Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hash Run August 4th 2008

Hey Hashers,
Great news, Poumuli and Paul have decided to host hash this week up in Vaoala. They will both be setting the run, so this should prove to be very Interesting to say the least. Could be up a mountain, down a river, you never know... So get your act together and come on up for a great run.
Map is attached below in case you didnt make the first run that Poumuli hosted a while back.
See you all there.

On On

Hash Trash 28/07/2008


RUN 14XX commenced from Lezzie’s Home, behind Hotel Millenia, Sogi. Lezzie has been MIA for a while since he finally took up serious work rather than playing the playboy. LOL. His co-host ACDC was spotted returning on the back of Pat’s (Lezzie’s bro) flashy wheels, supposedly having set the run, chasing Pat. Yeah right!!! He hadn’t even broken sweat when he returned to base prior to the start of the trot.

The trot started off where some of the meres were overheard to whine about the cold temperatures…. Yeah, 27 degrees Celcius!!! thanks to a stiff breeze blowing which would have been better suited for sailing. Trot was led by ACDC who encouraged the runners to take the long route with the “walkers and handicapped” taking the cleaner town route. Godfather was the unusual figure spotted walking with the latter group. Godfather, the true hasher that he is, decided to invest in some new boots and ignore the specialist’s advice not to run any more. You go Godfather!!! That’s the spirit!! Sassy caught up with the handicapped and aged group and helped Godfather spot the trail.

The trot returned to base to the sound of the Gypsy Pickers, courtesy of the Hamilton Boys High, who were on island a couple of weeks prior to entertain and perform at the Music for Life fundraising event plus other gigs around the country.

No un-towards behaviour was spotted during the run. The only amazing thing was that on arrival there was twice the number of people at the base compared to those that set out.

During the ON-ONs, it was discovered that some new boots from Great mother England had just arrived on island and decided to join the AHHH. Obviously, the good times experienced by previous intakes of Medical students has traveled to the nation of the stiff upper lips. Welcome new meres and hashmen from the old motherland. No doubt ACDC will be busy playing tour guide extraordinare besides many other things.

The new GM, Eveready got the proceedings underway promptly and when he pulled out his diary, there were giggles from some of the die hard hashers as the new GM resembled a new reverend with his diary of dirt on some of the hashers. A momentary pause after Lezzie turned off some lights hoping for a romantic hash circle. Sorry Lezzie, GM couldn’t see his sermon..LOL. Back on with the lights….

GM acknowledged the previous Mismanagement for a great job done for the past two and a half years. Shafter as ex GM wasn’t in the house, so SassygirlBJ, Mr. Whippy and XXX took a final down down as part of the outgoing Mismanagement.

Kuini was pulled up for entertaining the whole Niue 7’s Rugby Team the previous Saturday. According to Delicious who enlightened on other details, Kuini had also just turned 21 years, got divorced, is now single again, and one of the Niuean players who was quite smitten with this luscious hash mere, did a strip tease at one of the establishments in Apia. Delicious was then requested to keep the rest of the details to herself.

Welcome back to the Retreads, Tony Blair and Selena who been gallivanting around the globe. Tony B and Selena were also penalized for not responding to an email from the GM checking up on how they were during their travels. DUHHH!!! They were on holidays, according to TB.

SassygirlBJ nominated Mr. Whippy and Son of the Bitch for a fantastic revamp of the new Hash Blog www.apiahash.blogspot.com all are encouraged to visit the site which lists all the info about upcoming hashes, hash trash, maps (very sophisticated) and news about Samoa. Do write in your comments for goodness sake!!!

The GM then announced the rest of his new Mismanagement:

Brewmaster: Karaeoke, Hash Cash: Fang, Haberdasher: Under-rated, Hare-raiser: Snake, and Tony Blair, after being told to raise his hand, was instructed that he is the new Hash Mugs. SOTB and Mr. Whippy to continue with Administration of the Hash blog, SassygirlBJ and SOTB to Co-Scribe.

Under-rated was given an under-sized t-shirt for his 150th run.

Finally, there being no other nominations from the floor, it was the turn of the Co-Hosts and Hare, Lezzie, ACDC and FBI who reluctantly took his down down as his name had not been included as Hosts for today’s run.

Snake recommended that the first Monday of each month will be a BYO bbq stuff/salad irregardless of who is hosting. Exception of course is if someone is celebrating a birthday, wedding anniversary, divorce or whatever and chooses to host the food as well.

Lezzie, as usual wanted to do a nomination after all the awards. Well done Lezzie, for not listening, as usual.

An excellent spread was put on for all and sunder to enjoy.

Next week’s run will be hosted by Poumuli and Paul from Vaoala. Check the blog for the map, especially for the newbie’s.


Monday, July 28, 2008

Hash Photos

Morning Apia Hashers,
Just an Update, I have a cd coming from NZ from the Hamilton Boys High Team with lots of Pics of our Hash Bash and Music for Life Festival. Will post some pics once they arrive.
Looking forward to tonights run. See you all there...


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Blog Redesign

Hey Hashers, check-out your new updated blog. The blog now has a sidebar on the left with the following features:
  • Help section - fast access to the latest Hash maps, notices, and gossip;
  • Schedule - list of all the upcoming Hashes, their hosts, and their locations;
  • Weekly poll - answer the latest Hash question of the week;
  • Local links - list of handy local websites; and
  • Archive - find those posts from long ago.
Let us know what you think. Place your vote now.

Mr. Whippy.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Monday 28 July 2008 Hash Run

This Monday, AC/DC and Lezzy are hosting Hash at the Hotel Millenia (we park and assemble in the back). A map is attached for our newbies. This is a great location, and with these two hosts, you can be sure of some good natured cRazINeSs too!

Down-down down-down
Down-down down-down

On on!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Hash T-Shirts

Talofa hashers,

Just to let you know that AHHH has some new Hash T-Shirts for sale. This was part of our Hash Bash and Music For Life Fund raising that we had a few weeks ago.

T-Shirts are $40 SAT. Singlets are the same, I think. You will have to check with Fang. If you want one, or two, or more, contact Fang on 7770120 (damn Digicel number..he he) for more info. Its for a good cause, so buy one! which reminds me, i ought to get one too...

On On

Hash Run July 21st 2008

Malo Hashers,
Todays Run will be from the STA Fale in Town. We dont have anyone to host todays Run so it will be a BYO BBQ run and there will be a Keg for those of you whom are thirsty. Map is below if you STILL dont know where the fale is. See you all there. Please be prompt! Hash Mere's, if you could bring a salad of some sort and the rest, something to throw on the BBQ. Godfathers fresh nuts will be there too for those of you do decide to run!
See you all soon.

SOTB..back in action

Friday, July 11, 2008

Monday 14 July 2008 Hash Run

Snake, Fang, Venom, and Snake Bite welcome all Hashers this Monday in Vaitele. The location is at the house opposite the Maota Samoa in Vaitele. Please be on-time; we don't want to be crawling through the Vaitele bush in the dark!

On On!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Hash Run, 7/7/08

Hi Hashers,

Following on from Mr Whippy's Post, Ive also attached another Map for those of you who do not know how to read a map..This should give you an indication of where we are having our Hash Run. Please make an effort to Turn up, especially if you didnt manage to make the last 2 Runs. Tonights run will be an interesting one, so bring your running gear, and perhaps a change of clothes. We also have the Hamilton Boys High Band coming tonight to go along with us so it will be good fun.
See you all there tonight, at 5.30pm Sharp!

5:30PM MON 7 JUL 2008 Regional Hash Farewell Run

(map removed by Mr. Whippy - see SOTB's updated map above)

Today we wrap-up the last of our Regional Hash activities with a Hash run through/around the beautiful South Pacific Games facilities in Faleata. We gather at the Race Track. Look for the entrance near the horse stalls. Show your support for Hash and help us bid farewell to our visitors who've come from afar with a great run. On On!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

SUN 6 JUL 2008 Tafatafa Beach Trip

OK, it's time to scale things back, let your hair down, relax, and rest-up for the new week ahead. Tafatafa is a magnificent beach and not too far away. Come join us for a relaxing day, some tall cold ones, and BBQ. No formalities here, just pure relaxation on a beautiful beach.

Hope to see you there, On On!

Note: Hashers begin arriving at 10 AM, and the run typically starts at about 1 PM. If you wish to stay the night, try to arrive before noon so that you can have your selection of fales.

Friday, July 04, 2008

6PM SAT 5 JUL 2008 Beer & Music Fest

Join us for some fantastic music, ice cold drinks, and yummy food. Proceeds from this event support Fa'ataua le Ola (Samoa Lifeline). The event starts at 6 PM. Tickets can be purchased at the Samoa Tourism Authority Fale downtown. Questions? Contact Nynette Sass at 30-160 or 757-4250.

Time: 6 PM on Saturday, July 6
Place: ACP in Vaitele (see map below in the Meet & Greet posting)
Tickets: $100 single / $1,000 corporate table (10 seats)
Available for purchase at Samoa Tourism Authority Fale
Contact: Nynette Sass @ 30-160 / 757-4250

Please make an effort to come join us for a great night that helps a great and very important charity here in Samoa, Fa'ataua le Ola.

Oh yah, since this is also a Beer Fest, there'll be plenty of drinks :)

PS: Don't forget to exercise first. Join us at 1 PM for a fun warm-up walk / run (see post below for details).

1PM SAT 5 JUL 2008 Upolu Regional Hash Run

Come one, come all. At 1 PM on Saturday, strap on the running shoes and run with Hashers and friends as we explore the roads, side-tracks, and jungle of Vaitele. The run will start from the same location as our Meet & Greet earlier this week, ACP in Vaitele (see map from the Meet & Greet posting below).

On On!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

TUE 1 JUL 2008 Regional Hash Meet & Greet

Apia Hash House Harriers (AHHH) welcomes the Hashers who have come to join us for this week's festivities! All Hashers on-island are welcome to join us at ACP in Vaitele (see map) at 6 PM for a meet & greet, some ice cold drinks, and some goodies to eat too.

On On!