Friday, March 02, 2007

Run 1351-Fabien, Son of the Bitch & Flash Gordon-Siusega

Hi all

A million thanks to Delicious, Eveready, Karaeoke for the excellent Aleisa Run and superb spread as always. Thanks to Aunty Bev and Delectable for availing their beautiful home to host the intrepid mob. So sorry about the lawn damage. We will all try to schedule runs at Aleisa during the dry season, whenever that may be.

5th March Run will be hosted by Fabien, Son of the Bitch and Flash Gordon at Siusega, opposite the Jehovah's Witness compound.

Run 1352 will be hosted by the youngsters Soprano and Just Missed at Alafua.

A Reminder: Ensure you have your hash cash on you. We will not accept IOUs. IOUs dont pay for the keg or softies.

All hashers: SAT15/person. SAT10 goes to the drinks and SAT5 to your tshirt.


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