Thursday, January 24, 2008

Run ??? 28 January 2008

Talofa All
The love-birds Snake & Fang have kindly offered to host next Monday's run from Vaitele. We will confirm by Monday whether its from Apia Concrete Product (ACP) Compound or Charlie's Bakery, opposite the Vailima Breweries.
It would be fantastic if you can all let us know if you're participating for catering purposes. If we have a poor response then rest assured there will be no keg!!!!
Godfather has promised he will be there as well.....yeah WITH NUTS!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Run ??? last night 21st Jan-Over-rated and Xrated

Talofa all

The hashers were left wondering yesterday evening why it is that every time Under-rated and Xrated host a run, it's always raining or a Tropical Cylcone is threatening to hit. Some TCs are nature's wake-up calls whilst others are man-made. Scribe has overheard many a hashman compare their wives or partners coming to a TC.... and no that is not tender loving care dear..LOL

I am happy to report that all the hashers returned intact after Hoppy lost his footing whilst crossing the river up to his thighs and was almost swept away in the raging waters. One would bloody well think after last week's scribe's comment that the run wouldn't be crossing no damn rivers....but no!!!, Kiwi, who is sure-footed like a llama in the mountains forgets that there are some old....ooops did i say that...not everyone is as fit and agile as he is..... i daresay, Snake might fancy himself being one agile young lad after spending all week in bed (re-kindling the spirit??) since the departure of his kids to NZ.... Kiwi was duly punished for this. Another new hasher, hailing from Great Britain by way of PNG also ended up chariot riding home when he was lost. Ouch, "Unfrocked" "Defrocked" whatever aka Michael Askwith was the silly bastard that didnt "on back, " either he was deaf or Transporter and Ryder let him get away on purpose so they could visit the bushes at Faleata. Heard these two had an almighty fine time in American Samoa. Funnily enough they're the first two people who have spoken fondly of the eastern rock in many a centuries.....well, unless youre a wannabe fish cannery worker from this side of the pond. GM suggested that we forewarn the ex AHHH GM, Tallyho in Fiji to look out for this country man of his and ensure he is not lost along the way.

Several turned up despite the poor response rate to SassygirlBj's email to advise numbers for catering purposes. As a result, the keg was replaced with green bottles instead. GM Shafter pointed out this being the reason he wasn't drinking beer.....o geez, and my h.....oids bleed for thee!!!! LOL...Shafter took a down down never-the-less for his part in the decision to go with bottles. One good thing that came out of this was the crazy lot broke up early too. Need we talk about the food.... Xrated's chicken curry, roti and salads were just heavenly, as always, and the "mamoe" and bangers were cooked to perfection-did this have anything to do with BB overseeing the cooking team. You go girl!!!ok, thanks to the hashmen, Kiwi, Underrated, Son of the Bitch, Flash Gordon, ACDC and Lezzie for cooking, as always-they try very hard to avoid the down downs. 2008 is the year of the wimpy hashmen!!!! Cant handle their down downs, however, this could be just withdrawal symptons and may come good later on in the year as they get a bit more practice.

New Boot was all the way from South Africa, and mother to Vanessa of Liquidmotion Diving at Sinalei Reef Resort.
Retreads, were Transporter, Ryder, Ring ring and Sally.
SassygirlBJ, was penalised for turning up in rather unhash-like fashion, miniskirt and looking all corporate. puhleeasse!
Lewinsky managed to hold down his one down down for giving the GM the fingers...LOL!!
Snake and Fang were penalised for spending all week in bed since Venom and Snakebite left Samoa. According to Snake they were trying to figure out how to make babies. Dear, let us know if you need some instructions. Always glad to assist or demonstrate.
ACDC was named the Baywatch Babe for rescuing some drunken idiot from drowning at Lalomanu beach. According to BB, ACDC was lucky to be with us as he almost drowned during the rescue. Well done ACDC.

Thanks Underrated, Xrated, Isaac, Samina and the helpers Vanessa and Ringring!!

Well, that is all folks-we do not have a host for next week's run-so if your ears are burning and feel the urge, let me know, preferrably this week.
Renamed "Never-ready", Karaoke and Delicious have offered to host the Run on the 4th Feb. This is Neverready's 45th - what a spring chicken.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Hash Map for Monday, 21 JAN 2008

HEY!!! Get your kiester to Hash. Please inform Sassy pronto of your intent so that a nice plate of catered food will be waiting for you.

Mr. Whippy.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

21 January 2008 Run #???

Talofa All
Well, last week's Run at Mr. Whippy was a hot and spicy one!!! I can just see your minds kicking into overdrive :-))) you dirty buggers!!
There was confusion as to what Run Number last week's run was suppose to be, hence the writer can't tell you what the heck next week's run number is.....Delicious should get a few down downs for this. The GM is just as confused as the scribe..... and the two darlings are coming of age and have enough problems remembering their names sometimes...especially after a heavy nite on the nectar!!

Despite the shitty weather, there was a very good turn-up to welcome Mr. Whippy's parents and family and sadly to farewell Snakebite and Venom who have been banished to NZ to attend school as Snake and Fang are keen re-kindle their sex life again....ROFL.

The run was uneventful, besides dodging puddles and almost getting brained by passing vehicles, it was a good workout. Thank goodness Mr. Whippy opted to fore-go the river crossings as it was deemed a bit too bloody dangerous. I daresay, in the case of hashers like Sassygirl who swims like a concrete block, that would be terminal.

For the first time in a very long long time, a mere actually completed the run well ahead of the hashmen.....WELL DONE BB!! BB confirmed that she needed better support as her sports bra wasn't doing what its suppose to do. If you know of any goodies that will solve BB's problem, do share it with us. We meres with a bit more than a mouthful share the same sentiments.
Noted FBI and Lezzy struggling to keep up with the front pack. After their sojourne in NZ for Archery and goodness knows what else these two got up to, they come back worse for wear and a tad over-weight.

Mr. Whippy and Mrs Whippy kept the hoootttt and spicy salsa coming-holy shite was that hot or what!!! Several meres broke out more sweat than the power-walk earlier.Thank goodness for Karaeoke's yummy choc cookies which helped to calm the heat down, some. Lewinsky was overheard saying that this is the most spice he will have or see for a while as he awaits the arrival of the first of what is believed to be a rugby team. POD is now safely in NZ growing fatter by the day!!!

The evening's procedure went along swimmingly well with poor SassygirlBJ having about 8 downdowns!. Impressive considering Lewinsky and Lezzie kept throwing up after one each.

Marion (Canadian-we wont hold that against her) was finally named - after many outrageous suggestions, Mismanagement settled on "Walking Eagle" heh heh heh!! we all know what that means. For those who dont, tough!! Come to hash and ask!!!

Eveready was given a temporary re-naming for his either poor performance or was it lack of performance.....can't remember too well at this stage.... sadly, he is now "Never-ready"
Never mind Never-ready, you should take this as a challenge!!

Snake lost the plot and referred to Mr Whippy by his real name and ended up with a down down instead of finishing whatever forgettable story he was on about.

Mr. Whippy's cousin John Lemaota, got some of the meres heart's skipping a beat until they found out he was already well and truly secured by a Cook Island beauty...ouch!!!
Much laughter was shared as the meres discussed the Circus in town. SassygirlBJ ranted on and on about some of the acts, especially the actors.....they were cute and looked might hot!! This convinced the rest of the meres to make a date with the circus!!! Warning-take plenty of tissues to wipe saliva off chin!!! LOL



Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hash Map for Monday, 14 JAN 2008

That’s right. The Whippy family will be hosting Hash this Monday. See all the great details in Sassy’s post below.

Please come out and join us for another great Hash. Rain or shine, it should be a fun Hash for all. There’ll be a tent to keep everyone dry. Just bring a towel and extra T-shirt, and prepare to enjoy a healthy run, followed by ice cold drinks, good company, and yummy BBQ.

Mr. and Mrs. Whippy.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


Talofa all you darling hashers of the AHHH and any visiting hasher from around the globe.
Next Monday, 14th January will see the AHHH convene at Mr. Whippy's Home at Lotopa to meet his parents and extended aiga from the US. This run was a special request from Mom prior to hitting the home shores. Furthermore, Mrs. Whippy will just have to join in then.LOL!!

We're also very sad to say that this will be the last run for Rainbow Warrior (Fabien Chauvet) who will depart for colder climes to continue with his diving training, I think its underwater demolition ???? Well how appropriate is his name...LOL... Ann will stay on for a few more months to finish her contract and join him later on.

I have been threatened by some Retreads to join us on Monday, and lo and behold, with NEW BOOTS as well!!! Unless anyone is into getting the trots and goodness knows what other diseases, one would be well advised to keep those new shoes in the box till fair weather. Just a reminder, Mr. Whippy lives close to a number of rivers and right now theyre flowing at capacity and looking like chocolate. I dare you to break out those shiny new boots!!!!LOL.

Samoa was graced by the passing visit of Pharlap - unfortunately only for a couple of days, which did not co-incide with a hash run. Could this have been done on purpose Pharlap?
SassygirlBJ is disappointed that Pharlap didn't have the decency to stop by and pow wow with Florence and the superwitch.

Welcome back Godfather. Great catching up with you and looking forward to seeing you next Monday with the ukulele. O and just a word of warning, DONT FORGET THE NUTS....there's talk of renaming Godfather....something to do with not having nuts!!!! OUCH.

We will put on a keg, AGAIN, so there had better be enough people to drink this. Flo has confirmed she will be there to deal with the other half of the keg...thank goodness for the meres!!

Stay safe all and try not to fall comatose in a puddle-dont care how strong you are or whether you can swim 5 miles with an esky like Lewinsky and Thorpedo, a few inches of puddle water will do you in.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

14th January Run 1396

Talofa all meres and hashmen!!! Last night saw a minimal turnout at Elava Resort at Vaitele-uta. It was so small we can actually list the faithful who attended: Shafter (GM), SassygirlBJ, Son of the THE Bitch (SOTB), Underrated & Isaac, Snake, Fang, Venom & Snakebite, Kiwi, Delicious and the fitter version of Lewinsky. The host, "Rambo" (Eti Laulala) finally turned up later due to work commitments. The group enjoyed a bbq under the stars surrounded by lush and beautiful gardens-one could be excused for being in an oasis!!! The small gathering looked at each other and stared at the 50 liter keg dreading the down downs that will likely come. Delicious, SOTB and Sassygirl all swore they were detoxing and did not want to drink....well not beer anyway. An honest attempt was made by those present and finally agreed there was no damn way the keg could be finished. It was unanimously agreed that Lewinsky take it to Headquarters for on-selling and raise a credit for AHHH worth of a quarter keg.
Next week's 14th Jan- run will be hosted by Mr. Whippy and his family from their home at Lotopa. Mr. Whippy's mum will arrive tomorrow (Wed) morning and has specifically asked to host next week's run. So Mr. Whippy get that map up for those who dont know where to go.
Furthermore can we have an indication of numbers so we do not have a repeat of last evening-and just stick to a few cases of the nectar.

Monday, January 07, 2008

First Run for 2008 - 07th January 2008

Happy 2008 Hashers

Please be advised that our Hash Run tonite 7th January will be hosted by Eti and Avarua Laulala at Elava Resort @ Vaitele.

Take the airport road from Apia to airport. Turn in at the Yazaki Road then left at Poumuli Road, you won't miss it.

Bring your own food please

Cheers and see you all

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


We trust that you have fully recovered now, especially the hashers in Samoa, being the last ones to celebrate the New Year. (now that may be a surprise to most people-but rest assured we are a day behind and the last time zone to celebrate or opine any world shattering events!!!! thank goodness we're pretty savvy this end of the planet and not too far behind the so-called developed & civilised countries????!!!)
Lets hope this year is a bit kinder to our lungs, livers, knees and artificial limps so we can continue to enjoy our hashes and drink more to support the breweries and all the other poor beverage companies!!!LOL!! who need more billions so their bosses can enjoy first class holidays and goodness what else!
Apia Hash House Harriers are planning a Regional Hash to co-incide with the Jazz Festival in July. (Note to myself: Regional Hash in Apia-early July 2008-make sure i book early and use the Samoa Hotel Association site to make reservations. SassygirlBJ and Flo both work with SHA and may be able to help...LOL) So go ahead and reserve the first two weeks in July to visit beautiful Samoa-check out the sites-enjoy a beerfest-discover the lush and bountiful lands, the only genuine polynesian people and their living culture, the pristine environment, o yeah and to meet some really fantastic and friendly hashers!!! Go on, I dare you to come join us!!!
For upcoming Runs: Need hosts for 7th, 21st and 28th Jan.
14th Jan 2008 will be hosted by Mr. Whippy, Louisa and Mum who has booked well in advance for the hashers to convene at her home. Thanks Mum!!! What a sport!!
So those hashers who feel up to it-let us know if you can host a run or not. You are in no way obliged to put up kaikai etc., If you can provide a venue - that will suffice and we can have a BYO BBQ.