Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A message for Marry & Landy aka Many & Larry from Down Under

Below find email from Larry and Mandy....obviously someone had imbibed far too much of the nectar of the Gods and called the Down Under Pair as Landy and Marry.... I guess better than Randy

Well Sassy girl, unfortunately we couldn't stay in Samoa as we'd planned this time. Larry was just getting sicker and things just didn't work out for us. But we love Samoa and one day it could happen for us. Just the way of Samoa and the people that live there you would be hard pressed not to love the place and we will be back. We'd like to thank you and all the hashers for making us feel so warmly welcome. At the 1400th run it was said that the club would be lost without Snake & Fang and we totally agree. We appreciated Snake's generous offers of assistance and friendship and their invitations to spend time with them, but we were unfortunately unable to accept as Larry was too ill to go out.

We'll miss the outrageous fun of Monday nights, with AC/DC's antics on the run and afterwards at the bbq - who called the cook a bastard? - who called the bastard a cook? And the GM keeping everybody honest, Godfather strumming away and the beautiful Vailima beer. Anyway, don't want to get too soppy - you pisspots might think we miss you, with Larry now starting to get better and wondering what the f... we're doing back in Australia. Hope we all cross paths again one day, you're a great bunch.

Kind regards

Mandy & Larry

PS. He's has got he sweetest nuts on the island ...... on on

I guess this is in reference to Godfather's Nuts LOL

Monday, February 25, 2008

RUN 1402

Talofa All hashers
sorry for the delay in blogging but mismanagement is a bit disorganised....and so they should..LOL.... run will be from Headquarters.

Next week Lezzie has offered to host a run from his new digs at Faleula.

See u all then...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Headquarters Vandalism

Hows is that for the new look for Headquarters.

The Culprit must be found and punished!


Thursday, February 14, 2008


I assumed that you all remembered our plans for our valentines party tonite. It is not compulsory, it is mainly for those who do not have Valentines .. lol and those who are still confusing what to give to their valentines.. hahahaha

BYO everything and of course Lezzie is providing the venue.

Happy Valentines Day ALL

Hash Run 1401

Talofa Lava,

Hash Run 1401 - 18th Feb, will be hosted by Son of the Bitch up in Vaoala. Please refer to the Map below for Directions. Hope you can all make it to this run as we welcome back Blow Job (Sassy) and it is also going to be a farewell Run for FLO! get your running shoes on and make an effort to come to the run.

Look for the paper on the side of the Road ( Victoria Avenue) and follow the map, there is also plenty of parking up at the house.

See you then.


Monday, February 11, 2008

1400th RUN & BASH

Malo Hashers

For your information if you haven't seen today's paper. Our 1400th run this evening will be at the ACP Compound Vaitele.

I assume you are aware of the Airport Road. If you are in town take the airport road down, just go passed the Samoa Breweries/vailima Breweries, pass the Yazaki boath roads on the left then start looking for the ACP sign on your right.

Turn in the main gate and keep going down to the seaside. Ask someone inside to direct you to where the hash is


Sunday, February 03, 2008


Hi all
4th Feb Run 1399 will be from Neveready and Karaeoke's home at Lotopa, behind Adria's Cakes. For the newbies, head west from town, past the Mormon Temple, take a left just before the Blue roofed village and keep an eye on the left side of the road...for the shopping centre... and Adria's Cakes. Turn left after the complex and head to the end of the access road.
I believe this will co-incide with Neveready's 45th birthday!!!! So all those old hashers who haven't put on their boots for a while, i dare you all to tie on those old boots and come a runnin' with us tomorrow.
Thanks Fang and Snake for last week's Run and tasty bbq...must note that since BB has been overseeing the cooking, the tucker has turned out pretty good unlike the burnt offerings that were accustomed to...LOL
Following week on the 11th Feb will be the big 1400 Run. Godfather has requested a special occassion to mark this Run. This brings Hash to more than 27 and a half years since its inception and the first run made. We will revert with confirmed venue etc., Please pass this info onto the oldies and crumpy ones to join hash to celebrate this biggie.
See you all tomorrow