Monday, March 30, 2009

Hash Run 1459 @ Lotopa

Morning All,
Apologies for the late posting, the Scribe has been in recovery mode..Hash this week will be at the GM's house in Lotopa. This will be the farewell run for Delicious as she is about to depart our shores and head to NZ to find a job..or was it to party?? I forget..Hope to see you all there today..Map is attached for those who still need directions to the GM's house.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hash Run 1457 Photos (St Patty's)

The run from Crown of Thorns and Pussy Snatchers place celebrated St. Patties day with green rice, green beer and tones of good food. Only a few completed the run but the beer was helpfully completed by a hearty crowd of leprechauns. Hashers were introduced to Mija - the pussy from which Pussy Snatchers name was derived.

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Hash Run 1456 Photos (Snake Pit)

The run from the Snake Pit was convoluted and tortuous – through volleyball games, under peoples washing, past barking dogs and waving children. Food beer and hashers were plentiful once again. Scribe … where are you?? Thanks to Snake and Fang for hosting once again.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Hash Run 1458 - 23/3/09

Hash next week will be up at AC/DC's place in Vailima to welcome back his "better" half. Food will be provided as well as the drinks, just come prepared to get wet & dirty and don't forget your hash cash. We have had a few runs from this location now and there has always been a different track, so fingers crossed the hare sets a nice run!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Corned Beef Added to the Menu (Run 1457)

In respect for mother Ireland and the only day the rest of the world eats corned beef casa, de PS and COT will also feature a proper Gaelic dish.

Slainte (Cheers)
Pronounced “slawn- cha”

Directions - 759-9799


Hash Run 1457 - 16 Mar 09 (St. Patrick's Day Run)

Hash Run #1457, our St. Patrick's Day Run, will be hosted by Pussy Snatcher and Crown of Thorns at their flat in Vailima; close to the Curry House / Zodiac.

This is a BYOF / Pot-Luck Run. So be sure to Bring Your Own Food or bring a nice dish to add to the table. PS and COT will be providing a mighty green curry, some corned beef, and plenty of rice. Karaoke hints that the GM's leprechauns may throw in some salted beef!

And finally, remember to wear something GREEN!

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Photos, Photos, Photos!

Our Hash Paparazzi started-off the year with a flurry of photos. Check-out the Hash Photo Albums to see these photos and more. Many thanks to Poumuli for posting these great photos.

New Photo Albums
Hash 1454
Hash 1453
Hash 1449
Hash 1448
Hashers Gone Fishing
AC/DC Back-in-the-Day
Pac Harbour Hash

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Do You Recognize This Man?

A blast from the past. Secret Hash operatives (Poumuli) uncover some choice pictures from long ago. Do you recognize this Hasher? Check-out these photos and more in the Hash Photo Albums.

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Hash Trash - Run #1456

Run number 1456 was held at the Snake Pit in glorious downtown surroundings. It was fitting that Snake had set the run to start through the kitchen of a nearby Chinese restaurant (more on that later). The number of false trails that were included at first delighted then thoroughly ticked off runners and walkers alike. There ought to be a law…

The trail treated us to a great variety of sights, from teeming backyards, steaming rubbish and a teetering walk along the Vailima stream bank towards the bridge by Mulivai where we had a choice of grabbing barbed wire for balance or tottering along on grass covered wobbly rocks. Unfortunately there were no injuries to report. After some road running confusion, eventually the pack made it back to the Snake Pit where POD once again stepped in as Deputy Dawg for the GM (please come back soon, she is trying to kill us all!).

There was one newcomer to Hash, namely a German visitor with Hobbes. She took a voluntary down down as well, but received a few others with the rest of the German speakers for not observing Hash Hush, even after many reminders. I thought they knew how to obey orders in that part of the world… Eugene Sr. also got a down down, but was not sure if he was retread.

A Romeo award was given to Poumuli for whisking Wahoo off on a romantic get-away to Fiji, while Wahoo got the celebrity award due to Le Manumea appearing in a glowing Observer editorial.

SOTB was awarded several proxy awards for Sassygirl (not coming to Hash, observed drinking at HQ1 during Hash run, etc), as well as for advertising the piss-poor SamoaTel. Lewinsky again had a streamlined haircut that according to POD “did not make him GO any faster” [editorial emphasis added], so that was a down down. Gordon Ramsey again nearly volunteered himself for a double down, and AC/DC was involved in several, the reasons for which are unclear, as was the Zorro incidentally. This was after Poumuli had called on Swinger to take up the role of Religious Adviser since he alone in the Hash watched the televised church services, but Poumuli had to share in the award for hypocrisy since he was actually in that televised service.

Kiwi turned up late, nattily attired in his golf gear and had to drink from his gleaming golf shoes as these were new, clean and new to Hash.

Pussysnatcher got the International Women’s Day award for suggesting that his house mate Crown of Thorns could arrange the next Hash when she returns this week.


Monday, March 09, 2009

Hash Run 1456 - 09 Mar 09

Hash #1456 will be Downtown at the Snake Pit (Snake and Fang's home). This is a fantastic central location - walking distance from work for many of our Hashers.

Strap on some sneakers, come on out, go for a run, and enjoy a few cold ones with us tonight.

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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Hash Run 1455 - 02 Mar 09

Hash Run #1455 will be hosted by AC/DC and Gordon Ramsey in Vailima. Just take Eugene Rd. (next to the Manumea Hotel), look for the second house on the right, and you'll find AC/DC's.
Food will be provided by AC/DC and Gordon Ramsey, so don't worry about bringing food, instead make sure you bring your hash cash..

Also, remember today's run is a theme run. The theme today is "Fairy Run". So come dressed as your favorite fairy (I'm sure FBI will love this) and get ready for another fun run through the jungle.

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Slippery Hash #1454 Trash

The run was hosted by Slippery up past the National University of Samoa. AC/DC and Farmer Joe were dispatched as hares, a wee bit late in arriving so the run got off slowly at the direction of POD – standing in as the GM’s Deputy Dawg. The hares did not disappoint as the run went through some great scenery, gardens guarded by vicious mutts and down a slippery pipe. Poumuli went down on his muli, and would have continued if he hadn’t spotted Kiwi going along the side of the pipe. There was a good turnout with lots of new faces, but many of the walkers took a shortcut on-home. Disgraceful.

But not as disgraceful as the hares stealing Happy Feet’s pram for spreading the paper trail.

Click here to view the Hash Run #1454 Photo Album.

POD presided over the hash circle, and dispensed her version of hash justice to various offenders. There were a few newcomers to hash, and a number of re-treads. Gordon Ramsey had earlier volunteered himself for a down down, which POD obliged. Poumuli had written to the papers once again and was awarded for attacking free trade and the World Trade Organization. Several leaners were caught, as well as wearers of shades during the circle. Two new shoes had to drink from their shoes as SOTB had forgotten Das Boot. Delicious has been trying to call her boyfriend when drunk and has got through to SOTB instead, so that warranted a brew. SOTB got one for surfing instead of hashing, and jointly with Poumuli and Sassygirl for not being there for his mum in the hour of need (wiping of sweaty brow). AC/DC had been doing some weird yoga in the yard which also warranted a down down.

The food was an excellent spread put on by Slippery and cooked up in a storm of smoke by Gordon Ramsey, but the keg was kicked at 8.20 PM

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