Saturday, March 31, 2007

Run on Monday 02nd April 07

Hash run next week Monday, 02/04/07 will be hosted by Oink and Johnny Walker at Vaivase uta, EPC compound

Refer map for directions, if you are still doubt - here's a bit of help - Turn to go to Vaivase uta between the CCCS church Vaivase tai and the Samoa College Hostel Fence - drive up... Good luck .


Friday, March 30, 2007

Hash Run - 2nd April 2007 at Oink and Johnny Walker's place

Hash Run on the 2nd April 2007 will be hosted by Oink and Johnny Walker at EPC Compound, Vaivase uta.
Refer the attached map for direction, if you are still not clear ask another hash member or contact Flo on Sassy's absence at 7530161 or 7773237
for directions otherwise Good luck

Anyone have an idear of where we are hashing on Easter Monday?.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Hash Map for Monday, 26 MAR 2007

Good morning,

As mentioned below, today's Hash will be held at Margaret's Mum's, Sisi Fruean's residence in Vaoala.

It's the first house after the Shrine of 3 Hearts, same side of the road. Put another way, it's across the street from the Mormon Church in Vaoala.

To avoid getting lost in the bush at night, please make an effort to arrive on-time.

As always, the keg is ordered and the beer is cold.

The Brewmaster, Mr. Whippy.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

26th March Hash Run-Vaoala

Hi all
Next week's run will be from Fang's Mum's home up Vaoala, opposite the Mormon Church and will be hosted by "Marilyn Monroe"

2nd April - Oink and Johnnie Walker will host from their house at Vaivase-uta, EPC compound. Johnnie Walker is cumming for some quick tsunami action and then off again Down Under.

9th April - still no one to host this one - Easter Monday Run


Monday, March 19, 2007

Today's Run-19th March 2007

Hi All
Hash will be from On the Rocks today. There will be no BBQ as we are unsure as to what the weather has in mind. If you are hungry, there is always Italiano's Pizzaria next door. SAT15/person. Hash will then arrange for the jugs for drinks and onons.


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hashmen Looking for a Home

Son of the Bitch and Flash Gordon are looking for new digs and will need to move within the next couple of weeks. House can be a two or three bedroom house, can be fully or partially furnished, not too far out of town and On the Rocks!!! Not overly expensive!!! If you know of a place that is in need of two eligible batchelors, drop SOTB a line on 757 1023 or email or These guys keep a tidy house. Also prefer a house not too close to interfering and nosy neighbours in the event that hashers want to have after-parties..LOL

Monday, March 12, 2007

Hash Map for Monday, 12 MAR 2007

Hash will be at Soprano's this evening at the Lameko family compound in Alafua.

The map is based on verbal instructions given to me, so use your Hash skills and look for the shredded paper to make sure you found the right place.

And yes, the keg is ordered, and the beer is cold,

The Brewmaster, Mr. Whippy.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Hash Map for Monday, 5 MAR 2007

Here's the map for today's Hash. As always, look for shredded paper at the entrance to quickly identify the house.

The keg is ordered, and the beer is cold.

The Brewmaster, Mr. Whippy.

PS: Thanks to Karaoke and the staff at Adria's Cakes for helping with the map.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Full Moon Hash Party - Tiafau Fale

Dont forget the FMHP tomorrow evening at the second hash headquarters: Tiafau Fale:

GM is shouting the ham and you bring whatever drink takes your fancy.
Kick-off at 6.30pm


Run 1351-Fabien, Son of the Bitch & Flash Gordon-Siusega

Hi all

A million thanks to Delicious, Eveready, Karaeoke for the excellent Aleisa Run and superb spread as always. Thanks to Aunty Bev and Delectable for availing their beautiful home to host the intrepid mob. So sorry about the lawn damage. We will all try to schedule runs at Aleisa during the dry season, whenever that may be.

5th March Run will be hosted by Fabien, Son of the Bitch and Flash Gordon at Siusega, opposite the Jehovah's Witness compound.

Run 1352 will be hosted by the youngsters Soprano and Just Missed at Alafua.

A Reminder: Ensure you have your hash cash on you. We will not accept IOUs. IOUs dont pay for the keg or softies.

All hashers: SAT15/person. SAT10 goes to the drinks and SAT5 to your tshirt.