Monday, May 31, 2010

Hash Run 1521- Lewinsky, POD & Family

Todays hash run will be hosted by Lewinsky and POD at their home in Taumeasina. Todays run will be a special one. We will be celebrating our Independence, Our Manu Samoa 7s for winning the world series, and now, the Digicel Segavao Fautasi Team for beating the Yank's in their fancy boat and on top of that, it will also be Sid from BOC's farewell hash. So tonight will be a big one! Car pool if you can as there will be numerous down downs, boat races, and all sorts of shenanigans..

Bring a change of clothes if you want to go for a swim after the run.

Check the Map for Directions and the Scribe, as hopeless as he is..has asked if someone could please be co-scribe tonight as he is out saving the world at the moment..Run will start at 1730 hrs

The Theme is Blue to celebrate the Win by our 7s team,and as its the country's national color, lets all make sure we wear something blue to represent Samoa!

On On

Hash Trash 1520

Hash Trash 1520

The Hash was hosted by Bits & Pieces (Goer is still overseas) at their house on Bank Street in Vaoala. Ring Ring and Buzzer were the hares, and they had set a trail with many déjà vu moments all over again. We went down Bank Street and headed up a path into the woods, part of which had been used before. Poumuli led the way until some of the new girls took over with Pirate Princess in tow. As we slithered back onto Bank Street we ran into Godfather who had turned up in the nick of time but had shortcutted with Ring Ring. The trail continued down towards the cattle paddocks on familiar territory and into the valley belowm led again by Poumuli but soon overtaken by Hot Nuts and Cockblocker. The trail took a few new turns here, as we went through a bunch of gardens and back roads until we hit Bernard Street and then on up to Bank Street. A fairly hard run in the end, with some new pieces of trail, so well done to our hares.

Princess of Darkness had thankfully joined us as GM to save us from the vindictive SOTB, and she called forth the newcomers to Apia Hash. There were two young ladies from New York, Rachel and Gwen. Several rethreads were brought forward – Lewinsky, Crown of Thorns, Screamer, Slippery, Strangler, Mad Hatter, Walking Eagle, Nicole, Sonny and Zsa Zsa. Only Strangler had an amusing excuse, that Hash interfered with conjugal activities. The rest were boring but the GM gave them all a down down. Sonny had his hat on so he got another, and CB was brought in on name recognition. There were no new shoes, but the Shoe Inspector avoided his punishment somehow.

The GM had been informed that on this day in history the Brooklyn Bridge had opened (1883), so our three visiting New Yorkers took that award with notable speed. The GM then wanted to know who had brought the chicken franks, which had turned rather small and wrinkled on the grill. Ring Ring stepped forward to cries of “thats what she gets at home” from Eveready, who Ring Ring tried her best to hit with her beer. Celebrity Awards went to Poumuli (letter to the Editor), Captain Mortein (practice makes perfect – ad had his phone number this time), Bits & Pieces (lost sail ad with misspelling) and Pirate Princess (for complaining). The GM also joined in for calling someone Henk.

A Fashion Award went to Zsa Zsa who had been spotted by the GM and Lewinsky wearing a shirt with long sleeves for a change. Sonny got the Fisherman Award from last week, with Lewinsky joining in the Drinking Not Fishing Award, claiming that his lines had been jinxed by COT. Lewinsky’s was made a double for not getting the names right. Eveready gave a Sneaky Award to Crash Bandicoot for having gone to On the Rocks with the GM, ostensibly to help her with the wages when he should have been bringing cocoa Samoa to Eveready. To compound this he had tricked Eveready into preparing a 3.30 breakfast so they could watch the Rugby 7’s in style, which he had to consume solo.

The GM gave an Advertising Award to Gwen for running with a shirt describing her as Really Really Ridiculously Good-looking. COT, who had not been back a few days in her week-long visit, only to be told by CB, SOTB and Crash that not only was her ex Kui Kui married, but expecting a child. The three accepted their Rubbing Salt in Wound Award, while SOTB stated that they were intending to beat Kui but he kept shouting them drinks. Slippery presented Sassygirl BJ with a bag called Sassy Pants from Oz. Zsa Zsa wanted to nominate Hot Nuts for some offence, but not only had Hot Nuts left, the nomination went beyond FBI standards, so a Sesquipedalian Award to Zsa Zsa (look it up).

Sassy nominated a special hasher for offering to rearrange the constitution of anyone trying to break in to her house, so a Hulk Hogan Award to SOTB. Eveready recalled how he had been called to a special Peace Corps fundraiser by Spanky, only to find Gwen, Lily and Rachel out of control on the dance floor. He wanted to award them for shaking him rigid and for arousing the natives. Screamer countered that the natives should join in for getting aroused, but the GM ruled that she should join for defending women’s rights. COT tried to give an award for a sign saying laptop dancing lessons, but it backfired. On the subject of signs the GM had spotted a sign about conserving water in B&P’s house, so he got the Taking Work Too Seriously Award.

Sassy recounted how she had been busy with the BBQ as a hasher came through the gate huffing and puffing, out of breath but all cocky. But he hadn’t even gone on the run, so a Faking It Award to Snake. SOTB nominated Poumuli for the prissy solar lights he had brought to Nusafee, but he pointed out that the lights had been installed by SOTB and CB. All three took the award. Latecummers Chilindrina and AC/DC showed up at that point and also joined in. Poumuli wanted to nominate SOTB for slacking with the posting of the blog, but SOTB used such abusive language in his right of reply that he took the award solo. But then he was joined by CB who got Poumuli’s name wrong. The Host and Hares were then saluted for a great run as we descended on the BYO food, brought by several people and of a great and tasty variety, especially the spicy chilli.

Next week’s run will be at Taumesina at Chez Lewinsky and POD.

Your Scribe will be away for a few weeks so would like to appeal for someone to do the scribing for the next 3 hashes.

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Poumuli, IKA Slit

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hash Run 1520- Bits and Pieces & Goer- Vaoala- Bank St

Next weeks run will be a BYO Run hosted by Bits and Pieces and Goer at their home in Vaoala on Bank Street. This is just down the road from Hot Nuts and Nutcracker's house.

Please bring something to throw onto the BBQ or something precooked and make sure you turn up early as it does get dark rather early now. Run starts 1730Hrs. Bring something dry to change into in the even it gets too cold for any of you wussy's.

Check the Map for the Location if you are still confused. There is no theme so far but keep and eye on the blog in case we decide last minute to choose a theme.
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Hash Trash 1519

Hash Trash 1519

The hash was hosted by Poumuli, IKA Slit and Wahoo in Malololelei, and a big thanks to Norman Paul for letting us use the premises, and for cleaning it up for us! This was truly a day of hash miracles. It was a beautiful day to celebrate Norway’s Constitution Day, and because of the lack of streetlights up there most of the runners had turned up on time. It was a lovely cool evening as the run started out of the drive. Cockblocker was leading together with some visiting Peace Corps volunteers. The trail was set on finely shredded paper courtesy of Swinger, and your Hare/Scribe had some fun setting the trail as cunningly as possible. CB missed the first turn and was called back, and he then missed the turnoff into the bush and was again called back. He really needs glasses as well as a custodial sentence for his serial pilferage of other people’s shirts. The trail had been hacked through the bushes, and your Scribe valiantly directed runners away from the deep hole that he had found while setting the trail. That was the first miracle – fell in, arse over tit while holding the bag of paper and a sharp machete - only a scratch and managed to get out unaided. The trail then continued up a narrow access track past some cows and their pats, up on to the cross road, where a few false trails claimed our Peace Corps runners. As your Scribe was awaiting the last of the runners by the hole, short cutting cannot be completely verified, but some of you did! Tiger Woody had also been out messing with the trail and sent some people into the back woods – what was he planning? All returned safely to the house where unfortunately there was no running water or coconuts. But there was a keg! If your Scribe may modestly be so bold as to describe that as one of the better runs of recent vintage – and so it shall be recorded.

We were given a surprise visit by Eveready, convalescing after his Lotopa Chain Saw Massacre, but he declined to be GM as he was deliriously on drugs. SOTB took up the GM-ship once again, and welcomed those new to hash. Being quick off the mark, he made the males introduce themselves first. There was a whole bunch of Peace Corps teachers from Savaii brought over by Spanky – Dan from New York, Paul from Minnesota, AJ from Noo Joysey, and Jordan. The girls were then brought forward so that SOTB needn’t waste beer on the guys – Emily from Texas, Lisa from Seattle, Ally from Pittsburgh, Lily from New York, and then the fishergal Mia. Down downs were dispatched at quite varying speeds. There were no new shoes to be found by Deputy Shoe Inspector Snake, so he took that award.

Quite a lot of rethreads – Eveready had been flat on his back, with Karaoke playing doctors and nurses, Slim Shady had been a slacker, Tiger Woody had no real excuse, Blackadder had been visited by his wife and Trina had been in Savaii. As Eveready haltingly made it into the circle on his crutches he complained that the only hashers who had visited him were Lewinsky and someone called Shenene, so it was a double for him. Assisted by Slim Shady to hold the crutches and two glasses, he cast away the crutches after one. Its a miracle – he can walk!

Celebrity Awards went to Shelly (umpteen stories about her fishing prowess resulting in one per story), Titty Galore for hamming it up in the community pages (double), Cherelle for two page story, and FBI (photo in the Observer) which was taken by closest living relative – Snake!?

The GM had been told how one Hash Mere had been complaining of being too sick and tired and couldn’t go anywhere, yet here she was with a brand new Manu Samoa shirt, so an Obviously Scrumming Award to Spanky. The GM also proudly announced that it was a Samoan boat that won the fishing tournament, with Mia as the sole representative getting the Fish Fear Me Award, being joined by Spanky who was getting lippy. Reassembling his blurry mind from last week, the GM recalled the fine form that this one Hash Mere had exhibited as she was pissed off with her beau – an Ungentlemanly Award to Swinger, accompanied by the Hash Anthem.

Poumuli complained that someone had been screwing with his signs on the trail, but since Tiger Woody had left, his closest living relative was deemed to be CB. Once again forgetting his hat, it was made a double. Slim Shady nominated the Peace Corps people from New York and New Jersey – her other village – for leaving to come to Samoa. It was not clear whether she meant that either or neither place had been improved by the move, but Spanky was too boisterous for us to pursue that line, and she joined in the Village Improvement Award.

Shelly, emboldened, made her first nomination for a certain Hash Mere, late and last in the fishing tournament rushing to get her fish weighed in. The reeling walk of yes, Titty G, was described as DUI – drinking under the influence – too much laughter, especially when we got the re-enactment from both of them. CB nominated Karaoke for the Non-Caring Award for neglecting her lovely partner’s sickbed to stop off at the bar. In her defence Karaoke said she needed to get her strength in order to properly carry out the doctors and nurses gig referenced earlier. Eveready had no knowledge of this, so the GM put it to the vote, where not surprisingly CB joined in the award.

The GM had been helping himself to the keg, but in a rare moment of lucidity remembered that it was in fact World Plant Conservation Day, and handed an Environmentalist Award to Swinger (works for CI) and BlowMe (SPREP). Spanky tried her luck at nominating some of the fast guys with their revealing low cut shorts, exciting and/or revolting the Hash Meres on the run, but this became too much for the GM who told her to “put a sock in it woman!” Quite extraordinary. Nevertheless, Cherelle jumped in to the defence and nominated CB for indecent exposure and false advertising (apparently his pants were somewhat see-through – I wouldn’t know, don’t look at such), somehow CB accepted on behalf of King and Country.

Slim Shady, in near FBI form, had been having dinner with Pussysnatcher and Cherelle, the latter grabbing his mamoe bones off his plate as he “doesn’t know how to chew the bones”! This lengthy but rather funny delivery saved Slim Shady from joining Cherelle and PS for the Boner Award. Titty G accused SOTB for not turning up for an important meeting, but he was in fact installing wireless internet for Godfather. But since Spanky could do that in a few hours and not a whole day, the GM reluctantly took the Samoatel Efficiency Award.

Swinger nominated Captain Mortein for the Cranky Award, using an unlicensed taser (there is no license to be had). Poumuli nominated CB for disrespecting Norway Day by not only swiping his shirt at the last hash, but wearing it on the run and only handing it back after wiping his pits with the shirt! The GM also called forth the Chariot Riders – Snake, Swinger and Blackadder. A birthday award was given to Captain Mortein, while refusing to disclose his age, his crankiness made that exercise easy to deduce. Cherelle nominated all the Peace Corps teachers from Savaii for the Resource Depletion Award for threatening the resources of Upolu with their prolonged presence here (not sure which “resources” she felt was under threat?).

The Hare and the Host were honoured, with your Scribe being asked to sing the Norwegian National Anthem. As custom dictates we immediately downed the cup, so it had to be refilled for the actual Hare and Host Award.

The GM closed the circle, lucky for Chilindrina as a latecummer as 1519 was the year Cortez started his pillaging of Mexico. Poumuli had provided reindeer meatballs in gravy, homemade mashed potatoes and Norwegian pea soup (the latter had fermented a bit, sorry if any got upset stomachs), while Karaoke had brought chop suey and rice.

Next week’s run will be hosted by Bits and Pieces as a BYO, details will follow on the blog.

On On

Poumuli, IKA Slit

Monday, May 17, 2010

Hash Run 1519- Malololelei- Poumuli & Wahoo

Morning to you all. Hash tonight will be hosted by Poumuli/Slit and Wahoo up in Malololelei. As its up in the hills, the host hash asked that we please be there early to get the run started on time at 1730Hrs as it does tend to get dark quite quickly up there.
In any case, bring a torch with you to hash and take it with you on the run and maybe something slightly warmer to change into.

Malololelei is up the Cross island road past the Bahai Temple but before Taito's famous tiled house. Look out for the turn off on Kelsey Lane.
The Theme is Red/White/ wear something along those lines
There is talk of an interesting meal tonight too, so you've been forewarned.
See that Map for directions

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Hash Trash 1518

Hash trash 1518

This absolutely marvellous hash was hosted by Godfather, in both Poutasi and Nusafee Island. Many hashers gathered on Sunday at Godfather’s house for a sumptuous toonai, followed by the loading of the boat for the trip across. A lot of beverages and tuff required two trips to complete the transfer. After setting up tents, hammocks and a bar, we enjoyed the afternoon with swimming and relaxing, followed by a barbeque and a bonfire accompanied by raucous singing. Those who went were Godfather, Cockblocker, Titty Galore, Wahoo, Poumuli, SOTB, Aina, Pussysnatcher, Cherelle, Sassygirl BJ, BlowMe and Psychodelic. And while CB claimed that what happened on the island, stays on the island, many stories were recounted the next day.

As we had to wait for the tide, we spent the morning eating, swimming and relaxing, before starting the hectic clean-up as the boat approached. More hashers started to arrive at Godfather’s house as he set off to mark the trail. A bit of confusion at first, as we went up and down the beach road. CB had found a false trail cross, and it took an intervention by Godfather to point Hot Nuts in the right direction. Poumuli picked up the trail next to the bingo hall, and this took us up through the gardens to the main road. A few more false leads, with Captain Mortein being sent on a wild goose chase by Hot Nuts. Down along the main road we passed the Poutasi entrance and found the trail leading through more gardens and down to the beach, and on back to Godfather’s house. It was a really hot but short run, and the hashers who had been on the island were perhaps a bit out of breath. But we gratefully returned to the deck and a cool dip in the water.

SOTB was volunteered for GM, which he unfortunately accepted. There were no newcomers that stepped forward, but Godfather’s phone interrupted the proceedings. Rethreads were Wacko and Luaao from Pago. The GM called out Aina for not introducing herself as new to hash, and she joined the rethreads in the award, which was also in honour of their 25th Anniversary. A New Boots Award went to Psychodelic for her brand new jandals. The GM started off his awards with a Maikolo Award to BlowMe for being a night creeper out on the island – he had done a fair impersonation of a landcrab as he tried to reach his hammock. Poumuli was awarded the Meet Thyself Award for smashing his skull on a poumuli tree, unnecessarily made into a double by the GM.

Swinger, while we were grateful for him bringing the keg, had only brought one bag of ice which had melted, so the GM gave him a Stingy Prick Award. Turning back to the island activities, apparently Godfather had set a rule about no clothing. While some of us had missed this, Titty G had surpassed all expectations as the leader of the pack in this regard – Flaunting Award!

Chilindrina was silenced with a Talking Too Much Award, doubled because of her wearing sunglasses. The GM expressed his confusion as to why two hash meres would go camping on a deserted island and not bring a bikini – Wahoo and Aina were awarded for borrowing bikinis from Titty G. But they did look good, though.

Captain Mortein was spotted leaning, but was asked to remain front and centre for a Male Blonde Award. After receiving his tsunami relief payment he had placed an ad in the paper for a new truck, and was concerned that he was receiving no offers. He had of course forgotten to put his phone number in the ad. Poumuli recounted how Swinger had been given a Genius Award last week, and nominated him for a Now We Know Where He Gets It From Award for his father’s many letters to the Editor. Hot Nuts offered to read out the text, but the turgid prose and delivery only landed him an award of his own. A Cellphonus Interruptus went to Captain Mortein, and no, it was not about a new truck!

Turning back to the island, the GM described the scene, music blaring, and a makeshift stripping pole set up and vigorously utilized by Psychodelic. Your Scribe was either knocked out at this point, as he knows not what a stripping pole is, but we will take the GM’s word for it. Since this was also a major Hash Birthday, Sassy got a double. AC/DC made a latecummers entrance with a full crew in tow. After AC/DC and CB (for name recognition, not). Your Scribe didn’t get all the names but it was a fairly multinational crew that AC/DC had brought.

Since this was International Migratory Bird Species Day, Poumuli nominated Swinger and Hot Nuts for the Professional Bird Watcher Award. Sassy nominated CB for unsafe conduct with a hash mere on the rocks at Nusafee, and was joined by Psychodelic. Getting his wits back, CB nominated Swinger and Poumuli for Not Doing Their Job Award (there was a climate change meeting going on). Poumuli tried to get out of it by saying that he had delegated that responsibility, just as he would delegate his down-down to oops, got BlowMe’s name wrong – doubled!

Sassy nominated CB and SOTB for streaking on the island, with your Scribe joining in for something that is now forgotten. Swinger nominated Hot Nuts for the Stolen Laptop Award (something about late notification to HQ). Sassy also wanted to thank Hash for giving her the best birthday ever, on a beautiful island, with beautiful people and a great bartender – Aina got the Cocktails Award.

Poumuli, who should know when to shut his trap, tried to nominate BB for the honour of leading the Samoan Delegation to the PPSWA in Bali, but the GM thought this too lame so the down down went to Poumuli. AC/DC had been describing how he would be carrying the Olympic torch on its relay through Samoa, but since it was actually the Commonwealth Games torch he got a double Self-Promotion/Delusion Award. BB joined for name recognition.

While AC/DC was introducing his crew his cellphone went off. There was much hilarity as Titty G mistakenly made a baa-baa sound to demonstrate what noise cows make, and BB joined in this Blonde Award. Sassy had been perturbed to see the paths in which the footprints had taken on the island, and nominated Godfather. Sassy joined for making an FBI length nomination. Pirate Princess nominated Hot Nuts for the Kiss My Butt Award, something about short shorts, which Nutcracker joined in for not keeping Hot Nuts in line.

CB wanted to get a group nomination award to all those who did not streak on the island, which the GM unfairly commuted to a single award to Poumuli, accompanied by sundry insults. Sassy thanked Godfather for giving her the best birthday ever, that it had taken her 50 years to get to Nusafee. She also nominated her mouthy son SOTB for cooking breakfast so early in the morning for all. Titty G nominated CB for the Low-riding Shorts Award (really, we do not need to see that crack at dawn). A special award went to BlowMe, who had been sitting in the ocean, rocking along and after a tequila shot exclaimed – ooh, tequila is really nice! That was before his crabwalk back up the beach.

Captain Mortein snagged a Competitive Running Award for trying to be the first Dane to beat a Norwegian, while Sassy commented that for 50 years she had been waiting for grandkids (a bit ambitious that) only to see her son playing happily with Happy Feet – a Whats Up With That SOTB Award. Sassy thanked Godfather profusely for his effort at making the Nusafee trip a success, and noted that this very special person in Hash – our Godfather – rules and rocks! Godfather led us in the birthday serenade. SOTB started to close proceedings by saying how privileged he was to have the best Mum in the world, and the only one that he could call The Bitch. Poumuli snagged a final Whiny Bitch Award for leaning and hiccupping.

Next week’s run will be hosted by Poumuli and Wahoo at Norman’s new place up in Malololelei. Please be on time as there are no streetlights and we need to finish the run on time for safety’s sake. The theme will be in honour of Norwegian Constitution Day, so please wear red, white and blue.

On On

Poumuli, IKA Slit

Friday, May 07, 2010

Mothers Day Hash Run 10th May

Morning All, Mothers Day Hash Run will be at Godfather's house in Poutasi. The run will start at 1500HRS, That's 3pm for those of you that cant figure it out...Godfather has said that he will be supplying sausages and an Umu and possibly a pig, but it would be great if we could all bring something to throw on the BBQ for the day. You are more than welcome to come earlier on and make use of Godfathers house and relax on the beach so bring some snacks and Drinks if you wish to do so.

Swinger will be bringing the Keg out on Monday which Sassygirl has kindly shouted as it is her birthday on Monday..yes, its the BIG 50!..woot woot! well as softies for the..well, softies..
Godfather has also offered his house to anyone wanting to come out on Sunday and not camp on the island overnight. There are 2 bedrooms available to anyone that wishes not to rough it out on the island.

For those intending on Camping out on the Island on Sunday. We are to meet at Godfathers House at Poutasi at 11am so we can arrange all our gear and load up the boat and head over to the Island. We will have a small lunch with godfather, To'onai style so we are all to bring something to contribute to the To'onai on Sunday.

Please make sure you bring your poison of choice as hash will not be supplying drinks for the camping trip but only for the run on Monday.

Please make sure you bring food to throw on the BBQ for Sunday night and Monday morning Brunch.

Dont forget your camping gear, change of clothes, and any other bits and pieces you think you might need.

So far we have a few tents available, but if you have your own, then by all means bring it. There are lots of Tarps that Godfather has for us to use out there so maybe just a mozzie net if you feel like it.

If you have any further questions, please call SOTB on 7500767

On On

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Hash Trash 1517

Hash Trash 1517

The Hash was hosted us all in that it was a BYO, but was organized by Mismanagement and Ring Ring and Buzzer were the Hares. We met up at the fales over by Taumesina. It took people a while to get there, but we set off at a brisk pace out past the rugby fields, with Spanky swaying for attention. Poumuli was in the lead for a while, joined by Swinger, Cockblocker, Pussysnatcher and BlowMe. The trail went down Matafagatele Street and led into the Moataa mangrove reserve. As we crossed the properties and onto the embankment it was not clear whether it was mangroves or trash that was being reserved, but the trail was gentle on the feet. No false trails had been set, but there were a number of necessary checks. CB was unusually attentive to the progress of the main pack due to their being some visiting ladies. Out of the swamp we entered the Vini and Faatoia dirt roads, where Poumuli got to try the taser on some surly canines, and the trail progressed down towards the Vaiala-Vini Road before veering off onto the track connecting to the bridge after Aggie Greys. Several Hashers took the shortcut on Vaiala-Vini, while the rest pressed on past the harbour around to Vaiala Beach and across the narrow river outlet at Vaipuna before getting back along the beach and track to the fales. Those with dry shoes should have been awarded for short-cutting, but this was forgotten. The weather was gentle enough, the track was totally flat, but total length was over 5k.

Princess of Darkness was present as GM and called the circle to order. There were two newcomers to Hash – Stephanie from Melbourne and Alex from Canada, but both were lawyers in Melbourne. One rethread, BlowMe, was welcomed back from Fiji and Tuvalu, but the hash song was done in a whisper as we were not sure if saa was over. We also honoured Shelley’s birthday which she assured us was not a biggie.

To the GM’s displeasure Lewinsky had been chariot riding, with the defence that he was lost in the area! Keeping it in the family Pro Boner had left Titty Galore alone and in the lurch on the seawall, but had to join in for conducting extra training. The GM was pleased that we could now finally see the BBQ due to the wonderful lighting provided by Snake who took his Fiat Lux Award with grumbles. The GM had much more to say, recounting how Captain Mortein had examined Pirate Princess post-run to see how much weight she had lost and then stealing her chips. This became a large Nina von Reiche Award. There being no celebrities this week, there was the revelation that a Genius Award needed to be given to not one but two hashers, for publishing a dry and weighty tome on conservation in Samoa – Swinger and PS.

Opening it up to the floor, Poumuli announced that this was Teacher Appreciation Day in the USA, and since our only teacher present – Spanky – had been defrocked by an inquisitive dog – in front of some kids – she brought a whole new meaning to this special day. Latecummer AC/DC brought with him Annalisa and Andrea from the US, who had been taught the proper Hash protocols this time. Snake had been reading the blog and was unable to understand the new signature that your Scribe is using (Poumuli, IKA Slit). Spanky who of course teaches 5th graders had the answer in a flash, but Poumuli and Spanky had to join Snake in his Not Smarter than a 5th Grader Award.

CB had been attending some high level function (how on earth could that have happened? Lax security?) and had been completely ignored by Swinger. Although he was backed up by PS, Swinger ensured that CB joined in his Snobbery Award for whingeing. This was quickly followed by an Accoutrement Award to CB who had left his hat on. Keeping up the spirit of victimization, Foxy told an unlikely tale (of FBI proportions) of how he had been crowded out of a beach fale by two hashers surrounded by ladies who then drank all the beer. Since he claimed that the perps were CB and PS, the GM decided that this could not possibly be true, and handed Foxy a Tall Tales Award.

Cellphonus Interruptus Award then went to TG, while Captain Mortein was bravely reported for leaning by Buzzer. Strictly enforcing the rules, the GM got CB for trying to chat up the ladies, which was doubled due to the un-CB like behaviour last hash and during this run. AC/DC tried to get away with a phonecall, but his award was doubled for wearing his sunnies. Our newcomer Alex nominated Stephanie and TG for talking, and this became a complicated issue of arguments on the proper award. The GM opted for a boat race with the two lawyers joined by Pro Boner, to compete with Spanky, Ring Ring and Wahoo. Even though Snake and Captain Mortein were appointed judges (about as organized as a dog’s breakfast), the race was fair and the shysters were beaten. Ring Ring celebrated the win with a repeat since she had her hat on during the boat race (not sure about the rule there though).

The recon to Nusafee had been a success, albeit with some automotive problems, and TG wanted to give Lewinsky an award for being so kind to drive the stranded ladies home, but then boring them to tears on the way back to the point that Spanky fell asleep. Trying to defend himself he slipped up on Pro Boners name, so it became a large Boring Old Gentlefart Award. Further tales of woe from the trip down, as Spanky described the vampire features of TG’s car (only active at night), and how they had been vacuously passed by Lewinsky and Crash (so that’s why he tried to be a gentleman – guilt!). She also dobbed in CB and PS for having whinged about the lateness of everyone, when in fact the recon all started in good time.

Lewinsky had complained to Poumuli that while he appreciated the BBQ chops brought to him on Sunday, he had only received one chop. POD was adamant that he had gotten all three chops, and that Lewinsky was stirring up domestic and workplace strife. Pirate Princess was dobbed in for not taking any chops, but under suspicion, and Poumuli for the confusion caused. The GM gave a Breach of Rules Award to Foxy and the visitors for talking.

Stephanie nominated the BBQ cookers for their slowness, which was narrowed down to Snake for being the BBQ owner, and was joined by Stephanie for complaining. In the midst of all of this the GM knocked over your Scribe’s beer, but she nominated Wahoo as her whipping girl. The final awards went to Captain Mortein for Child Endangerment (charging a taser in a child’s bedroom), while Spanky got CB to join in on an Acting like a Child Award (for complaining that he didn’t get to use the taser) – that’s more like our CB – well done!

The hares – Ring Ring and Buzzer – were saluted before we descended on the by now slow-cooked food. The rains erupted briefly but we had the fales for shelter. Check the blog for details on the Nusafee picnic and run, and make sure you sign up for either or both with SOTB or TG.

On On

Poumuli, IKA Slit

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Mothers Day Hash Run- Nu'usafe'e Island & Poutasi @ Godfather house


We need to get a fair idea of who will be attending the Mothers Day hash Run next week.
The plan is to head over on Sunday to Poutasi, take the boat across to Nu'usafe'e Island and camp over on Sunday night, return on Monday afternoon to Poutasi by boat and have the hash run and On On at Godfathers House.

The boat will be running ferry trips in the afternoon on Sunday as well as Monday (depending on the tides)

If you intend on coming to camp on Sunday, please post your names below so we can get an idea of numbers to sort out tents and so forth. If you are coming and you have your own tent then by all means bring it. Remember this is real camping, not a 5 star camping trip, its all natural out there.

Its best if we car pool as it is a fair drive unless you want to bring your own vehicles. Appreciate your response so we can arrange this and not leave everything to the last minute as it will be hard to sort things out on Saturday as most of us will still be busy.

If you want to know more about the run, please contact TittyG on 7205455 or SOTB on 7500767.

On On

Monday, May 03, 2010

Hash Run 1517- Taumeasina Reserve

Morning All,
Hash today will be a BYO Food Run at the Taumeasina Reserve where the old "swimming lanes" used to be in Taumeasina. Bring something to throw on the BBQ and make sure you come early as it now gets dark quite quick. Head down towards Lewinsky's place and turn left before taking the dirt road to Lewinsky's house. Look out for the paper.
There will be a Keg there so bring your drinking boots and swimming gear if you fancy a dip after the run.

There may be a small fee to pay when you take your vehicle, so please keep that in mind.

On On