Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Godmother Taken by Tsunami

Our dearest Godmother, Anna Tui Annandale tragically lost her life to the Tsunami that laid waste to the southeast coast of Upolu, Samoa.

Godfather, Godmother, her mother and nurse were at their home in Poutasi. After the mighty quake, they gathered, boarded their vehicle and fled. But the enormous wave rushed in with great speed and overtook them, rolling their vehicle. Godfather said, “We rolled, and rolled, and rolled, for the longest time…” Godmother and her mother’s nurse were in the back seat and thrown from the vehicle. Miraculously, Godfather, her mother and the nurse survived. (Late note: Tui's mother passed away the weekend after from pneumonia.)

Within hours of her death, several relatives flew-in from New Zealand to join the family. Phone calls and texts streamed-in throughout the day.

As per Tui’s wishes and tradition, she was buried within 24 hours of her passing. The family service was held yesterday at 8:00 pm at Tanumapua, followed by a short service this morning at 5:30 at the same, immediately followed by her burial at the Annandale estate in Siusega.

At the family service, family and friends gave moving testimonies about the selflessness, humbleness, and strength of Tui. At the short service this morning, the Head of State, Tui Atua Tupua Tamasese gave a stirring testimony (click here to read) honoring our beloved Godmother Tui. Godfather, Tuatagaloa Folasaitu Joe Annandale followed, sharing some final words with heavy heart and great love for his beautiful wife. There were many tears all around.

Tui Annandale was 63 years old. She passed away two days before her 64th birthday on October 1st. Tui is a well known and loved woman in Samoa. She was the first Miss Samoa. Tui was an instrumental force in several charitable organizations, taking care to stay clear of politics. She was a loving mentor and role model for many. Several at the family service described Tui as the rock behind her husband, her family, her friends, her coworkers, and the Sinalei Reef Resort.

On On, Godmother.

Have any condolences / memories you'd like to share? Please click here and share them with us.

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hash 1484 - Eveready & Kareoke

Talofa, next week's run will be hosted by Eveready and Karaoke at their home in Lotopa. This run is to celebrate our beloved Desirables Birthday. The theme for Monday is Pink so everyone is asked to wear something pink. Any one not wearing Pink will be punished by the GM!

There is also word that the Monk will be there for a naming Ceremony for a few runners. See the map below for directions.

On On

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hash Trash 1483

A glorious day for a run, hosted out in Vaitele at Apia Concrete Products by Tupua Fred Wetzell. The run was set on paper, and the hare was Swinger, who obviously had been a very mobile hare. The paper was obviously placed out the window of his Haremobile, which meant we couldn’t run against the traffic (that should have been an award). The run started out from ACP through the hills of grit and sand, with Captain Mortein taking and keeping a commanding lead. So much so that we lost sight of him a few times. He was so fast that when the pack caught up to him he had already found the false trails and re-acquired the real trail. The run was a pleasant road run through the back roads of Vaitele for the most part. The slow rising hills were a pain, as was the hill on the on-home, but we all made it back safely, there were no dog incidents and no curfews to violate.

Strangler stepped in as acting GM, mainly because he was in line for a few awards, so this was an easy avoidance tactic. There were a few newcomers to Apia Hash – Foxtrot Mike (Len from Australia), Mary from England, Sarai from NZ/Vailoa and Red Robin from Australia. Rethreads were MilkMe (busy in Savaii with his multitude of livestock), AC/DC (on drugs), Gilligan (from Oz, returned after 14 years was it) and Bear Faced (BlowMe’s dad).

The Shoe Inspector was called forth and he identified Seema and Red Robin as having brought new shoes that were quickly filled and drained.

Celebrity Awards went to Poumuli (Observer article), Wahoo (TV ad) and Godfather (vaka story on TV).

The GM presented his own special Wannabe Nudists/Germans Award to those willing to be extras in a new TV production – Swinger, Mad Hatter, Lesbian Vampire Killer and Poumuli. He also presented AC/DC with the Hitting on Nudist Girls Award. The GM reminded us that there had been a very special birthday that weekend, so we all sang Happy Birthday for Godfather. He also got a cake which was heartily consumed later.

The GM brought up the shenanigans after Hash 1482, where a number of Hash Meres had jumped or been thrown in the pool for what he described as the wet t-shirt competition. Peta, Delicious, Karaoke, Wahoo and Sassygirl got the Showing Us What They’re Made Of Award as a result.

The first nomination from the floor came from Tony Blair for the Academic Achievement Award. Apparently Salsa has been accepted at the Harvard Business School (was there also a scholarship?), so Selena as closest relative accepted the award. Sassygirl berated the Hasher who constantly leaves his wife behind to go fishing, etc. so the Careless Award went to Lewinsky. Flash Gordon brought up Lewinsky’s cellphonus interruptus, corroborated by SOTB, so out he went again. But Sassygirl had observed Flash Gordon trying to hold up the seemingly sturdy building, so a Leaning Award was given.

Poumuli had to take an award at Hash 1482 on behalf of Underrated (for getting Buzzer’s hash name wrong on the website), so he managed to get Underrated a Repeat Award. Eveready recounted how he had asked a Hasher for the phone number of said Hashers Mum, only to be told the Hasher couldn’t remember it, but Swinger avoided the award as we were thanking the Host and the Hare.

Next week’s run will be at Eveready and Karaoke’s place. He asks that all wear pink. There was also some mutter from SOTB about an email from the Hash Monk, who intends to join us next week. Should be fun.

On On,


Monday, September 21, 2009

Hash 1483- Uncle Fred @ ACP Vaitele

Afternoon, sorry for the late reply, we had trouble finding a host. Uncle Fred Wetzell of ACP has kindly offered to host hash at his place in Vaitele. We will be at the usual spot next to the warehouse on the right hand side of the compound. Check the Map for directions.

On On

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hash Trash 1482

The hash was hosted by Selena and Tony Blair at their lush garden in Tuaefu. The run had been set by RingRing on flour, which caused some visually impaired hashers a problem – apparently birdshit, old dogshit and dried road paint can take on the same visual qualities. But as Eveready pointed out, it was lucky nobody tasted it to check. The pack set out from the yard led by Captain Mortein, who was sure we were going up the river creek way. After finding a cross at that gate we carried on over the bridge, where we thought we had found the trail, but no (see above). The trail was picked up going the other way towards Faleata golf course, now clearly having been set from a chariot. We followed the road up to the left, where another false trail sent us scurrying back to a side road. Greg was continually leading at this stage, showing undue athleticism, but not as much as Larry. We found the only off road part of the trail led us past some angry dogs and bemused gardeners, and a few young kids outran us. At the cross-road (sorry I didn’t get the name) we were led off to another false trail, and most of us took the road down for the on-home. Godfather led the last of the pack up the false trail again to check, so there were a few latecomers back to the house. All in all, a nice jomp along country roads, with the odd diesel belch making one nauseous.

Eveready stepped in as Acting GM, a role he has polished to a tee. Having observed that there were two kegs, he ordered large mugs for the awards, only to be given a lame excuse from Crash Bandicoot as to their whereabouts. The GM used his military intelligence skills to zoom in on the real culprit – Tony Blair – who got the Stealing Hash Property Award, decrying his innocence the whole mug down.

There was one newcomer to Hash, Emi, who had not been told by Flash Gordon about the procedures. That was the first one for Flash Gordon, who joined Snake and Fang as rethreads. New Shoes had been spotted from the very start of the run – Flash Gordon living up to his name indeed.

Celebrity Awards were given to Godfather (a double for that huge photo in the Observer) and Team Desirable with support (full page photo in the Observer) – Swinger, BB, Delicious, SOTB and Crash Bandicoot were those in attendance.

The GM recounted the festivities of the past weekend and how the hosts had only provided for one diet Coke, so the No Respect Award went to Tony Blair. Other hashers who said that they would not be turning up, then did, were given the Last To Leave Award (Crash Bandicoot and Delicious). On the same subject the GM said he was told by Karaoke to go home for the diet Coke, only to hear later that she was dancing on tables. She got a repeat award through Lewinsky who recounted the excessive advertising of flashing assets during said table dance, so Karaoke took the Flaunt It If You’ve Got It Award.

Slippery was doing his usual paparazzi thing, except Delicious and Probona caught him taking boob shots. Slippery claimed he was shooting the t-shirts, so after the vote the girls joined him in the award. Tony Blair nominated Bits and Pieces and Poumuli for the Emancipation Award for also dancing on the table. That got SOTB on a roll – first was an unfortunate usage by the Scribe of a real name for a hasher, second the fact that Underrated had used the wrong hash name on the blog. Oh well, a double award had to be taken by Poumuli. (We have now ascertained that the hash name for last week’s hare is Buzzer, according to Sassygirl and SOTB) SOTB spotted Captain Mortein leaning.

Sassygirl reported that Kamikaze had come to her office after a run, stank it up so he got the Lack Of Deodorant Award. When asked what he was doing, he immediately got himself a Lost in Translation Award (I know he meant he was looking for a fax, but that is NOT how it sounded!). SOTB continued tormenting Poumuli, having spotted him breaking Wahoo’s coconut by cracking the wrong end. Also Selena was called for the Spiked Drinks Award, as no one but Eveready could remember anything from Saturday.

As this was run number 1482, Poumuli had done some research on what happened that year, only to find an anniversary for the Flemish artist Hugo van der Goes, so of course our only Dutch hasher with a similar name got this award – Goer. (Tony Blair has since vowed a payback as he claims that the Dutch are not Flemish – need to research that one).

Larry attempted to get Bits and Pieces for spilling beer, but it backfired. Delicious and Probona were nominated for the Moving Out Without Telling the Parents Where Award, and SOTB got Lewinsky a Hero Award for bringing adequate diet Cokes. Sassygirl was disappointed that Greg had not been wearing his standard hot pants attire, and he was awarded what must now be the Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’t Award.

The GM had been asking the runners about the hash, and what had transpired only to find that Lesbian Vampire Killer had set her own run. She dobbed in her accomplices Lewinsky and Probona. SOTB also nominated BlowMe for confusing flour with paint and setting off in the wrong direction. Lewinsky nominated Gordon Ramsey for the Why You Not Cooking Award. Captain Mortein wanted it doubled as Gordon Ramsey had avoided the rethreads, but your Scribe did a quick check to verify that this was a false accusation (more revenge and payback was vowed). BB recounted her blissful meditation on Namua island during the switch being disturbed by a loud Kamikaze, who then proceeded to collapse during his award. Probona wanted SOTB to get the Misleading Advertising Award for claiming the apartment they were moving into was spic and span.

Delicious nominated Crash Bandicoot for nearly giving her a heart attack with his driving, but this should really have been a Living Up To His Hash Name Award. Our newcomer Tammy never got an award before so the GM gave her one for practice. Poumuli got Larry the Competitiveness Award (and even more revenge promised). The GM decided he wanted to give Special Awards to all those who had avoided it, so forward Sassygirl, Strangler, Mad Hatter, Sergeant Major, Slippery, Wahoo, Mr. Whippy, Hobbes.

SOTB recounted how last week’s hash had ended too early for his liking, but that he had been taken to a hotel bar by Gordon Ramsey for what became a very late night. He was joined by Wahoo as a representative of the proprietor, as well as by SOTB. Sergeant Major nominated Crash Bandicoot for not giving a ride to Kamikaze on the way to hash. The GM gave the No Reply Award to Mr. Whippy for not returning his calls, and the You Got Me So Worried I Called the Cops Award to Delicious (she went to see Crash Bandicoot instead of the gym). The GM completed the ceremonies by calling for the Hosts and the Hare. The Hare was absent, so he asked for closest relative. Since it was RingRing, he decided it should be any Samoan who works for a phone company – SOTB, in other words. The Hash then sang the birthday song for Selena.

Great food was served and a lot of shenanigans happened with the pool.

Check the blog for next week’s run.

On On,


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hash Trash 1481

Apologies for the late arrival of the trash, as your Scribe had to deal with his 5 year old brother’s birthday. (I know – no whining.)

The run was hosted by RingRing and Insecurity out at Alafua. It was a nice day, not too hot, and while many were smarting from the road switch, we were able to assemble a decent pack for the run. Keneti had set the run on paper, but he had run short during the setting so it was with a bit of trepidation that we set out. Showing intolerable competitive spirit, Larry bounded to the front out of the gate. The paper bits were extremely small, but we did get some hints as Keneti cracked up when we took the wrong trail, then he simply pointed out the basic direction. He had been good to his word and we avoided roads for the most part. Into some rough bush sections, twice over dried creeks, and once up a dry creek. Getting to that one involved s rather steep drop, but being amongst the last down Poumuli found a nice hand-hold to avoid the knee-jarring experience of other hashers. At this point we lost most of the slower runners and walkers, and as we passed below Chanel College, many of these had to turn back because of evening prayers curfew. The trail took us down the road from Chanel, past angry dogs and finally back to the home stretch where the beer was finally being delivered by Lewinsky and SOTB. The latter should have got an award for trying to trick hashers into chariot-riding. As mentioned the walkers were a bit behind, but we avoided a search party as they ambled through the gate. So an all-round good run set by Keneti that gave us a good variety of trail.

Greg stepped in (it) as Acting GM. After a few false starts the circle got formed and newcomers to Apia Hash were welcomed – Aroha from Auckland and Monique from Hamilton – or at least they were both from NZ. They had been brought by Probona who must have explained the rules well. Rethreads were Hobbes, X-rated and Keneti. Feeble excuses were offered ranging from a trip to Germany, a pulled quadriceps (yes, your Scribe knew the answer to the GM’s question) and being too busy.

The GM appointed Zsa Zsa temporary shoe inspector, but first he got the name wrong and had his own award. Zsa Zsa tried to deflect attention from his own shoes, claiming they had been to three hashes (we will have to check the photo page on that one – a false accusation OR lying to the hash – both serious offences). After slowly gulping his award he again tried to get a pair of more feminine shoes into the circle, but the circle over-ruled him. Celebrity Awards went to Lewinsky (wedding page in Woman’s Time, waving royally), Wahoo (grand-dad in the Observer, plus a sister and a cousin), Dawn Raid (TV appearance, although no-one got him for belittling the female runners) and SOTB came in late for one of Sassygirl’s numerous Observer appearances.

When the GM called for nominations Poumuli offered the They Won’t Let Her Return To Her Own Country Award for Seema, as she had been given a very non-Bula reception by Air Pacific. SOTB, on a point of order, got the chattering mob of Dawn Raid, Chilindria, Zsa Zsa and Selena a down-down, which Tony Blair had to assist with otherwise we would still be there now. Chilindria pointed out that the GM had used her real name, after having told him many times her hash name, but after a vote they both got the award. Larry nominated Dawn Raid for being the Fast Runner Who Smokes Award, but later SOTB and Poumuli got him a double for his competitiveness and unhashlike behaviour (people will think we are some sort of sporting club!).

SOTB nominated Captain Mortein for the Hard Man Award, which was nearly doubled for shaking a baby rattle at the GM. Eveready took the floor to describe disgraceful behaviour of a hasher who came home late, found the doors and gates locked and slept in the car all night instead. Crash Bandicoot living up to half his name, then.

Dawn Raid most unfairly picked on Poumuli for waking him up to fetch Wahoo, but as Dawn Raid was by this point incoherent (medical term – blitzed) he got Wahoo’s name wrong and had to join in. Tony Blair nominated Goer for the Dutch Radio Celebrity Award (apparently she had been on twice; lucky no one listens to the On the Mat programme on Radio Oz), but Bits and Pieces had to assist. SOTB could not be stopped and nominated Lewinsky for the Hero Award for getting the keg. Insecurity joined in, but got Dawn Raid an ancillary award for profanity. At this point Poumuli got the For Absolutely No Reason Award, Gordon Ramsey the Sitting Down Award, and Insecurity nearly got the Can’t Finish The Story Award – but it got so confusing that SOTB took it instead. There was some further profanity and something about hashers running hand in hand that your Scribe missed, the result being Dawn Raid inside the circle for the final touches on what was to become a very loud, burpy trip home.

The GM thanked the hosts RingRing and Insecurity and Keneti the Hare, but as the foam on the beer made awards impossible a Non-Award was given. The hash was then treated to a very nice spread of food.

Next hash will be Selena’s Birthday Hash at Selena and Tony Blair’s house.

On On,


Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Morning to you all,
Hope your Road Switch has gone smoothly. Next week's run will be hosted by Tony Blair and Selena at their home in Tuaefu. Head up past Adria's cakes and head towards the sports complex. Go past the Head of States house and it is on the right hand side, about 100 meters past the bridge. Map is attached for those that don't know where that is....See you all there, On On and safe driving!


Friday, September 04, 2009

Hash Run 1481

Afternoon, Hash next week will be hosted by Ring Ring at her home in Alafua. Head up towards the USP Campus and look out for the driveway on the left hand side just after South Pac Rentals.
It may be a good idea to car pool unless you are confident that you will be OK to drive to hash on Monday in your own vehicle. Please take care on the roads..On On and see you there :)

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Hash Trash - 1480

The hash was hosted by Gabor and Abril up at Bank Street in Vaoala. It was a nice pleasantly cool evening, so the pack was rearing to go. For those of us who did the Samoa Perimeter Relay on Saturday, the prospect was not that welcoming, but most of us made it. The run was set on paper and Kamikaze led the pack out the gates down to Bank Street, closely followed by FBI, Swinger and Poumuli. Down the hill we went, and Kamikaze quickly detoured us into someone’s yard – no need for a cross there. We continued down the track, following the same path as we did for Wahoo’s run from Vaoala, but after the river crossing there was another false trail. Our rethread Larry was quite proudly leading the way sending assorted taunts back at Poumuli and Will, but he soon buggered his ankle and left the lead. The trail now led down to the road from SPREP, where we went up to the cow pastures that had been the site of Pussysnatcher’s run from Poumuli’s house last year. This was where most of the relay hashers struggled – that hill up to the farmhouse was never ending. We then proceeded through the tall grass, hidden branches and cowpats until we re-joined the Bank Street track, violating Hash rules about how to set trails! We tried our best to get up the long hill, with FBI exhibiting Unhashlike competitiveness in seeking to ensure Swinger or Poumuli did not beat him to the finish. Terribly bad form that, but we forgot him in the awards, as he seemed to be a constant fixture this week. But all in all a nice run, good views of the countryside and an abundance of cowshit.

POD our GM called the hash circle, and it took some not-so-gentle cattle prodding to get that organized. There was one newcomer to Hash – Tammy from Auckland, who is single, which was a bad thing to admit with Slippery sliding around with his camera. There were many rethreads – Dawn Raid had been playing tennis in Fiji, Woman in Black had returned from crazy Rome just to be with us for the relay, FBI had been meditating (or was it medicating?), Lesbian Vampire Killer had been relaxing in NZ, and Lester had been away – because he lives in the States. Sassygirl nearly avoided detection, but admitted to having had a bula f’ing marvellous time.

Celebrity Awards were given to Rebecca (relay photo in Observer), Godfather (Sinalei) and with Lester (relay run story), Gabor (climate change workshop), Sassygirl (SUNGO newsletter) and Mighty Mouse (Ms Samoa contestant). Since Mighty Mouse was absent and no close relative could be dobbed in, she gave the award to Crash Bandicoot as having the closest resemblance to a mouse (I guess she meant his foxy hash name?). But OMG was he slow in delivery!

The GM awarded Kamikaze the Living Up to Hash Name Award as he had been spotted running at Malifa, and would have arrived around now if the GM hadn’t given him a lift (should have been a geographically challenged award). The GM noted Eveready’s speechifying skills had slipped during the relay awards ceremony and he had cracked under pressure by letting FBI speak (ramble) so he got the Never Let FBI Speak Award.

The GM then dragged Poumuli forward and gave him an earful for helpfully pointing out the in the year 1480 the Spanish Inquisition commenced (no one expects the Spanish Inquisition!), and he had to join all the Spanish speaking hashers in this award – Dawn Raid, Tony Blair, Selena, Eveready, Gabor, Abril and FBI.

A further hilarious language mix up was the re-told, of how Woman in Black had requested a fofo from the masseuses, but got confused by Pussysnatcher’s annunciation making it sound like foufou – which although related are entirely different things. Ring Ring got included in the award, as did Pussysnatcher for loosing a false accusation.

The GM then recounted how Karaoke had been unhappy about not getting to see the Musclemania Show, but instead had to go to the relay awards and post-party, and then taking it out on Eveready, who said something about him being a high-end machine again. Sassygirl noted how privileged she had been to be part of the relay support team, but complained about the number, frequency and timing of BB’s calls of nature. During one of them she was actually on the loo when Pussysnatcher approached the exchange line. BB in her defence blamed Woman in Black for feeding her pawpaws and Ring Ring for leading her astray on Gatorade, but she took her Unfortunate Toilet Stories Award with aplomb.

SOTB wanted to nominate Eveready for claiming that SOTB was the craziest driver of the relay, which he felt was ill-deserved (it was Godfather’s truck), and that the craziest must be Seema. After a vote they both got the award. At this point the GM recalled how Gabor had extolled the beauty of today’s run and how we had not seen these parts of Samoa – not! Also the double back was included, so Gabor took the big mug for the Blatant Exaggeration Award. BB nominated Pussysnatcher for the Romantic Award, having been seen kissing his girlfriend while on the last leg of the relay.

FBI sought out a Disloyalty To Hash Award for Delicious, as she had refused to give up her chair to him during the relay. In her defence she said that walking it off was the best way to recover and that she had given her all to supporting the team ( we all second that!). Delicious demanded a big one for Lewinsky since he had failed to provide non-alcoholic drinks for our sundry pregnancies, nursing mothers and Mormons.

Further details emerged from the relay. BB nominated Sassygirl for the Loudmouth Cheerleader Award, as her voice had caused rocks to be launched at their support truck. And for those hashers who chose to run the relay for non-Hash teams – the Traitor Award went to Rebecca and Kamikaze. Rebecca had to be assisted by Lesbian Vampire Killer.

As a result of some post-relay jollity, Seema nominated Crash Bandicoot and Pussysnatcher for the Nipple Arousal Award since they had applied her milk frother to each other (there was also some attempt at using it elsewhere, but this is a family hash after all! Disgusting, boys.).

Poumuli nominated Kamikaze for the Brotherly Love Award for having given him a moment of sheer bliss as Dawn Raid was thrashed on the last relay leg by 8 metres. BB nominated the support teams for Service Beyond the Call of Duty Award (Delicious, SOTB, Crash, Seema and Sassy were present). Eveready then thanked the Hash for its great contribution, spirit and for having brought honor to the memories of Desirable and Shafter, and especially thanked Godfather. Godfather in turn saluted those who ran, even as we got tired we persevered and he was grateful to be able to complete, knowing well that it would have been impossible without the support team. He also acknowledged Lester for the inspiration that he had contributed. “Keep fit, keep going and enjoy the company”. He also gave a special thanks to the US Veterans Association, and congratulated Team Desirable even though Team Shafter beat them!

Lester then thanked the Hash for being able to take part, as he had a good time, enjoyed the company and to be able to run with old and new friends. A reward was then collected for the masseuses who had made our recovery so much swifter.

At this point the Hash Monk appeared (it was more like a Monkess, or can you say fa’fa nun? A voice similar to Cindy). After yelling at Slippery for taking a flash photo up her skirt, she called forward Will. Since he does some funny things with wind (renewable energy) he shall from now be called BlowMe. She then called forward Emma, who she had heard was tough in cracking the whip, so she shall now be called Sergeant Major.

She then called forward Morten, a gentleman misbehaving – not once, but twice – in the tropics. He shall now be called Captain Mortein.

Gabor was called forward, well he crawled, and being reminded that he drinks like a warm temperamental woman, he shall now be called Zsa Zsa.(after his countrywoman from Hungary also known as S├íri Prinzessin von Anhalt – oh what obscure nonsense your Scribe knows!). Abril was then summoned, and as she too reminded the Monk of a temperamental actress, she shall now be called Chilindrina.

Being quite woozy at this point the GM excused the Hare and Hosts after thanking them. Next week’s run – in the middle of the road switch – will be hosted by Ring Ring in Alofua.

On On