Thursday, April 27, 2017

HASH RUN 1879 - StrapOn is hosting a Sa Moana Folau themed Run at Papauta

Location - Go on the road to Mailelani Soap Factory/Le Petite Cafe, the house will be the second on your right with the white deck in the front. 

Theme: Sa Moana Folau. Protecting the Mountains to the Oceans. So dress up as a character representing the Forests or the Ocean. If can combine both you will get a prize! Those not in costume will need to sing a song from Moana the cartoon.


Start time: 5.30pm


Friday, April 07, 2017

Hash Run 1876

Hash Run 1876 is kindly hosted by Lewinsky and POD at Tameasina. You go towards Tameasina Island Resort and straight after you take the turn from the Main East Costal Road, you take a right at the 1st right fork in the road, and then the 1st left.
Bring your Hash Cash of 20 tala, and some swimmies if you want to have a dip after the run.

We are back to running at 5.30 PM or 1730

On On
Poumuli, IKA Slit

Hash Trash 1875

The Hash was hosted by Screamer and Gagging Diva inside the Keil compound in Motootua. We were back to normal time, so it was a relatively cool afternoon. The run went out the gate and up Cross Island Road, then turning right onwards past the hospital. Almost at the bottom, we realised we had no trail, and cut back up to find the trail cutting back to the Cross Island Road. The trail then headed over towards NUS, and cut back to the broken bridge – then it was on home up the Cross Island Road.

POD was our GM as usual, and she called for those new to Hash to step forward. These were Luca (but friends of Crown of Thorns) and Eric, brought by Cockblocker.  Alex came to Hash because he lives there, while Sam and Morgan had been brought by Prue. Peeping Clam and CB took one each.
The retreads were Slim Shady (drinking rum), Ring Ring (busy), Snip & Tuck (snipping and tucking).

This Day in History Awards went to Slim Shady (1917 – The United States takes possession of the Danish West Indies after paying $25 million to Denmark, and renames the territory the United States Virgin Islands), CB (1947 – The only mutiny in the history of the Royal New Zealand Navy begins), Alex (1981 – U.S. President Ronald Reagan is shot outside a Washington, D.C., hotel by John Hinckley, Jr.; three others are wounded in the same incident), Lewinsky (2002 – Monica Lewinsky, no longer bound by the terms of her immunity agreement, appeared in the HBO special, "Monica in Black and White", part of the America Undercover series. In it she answered a studio audience's questions about her life and the Clinton affair) and Lewinsky (2004 – Google announces Gmail to the public).

Celebrity Awards went to Il Capo (present at the Vavu wreck scene), Peeing Clam for Sassygirl BJ (twice in the paper), Poumuli (Ele fundraising) and Godfather (story about Poutasi).
Shoe Inspector Screamer at first was told to look at Snip & Tuck but this was a false accusation as verified by Screamer, so Ring Ring took the down down. Turning to the GM’s nominations Slim Shady was anonymously nominated for sharing the chips with her breasts. A discombobulated Godfather asked “what was wrong with that?” Gagging Diva was nominated for seeing phantom dogs and ninja bombs. Morgan was asked if she was half in the circle, as she had been doing a yoga pose the whole time – she did the Yoga Award doing the same pose.

Il Capo nominated the GM, for usually being in front and talking a lot of bla bla. Poumuli noted that it was the Year of the Rooster, which CB had on his t-shirt and is the birth year of Alex as well, so a Cockfight Award was given to both of them.

Slim Shady nominated Poumuli for the Shitty Recommendation Award for advising her to bring rice and beans to Cuba, where they instead ogled her phone and other accoutrements. Poumuli nominated StrapOn for making fun of his needing a strap on, but both got this one, erm, Lewinsky was whipping boy for StrapOn.

Peeping Clam nominated Poumuli for not picking out Gagging Diva in the Celebrity Awards, nor Cunning Linguist for the many Tokelau stories, and Snatched was added in as a Media rep, which Alex took.

Next week’s run is at Taumeasina for Lewinsky’s birthday. Easter Hash will be somewhere on the South Side care of Godfather and Titty Galore.

Godfather also recounted the story of Kamaka – the legendary ukulele maker from Hawaii, who was a leper, which is where Godfather got his ukulele from. He is now opening a ukulele factory in Poutasi, using all local materials except the strings (er, wait, what about cat gut?).

The Hares and Hosts were saluted before we had the first ever all vegetarian Hash meal.

On On

Poumuli, IKA Slit