Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hash Run 1457 - 16 Mar 09 (St. Patrick's Day Run)

Hash Run #1457, our St. Patrick's Day Run, will be hosted by Pussy Snatcher and Crown of Thorns at their flat in Vailima; close to the Curry House / Zodiac.

This is a BYOF / Pot-Luck Run. So be sure to Bring Your Own Food or bring a nice dish to add to the table. PS and COT will be providing a mighty green curry, some corned beef, and plenty of rice. Karaoke hints that the GM's leprechauns may throw in some salted beef!

And finally, remember to wear something GREEN!

On On!


  1. An Irishman was wrecked on a desert island. By the time he was rescued, he had built out of driftwood not only a house for himself, but a small town with a pub, a rugby club, and two small chapels.
    "But why two chapels?" asked his rescuers.
    "You see that one," he replied. "Well that's the one I don't go to."