Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hash Run 1401

Talofa Lava,

Hash Run 1401 - 18th Feb, will be hosted by Son of the Bitch up in Vaoala. Please refer to the Map below for Directions. Hope you can all make it to this run as we welcome back Blow Job (Sassy) and it is also going to be a farewell Run for FLO! get your running shoes on and make an effort to come to the run.

Look for the paper on the side of the Road ( Victoria Avenue) and follow the map, there is also plenty of parking up at the house.

See you then.



  1. Looks like I have missed a big event and also will miss SOIB hosted run tonight! But I will be back for run 1402! Make sure there is sufficient amber liquid available for the run on 26th Feb

  2. For the newbies, what time is the run?