Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A message for Marry & Landy aka Many & Larry from Down Under

Below find email from Larry and Mandy....obviously someone had imbibed far too much of the nectar of the Gods and called the Down Under Pair as Landy and Marry.... I guess better than Randy

Well Sassy girl, unfortunately we couldn't stay in Samoa as we'd planned this time. Larry was just getting sicker and things just didn't work out for us. But we love Samoa and one day it could happen for us. Just the way of Samoa and the people that live there you would be hard pressed not to love the place and we will be back. We'd like to thank you and all the hashers for making us feel so warmly welcome. At the 1400th run it was said that the club would be lost without Snake & Fang and we totally agree. We appreciated Snake's generous offers of assistance and friendship and their invitations to spend time with them, but we were unfortunately unable to accept as Larry was too ill to go out.

We'll miss the outrageous fun of Monday nights, with AC/DC's antics on the run and afterwards at the bbq - who called the cook a bastard? - who called the bastard a cook? And the GM keeping everybody honest, Godfather strumming away and the beautiful Vailima beer. Anyway, don't want to get too soppy - you pisspots might think we miss you, with Larry now starting to get better and wondering what the f... we're doing back in Australia. Hope we all cross paths again one day, you're a great bunch.

Kind regards

Mandy & Larry

PS. He's has got he sweetest nuts on the island ...... on on

I guess this is in reference to Godfather's Nuts LOL

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