrated a significant lack of beer guzzling technique.

New Shoes:
·         Coconut Hussy failed to find new treads*
*We’re all pretty sure Cunning Linguist’s (CL) shiny shoes got off scot-free, but CL didn’t due to his false accusations.

·         Wahoo and Sassy were this week’s newspaper celebrities.

GM Awards:
·         The karaoke krew were dragged in – Dazza for his suicidal song for suicide prevention; Speed Humper for dance demo-ing “feeling the love”; Kristiane aka Brad aka “Cock NOW” for being her mother’s daughter; and Katy for breaking hash name rules.

·         Sana and Bad Investment for wearing red – a tenuous link to the Japanese and rugby

·         Twin Peaks’ whipping boy Dazza for the questionable (and dated) bathroom decorations.  Twin Peaks, of course, knew nothing about the presence of Miss June or Princess Jasmine as he craps in the bush.  For Peaks’ chagrin, Dazza was gifted a full stein with the epithet “go hard or go home”.

·         Claudia and Jian Lucas for the cleaver pool attack and inappropriate references to “two heads”.  Hash name contender, JL?  Narrative voice: “Can you feel the love tonight?”

·         On the subject of Crime.   Not often are hashers mistaken for escaped prisoners**, but tonight was the night.  Separated from the Hash herd, Godfather and Crime scaled a mountain, climbed a sheer cliff in a downpour, fended of gun-toting residents and over 100 attack dogs to return bloody, but not beaten, to the fold.  Into the circle went GM for the false directions and false promise; CL the Hare for pissing off;  and CB and Dazza for being the beer-drinking search party that didn’t offer up a sip of their fare for the wounded warriors. 

Narrative voice: “Danger?  Hah!  I walk on the wild side.  I laugh in the face of danger.” – Simba.
*Fact check required.

·         At this point, Twin Peaks must have been getting thirsty, as he nominated himself for not setting the trail.  “Sick my arse” was the consensus.

·         Murray for being the Thurston look alike to acknowledge the Brisbane boys in the NRL bringing it home.

·         The birthday nominations – Coconut Hussy and Sassy in place of her son Son of the Bitch
·         A lively exchange between those that can’t keep a secret – Kristiane aka Brad aka Cock NOW and CB

·         And at this point, Sassy finds her stride (and her theme for the evening), nominating:
o   Lewinski whose dodgy patrons tended towards sexual harrasment of staff  
o   Wahoo for the White Sunday mother’s award.  While the cat’s away (Poumouli), the mice will play.
o   Dazza and Ever-Ready for problems with their nuts – Dazza’s for being too big*** and Ever-Ready’s for dragging up the stairs.
***According to Dazza.

·         And here the tables turn... Sassy for having nuts on her mind.

·         The remnant hashers are called in – Gill, Sunnyside up, and the humble scribe – for being thus far absent from the inner circle.

Next week – A BYO beach hash for White Sunday.  Watch this space.

Agreement was reached on acknowledgements for all those that donated through the Perimeter Run to Faatuaua Le Ola with the good grace of Godfather – a simple statement of thanks to friends, family and businesses for their support.

And with that, we broke into a serenade about wise men and ended with the cry “[Tagi mai  le pussy!”


Thursday, October 01, 2015

Hash Run 1797

Greetings Hashers
The Hash will be hosted on Monday by Twin Peaks at his place on Bank Street in Vaoala and co-hosted by Murray the Disgruntled South Korean Teenage Golfer. It will be Twin Peak's last time hosting for a while. Run starts at 18.00 or 6 PM due to daylight savings. Bring your 20 tala Hash Cash, and the host will cater.

Take the Cross Island Road from town, past Mynahs and take the road marked Bank Street. Then take the 2nd road to the left, marked Atoa Avenue. Its the last turn before the serious downhill starts. The house is at the top, the last house on the right.
Use the map below, but go up the hill two more driveways

We will need a Scribe as I will be in Bulaland, the Wantokland the following week.

On On
Poumuli, IKA Slit

Hash Trash 1796

The Hash was hosted at Wet Pussy’s in Siusega. The Hashers arrived through various transportative means, they all expressed the wish for enhanced cooperation with the Host. In order to improve mutual understanding and cooperation, the GM explained that the major global issue for their consideration was to turn left at the gates, being guided by the “3 Rights”. Inspired by this mutual trust and understanding the Hashers ran, meandered and walked their way forwards on the path to the road to Siusega. Expanded coordination between the front runners was exemplary, as befits the enriched and active role that these play, and it was ascertained that the path was again to the left. Through further people-to-people engagement, namely the calling of the on-on, the continued fostering of bilateral cooperation was assured as the Hashers re-gathered, then yet again turned left before reaching the capitalist-imperialist religious shrine at the corner of Faleata. Greeting the gathered proletariat along the route with a brotherly malo, and continued assurance of friendly relations, the Hashers were turned left yet again into a disused agrarian area, no doubt victim to anarcho-separatists plots fomented by opponents of multilateral frameworks for rural development. This was borne out by the large number of unfed dogs that sought to maul the group. Upon exiting back on the road, the Hashers pledged to continue onwards, working in line with the principles of common but differentiated responsibilities and respective capacities to achieve a balanced and fruitful end to the run. With further calls for on-on, and on-home, enhanced integration based on the foundation of bilateral partnership ensured that the Hashers all returned to Wet Pussy in accordance with their national priorities, through continuously deepening the friendly cooperative relationships.

You can read more along those lines in certain pages of the Observer.

As mentioned last week we are in daylight savings mode again, so the runs started at 6 PM, but it was still bloody hot. Godfather’s cool cool nuts were a lifesaver. But soon Hot Nuts as acting GM called the circle to a semblance of order, which would continue. He reminded us that we have the big 1800 run coming up, noted there were none new to Hash and called for the retreads. These were Beyonce, Hot Nuts, Wahoo and Roadrunner (who took it in Coke). The GM forgot to ask them for excuses.
Daz was appointed Shoe Inspector, tried hard, but failed.

Celebrity Awards went to Kristiane for Slim Shady (first time a UNWomen story in paper did NOT include Slim Shady), Godfather for Swinger/BB/Black Box (at RWC in UK), Wet Pussy (On The Street column), Cunning Linguist (two stories in the paper) and Strap On for Sassy (photo etc in paper). Kristianes was doubled for wearing a hat, and she had to be helped by Twin Peaks to finish. Then he got another as he too was wearing a hat!

This Day In History Awards went to Poumuli (1903 – The new Gresham's School is officially opened by Field Marshal Sir Evelyn Wood – he attended that school), Witch Doctor (1972 – In a referendum, the people of Norway reject membership of the European Community), Hot Nuts (2009 – An 8.0 magnitude earthquake near the Samoan Islands causes a tsunami; and Feast Day of St Gregory the Illuminator), Cunning Linguist (Dominion Day in New Zealand), Godfather (World Tourism Day) and Lewinsky (World Rabies Day).

Turning to the GM’s Awards, during the Mt Vaea challenge one Hash Mere had such a fright that she had to be wrapped in a blanket, but without someone wrapped with her to keep her warm – Claudia. Lewinsky then nominated the GM, as he had seen him using the mozzie spray, lifting his shorts up so high that the Hot Nuts popped out. Poumuli pointed out that Lewinsky shouldn’t have been looking at the GM’s crotch, but instead of Lewinsky copping one Hot Nuts got a large one for inciting Lewinsky to gay thoughts.

POD wanted to nominate someone Welsh, and thought to settle for a man wearing red (but this was Lewinsky) so she went instead for the NRL Queensland Maroons supporter Twin Peaks. She also mentioned the humiliation by Springboks at the hands of Japan, so reluctantly Offspring joined the middle. This took forever to finish, thus Hot Nuts opined that we need more verses. Twin Peaks offered something mumblingly, and obviously failed, to avoid another down-down.

POD nominated the GM for trying to feel her up, and Poumuli suggested that Lewinsky should also have one for not defending his wife’s virtue. In a classic example of misdirected justice POD Lewinsky and Hot Nuts took the award.
POD then recounted a story told by Claudia about getting stung by a jellyfish on her hoo-hah, which was re-enacted by Claudia. After much confusion it was believed that a Lip Service Award was in order.

Witch Doctor nominated Roadrunner for first of all not coming to Hash for a while, and secondly for setting the run using a busdriver mate of his – Inventive Chariotriding Award.

Strap On nominated Daz and Kristiane for not showing up to the Mt Vaea run. Then the Hare and Hosts were saluted – Roadrunner, Wet Pussy, Offspring, Imelda da Welda, Witch Doctor and Beyonce.
POD asked for support for the Pinktober Triathlon at the airport Sheraton, with all proceeds to the Cancer Society.
Next week’s run will be at Twin Peaks in Vaoala.
On On

Poumuli, IKA Slit