Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Run ??? last night 21st Jan-Over-rated and Xrated

Talofa all

The hashers were left wondering yesterday evening why it is that every time Under-rated and Xrated host a run, it's always raining or a Tropical Cylcone is threatening to hit. Some TCs are nature's wake-up calls whilst others are man-made. Scribe has overheard many a hashman compare their wives or partners coming to a TC.... and no that is not tender loving care dear..LOL

I am happy to report that all the hashers returned intact after Hoppy lost his footing whilst crossing the river up to his thighs and was almost swept away in the raging waters. One would bloody well think after last week's scribe's comment that the run wouldn't be crossing no damn rivers....but no!!!, Kiwi, who is sure-footed like a llama in the mountains forgets that there are some old....ooops did i say that...not everyone is as fit and agile as he is..... i daresay, Snake might fancy himself being one agile young lad after spending all week in bed (re-kindling the spirit??) since the departure of his kids to NZ.... Kiwi was duly punished for this. Another new hasher, hailing from Great Britain by way of PNG also ended up chariot riding home when he was lost. Ouch, "Unfrocked" "Defrocked" whatever aka Michael Askwith was the silly bastard that didnt "on back, " either he was deaf or Transporter and Ryder let him get away on purpose so they could visit the bushes at Faleata. Heard these two had an almighty fine time in American Samoa. Funnily enough they're the first two people who have spoken fondly of the eastern rock in many a centuries.....well, unless youre a wannabe fish cannery worker from this side of the pond. GM suggested that we forewarn the ex AHHH GM, Tallyho in Fiji to look out for this country man of his and ensure he is not lost along the way.

Several turned up despite the poor response rate to SassygirlBj's email to advise numbers for catering purposes. As a result, the keg was replaced with green bottles instead. GM Shafter pointed out this being the reason he wasn't drinking beer.....o geez, and my h.....oids bleed for thee!!!! LOL...Shafter took a down down never-the-less for his part in the decision to go with bottles. One good thing that came out of this was the crazy lot broke up early too. Need we talk about the food.... Xrated's chicken curry, roti and salads were just heavenly, as always, and the "mamoe" and bangers were cooked to perfection-did this have anything to do with BB overseeing the cooking team. You go girl!!!ok, thanks to the hashmen, Kiwi, Underrated, Son of the Bitch, Flash Gordon, ACDC and Lezzie for cooking, as always-they try very hard to avoid the down downs. 2008 is the year of the wimpy hashmen!!!! Cant handle their down downs, however, this could be just withdrawal symptons and may come good later on in the year as they get a bit more practice.

New Boot was all the way from South Africa, and mother to Vanessa of Liquidmotion Diving at Sinalei Reef Resort.
Retreads, were Transporter, Ryder, Ring ring and Sally.
SassygirlBJ, was penalised for turning up in rather unhash-like fashion, miniskirt and looking all corporate. puhleeasse!
Lewinsky managed to hold down his one down down for giving the GM the fingers...LOL!!
Snake and Fang were penalised for spending all week in bed since Venom and Snakebite left Samoa. According to Snake they were trying to figure out how to make babies. Dear, let us know if you need some instructions. Always glad to assist or demonstrate.
ACDC was named the Baywatch Babe for rescuing some drunken idiot from drowning at Lalomanu beach. According to BB, ACDC was lucky to be with us as he almost drowned during the rescue. Well done ACDC.

Thanks Underrated, Xrated, Isaac, Samina and the helpers Vanessa and Ringring!!

Well, that is all folks-we do not have a host for next week's run-so if your ears are burning and feel the urge, let me know, preferrably this week.
Renamed "Never-ready", Karaoke and Delicious have offered to host the Run on the 4th Feb. This is Neverready's 45th - what a spring chicken.

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  1. Malo Sassygirl BJ! Great to see evryone last night. I'm getting in early with the apology as Transporter & I won't be at Hash on Monday - we'll be on Namua showing our Aussie/NZ&Yankee mates the best Samoa has to offer. We'll see you the next week however!
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