Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Hash for Mon 30 Oct 2006

The Brewmaster's family is in town for his wedding and has volunteered to host the Hash at their home in Lotopa before the big day. See the attached map for directions.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Saturday 28th Birthday Party

Talofa all

Thanks again to Lewinsky and POD for another fantastic hash and spread last night. And to all those wimps who did not attend due to a few rain-drops and cyclonic winds, you missed out a great run.....despite the fact that Lewinsky and Son of the Bitch set it from the comfort of the car. They were duly punished for this. James, the ADB consultant, pretending to be a surfer was a great sport when asked to drink out of his shiny new shoes...pity the run did not go thru the mangroves...!!!
Everyone that was in the house ended up with a down-down. Some for valid misdemeanours and others, down-right stupid....but then who needed a smart excuse to be given a down down at hash....most of the down-downs ended down Shafter's throat as the celebrations of the arrival of the new hashman continued. The new addition is named Anesi, after Flo's late dad. Lets hope he can run fast like Sosene Anesi and turn out to be as good looking as him. But then the poor lad, he's got the old man's looks....LOL!!!

The evening ended up with some serious arm wrestling with poor Lezzie losing due to poor technique. He even lost to SassygirlBJ who started up the madness. No other mere wanted to take her on so the hares had to do. Needless to say the meres around the circle were blushing at the sight of some serious guns being flashed..... this is good entertainment especially for the meres if they are into checking out biceps...LOL

Shafter has invited the Hash Family to parteee this Saturday, 28th October 2006, commencing 7.30pm at the Cappucino Vineyard to celebrate Flo's birthday and new figure.
Lukem u fallas den. Wear something spunky, or if you don't have then just turn up in island style wear.



Monday, October 23, 2006

Hash for Mon 23 Oct 2006

This evening's hash will be hosted by POD and Lewinsky from their home at

See you all then



Monday, October 16, 2006

Alcoholics Anonymous

Hello all - I think this is my first bear with me if its not all that flash (no pun intended).

No doubt all would have heard of the incident in front of Crabbers on Saturday night so I wont divulge the details although I would like to draw your attention (for downdowns this arvo) to a certain individual who was hauled into the Cop Shop accused of being a member of the AAAA (Anti Alcoholics Anonymous Association) also known as the AHHH.... For all you people that cant read (or cant read between the lines) thats drunk driving ...

Will see that this person is identified in due course...



Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Run 1332 - ACDC Welcome Back Run

A million thanks to Godfather for a fantastic, heart stopping, gut wrenching run that saw the mad hashers take off in the middle of the day on a a few falsies around the golf course and then last seen heading for the mountains.....the mob finally ended up on the Siumu Cross Island road...phew!!! and ran all the way back to the onons. Several of the runners were hyperventilating, flushed and cussing on arrival at how tough the run was. Thank goodness they all made it back on time with plenty of sunlight to spare. Needless to say, Godfather admitted that he was late from setting the run as he got hopelessly lost in the bush!!! Well done Godfather!!! SassygirlBJ and Snake went on their own run totally oblivious of the track... and grateful for it too. Would not like to have another BJ done on the sexy one in the middle of the day....repeat of the Vavau Run.

Here is hoping that FBI will be forthcoming with the rest of the hash trash this month...LOL

Welcome back ACDC!!!! Great to hear the Wild One is back in one piece and not been mistaken for a terrorist.

ACDC has offered to host next week's Run 1332 to welcome his family who are visiting from New Zealand as well as to make up for the runs and parties that he missed out on. The Trot will take place at Tiafau Fale, next door to Hotel Millenia.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

White Sunday Hash Trot

Talofa All

White Monday's hash will be hosted by Godfather and Godmother at Sinalei Reef Resort. All the kaikai will be provided. All you need to provide is your running shoes and any other special drinks you wish to consume. Hash will arrange the keg as usual.

You are all kindly asked to use the car park next to the Golf Course and then walk down the side road adjacent to Maninoa Beach Surf. ABSOLUTELY NO WALKING THROUGH THE HOTEL PROPER. All the children are off limit to the hotel proper. It is highly appreciated if all the meres and hares ensure this simple instruction is abided by.

Run will commence at 1pm.

For catering purposes, would you pls advise whether you will be attending....either by commenting via this blog or by emailing me at



Monday, October 02, 2006

Hash 02 Oct 2006 - Vaivase-uta

Please note the change of venue for tonite's hash 02/10/2006 hosted by Soprano and Just Missed. It is now at Electric Power Corporation (EPC) compound at Vaivase-uta at HOUSE NO.2 BUT NOT at Alafua as previously advsied you last week. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

The drive straight up to Vaivase-uta..DO NOT turn right at the CHURCH BUT keep driving straight up and it is the first road on your right after a galvanisned fence near the road. You drive up for 100 metres and come to broken galvanished gate thats EPC compound...IF you have problem with the location call me at 7771402..cheers...