Monday, August 31, 2009

Hash Run 1480- Abril and Gabor

Morning All, I take it you have all recovered from the long run over the weekend. Well done to both Hash teams that participated in the marathon.

Hash tonight will be hosted by Abril and Gabor up in Vaoala. Head up to Bank St, and drive towards Bits & Pieces and Goers house, turn up the same driveway and its the 2nd house after bits and Pieces and Goers. You should see some paper or flour on the driveway to the house. If you get lost, check the map or call SOTB.

See you all tonight...and there is a whisper that the monk may make an appearance...
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Thursday, August 27, 2009


Morning All,
For those involved in the Perimeter Relay, there is a meeting tomorrow morning at 10am at the STA Fale in town. Please if you can attend and you have any questions that you would like to ask, then make yourself available and attend this final meeting.

Good luck to the Hash Teams..

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hash Trash - 1479

Your scribe is back again and will try to be better than my useless assistant scribe in relating what happened. Well, the day looked like it was going to be a wet one, and SOTB had warned on the blog that we would get soaked. However, the sun was shining on Taumeasina as the pack arrived. Our host Probona had no idea where the trail went, so our only information was that paper and flour had been used. Off we went down the track to the main road. Poumuli and Mr Whippy leading the charge but soon overtaken by Pussysnatcher, Will, Strangler and Morten. Strangler found the first trail off the main road and took us on a scramble through some fales and over the dike at the back (we have been here before). Through the bushes and into another residential area, Morten quickly picked up the trail with Will and we headed back to the four corners near the UNDP. No false trails, so far, but that changed on the other side of the crossing, and the pack returned for the On Home. All in all a pleasant road run with a bit of bush. Several hashers jumped in the waters off Taumeasina, despite warnings from Swinger about poisonous fish.

POD our GM got the circle started by breaking tradition to wish AC/DC a pleasant trip to Aotearoa for a medical. She welcomed the newcomers to Hash, namely Melissa who is staying with Strangler and Mad Hatter. There were so many rethreads that the GM limited pathetic excuses to those from over seas. These were Bin Garden from NZ, who was here during the jazz hashes, and Larry and Mandy from Oz. Others were Sid the Tall Maori, Delicious, Slippery, Poumuli, etc.

The GM awarded the Hasher in a Rush Award to Godfather for forgetting to lock his door before coming to hash. She had also spotted two chariot riders on the run - Probona and Eveready, and Eveready had to step in to help her with the down-down. The GM then recounted how most hashers had given respectful compliments to her and Happy Feet during the run, except for Larry ("Mama mama susu") and Poumuli (requesting a chariot ride) so two Inappropriate Behaviour Awards were given. Seema, who had been on probation for drunk and disorderly behaviour, had held a party on the weekend during which she skinny-dipped with boys!

Celebrity Awards were given to Gabor (climate change poster boy), Swinger (accusing the government over the new dock), and POD and Lewinsky (double for front page fish). Sid and Gordon Ramsey had to assist with POD's award. But boy was Lewinsky slow in doing his!

As the GM called for nominations, Snake was quick off the mark to target three leaning ladies - Ring Ring, Probona and Wahoo. Sid got Probona's name wrong and had to join in.

SOTB noted that while Slippery had been photographing the hash, he had also been taking photos of his own chest, and that he was wearing Greg-like tight skimpy clothing. The GM agreed that this warranted a double Indecent Exposure Award although Slippery felt it should be a Sex Bomb Award.

Rebecca had been invited to a pool party but had forgotten to bring bathing bottoms, but Melissa had to be her whipping girl.

SOTB rambled on about observing Strangler trying to suss out the trail but there were sufficient witnesses to call this a False Accusation, so both of them got the award after a vote. Poumuli got Pussysnatcher for Excessive Training Award during the SPREP Fun Run.

The GM recounted how Eveready had been to Australia and had been turned down for citizenship due to contracting food poisoning from kangaroo meat (yes, apparently!). Eveready defended himself by stating his doctor's advice not to put low-grade fuel in a high-end engine.

Slippery excused himself from having missed hash, but given that he has been diagnosed with cancer has a valid reason. He wanted to present an award to Godfather who gave up 28 years of avoiding chariot-riding to accompany Slippery, and Godfather accepted the framed gift.

Eveready reminded that he would be a judge during the Perimeter Relay, and encouraged the Hashers that have entered to be the best-dressed team in memory of Desirable.

SOTB showed the GM that he had been repeatedly texted by Kiwi, but the GM couldn't be bothered. Instead she accepted Eveready's nomination to Tony Blair for the Cold Food Award - he had sent his food back to be heated up causing a delay for the dinner companions of over half an hour! The GM called forth Probona for her Birthday Award, then the hares - Lewinsky and SOTB. The hosts were officially Mr and Mrs Lewinsky, although Mrs L did her down down in wine (haven't seen that before).

Check the blog for next week's run.

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Hash Run 1479- Probona @ Taumeasina

Next weeks run will be hosted by Probona at Taumeasina...Apparently, this will be her last day as a 26 year old??? :p Directions are posted below on the Map, although I think all of you already know where it is. Bring some swimmers if you feel like going for a dip after the run. The keg will be there and all food will be provided by our generous host..thanks probona!

See you all there...Best bring a change of clothes..just in case!

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hash Run 1478 - Mon 17 Aug 2009

We are in for a great treat this Monday with a new venue deep in Aleisa! Crash Bandicoot and Mr. Whippy will be hosting this run in the outback. Keg and soda's will be served from the death van. Hot dogs with fixings will be provided - bring your own grub if you need something else. There will be NO barbecue on-site (Snake, leave the Q at home). Mr. Whippy will bring the Hash nuts.

o Leave for Hash EARLY - Aleisa is about a 20 minute drive from Lotopa. So with the construction and traffic as of late, it'll take about 30 minutes to get to the run from town.
o Bring towel and extra shirt - It often rains in Aleisa and gets cool in the evening. Make sure you're able to dry off and stay dry after the run.
o Follow Magic Circus academy signs - Forgot the map / map too weird? Just follow the signs to the Magic Circus training academy (The run is located next to the final Magic Circus sign on the main road; if you get to the academy you went a little too far!).

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Tonight's Hash - Set Your Own Trail

Tonight, you must choose your own venue and set your own trail.

Unfortunately, we accidently scheduled Mr. & Mrs. Whippy for a Holiday Hash. This was a major oversight by both me, Mr. Whippy and our team, as we conduct our Holiday Hashes as BYO Food & Beer runs at the beach at 2pm. BYO runs at neutral venues such as Lalomanu are done due to logistical issues (i.e. closed brewery, low numbers, etc.).

We are very sorry for this mix-up,

Mr. Whippy.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Perimeter Run Meeting Tonight

6:30 PM Tue 04 Aug - Perimeter Relay Team Meeting at the Yacht Club

Currently, relay team members are running Tue and Thu evenings at 5:30 at the Yacht Club. This is in addition to our Hash runs on Mondays. The meeting will follow today's run.

Click here for details on the relay run.

Hash Trash - Run 1477

Your scribe is back from travel, and even food poisoning would not keep him away. The hash was hosted by Emma and Will in Vaivase-Uta, and a large turnout we had. Will came back from setting the trail, deceptively non-sweaty, and the deluded hashers set out up the road. That was the first on-back. The trail led down another path instead, through a number of gardens until we reached the brook, thankfully not too wet. Through the jungle with a number of low branches to avoid and slippery roots. We then ascended a hill to find a track. Kiwi – who was constantly blowing Monica, took us down a completely wrong trail, then back up the hill, only to reacquire the trail parallel to where we were! Down the hill we went, another brook, and up through some more jungle. By this point the scribe was nearly puking, so wasn’t that observant. In any case we rejoined the Vaivase road for the on-home.

The GM called the hash circle to order and there were many newcomers to hash. There was Vampire’s mum (does that make her Mrs Dracula?), Neil from Oz, Nicky – Greg’s daughter with her boyfriend Dennis and Dennis’ mum. Brent, Poumuli and Probona were re-threads who were given the Pathetic Excuses Awards. Some leaners were spotted by SOTB, but the GM forgave them, except when Morten used Swinger’s real name in his defence.

The GM noted that the hash was being held in the EPC compound yet there were no outside lights, so Will got the Service (Non) Award. The GM also pointed to the row of coconuts in the garden and gave Emma the Bad Neighbourly Relations Award for so demarcating her boundaries. Recalling run 1472, the GM noted that Swinger had left his goolies behind on a fence. Since he has been absent for a while, the GM was pleased to announce that the goolies had been found by Poumuli, and were given back to Swinger to hand over to the rightful owner – BB. Poumuli joined in the down-down for recognizing and retrieving the goolies.

Celebrity awards were given to Sassygirl (opining that she trusted the Ministry of Health), FBI (squash tourney winner) and Skankanavian’s closest relation (Lewinsky) had to take hers for a large photo in the Observer.

Getting back to the run, the GM pointed out that Snake had nearly impaled himself on a tree and other sundry obstacles, so he got the Obviously Glasses Don’t Work Award. She turned on Ray Charles for a double Deception Award – he had arrived panting from strolling down the hill from his house, and had pretended to do the run.

SOTB nominated FBI for running the red light in front of the Police station – he tried to defend himself that he was practicing for the road switch – no dice there.

Poumuli recalled how one of the hashers was rightly famous throughout the Pacific, but he was very surprised to find an Annandale Estate, Falls and Resort in Grenada in the Caribbean. Godfather got a Tax Haven Award for that. Swinger had to join later as he is also in the Annandale clan.

Sassygirl nominated Kiwi for bringing back Monica (the bugle) and for lustily blowing her. Greg nominated Morten for Deception, as he had been wearing two different shoes for the run, and then removed them for the circle. Morten countered by accusing Greg of disloyalty to hash for joining the NZ team for the perimeter run. Greg had to remain in the circle as SOTB nominated him for finally wearing hash friendly shorts and not those mini-things he normally runs in.

Snake nominated Kiwi for the Global Warming Award – he had driven the 100 yards from his house to the hash. Lewinsky nominated Seema for a Drunk and Disorderly Award, but had to join her for a Chivalry Award for driving her home.

The GM spotted several latecomers – Bits and Pieces, Goer, Wylie Kylie and Kamikaze – they claimed to have been enjoying a full moon run – so they got the Mooning Award. Sassygirl had to step in to help Goer.

SOTB and Snake identified Greg’s daughters shoes as being new (no more that ten days old according to Snake’s nose), and she was horrified as she drank from the shoe. Don’t think she will be back…

As the keg was running low, the GM called the proceedings to a halt. The hare (Will) and the host (Emma) took their awards. The hash was treated to a sumptuous feast by Emma and several helpers, and the evening was enjoyed by all.

The next run will be at Mr and Mrs Whippy in Lotopa.

On On,