Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hash Run for Monday the 3rd September

Our hash run for the 2nd week of SPG which is the 3rd September will be from the Snake pit.

Just a reminder, our hash cash is SAT15.00 per person for drinks/food and T-Shirt

Will see you all there

On a different note, congratulations to Baracuda for getting a Bronze medal yesterday at Archery.Youre The Best

And again to all of us who are supporting these two weeks in every way.. volunteering, official and supporters. MALO LAVA

See you all on Monday at the Snake pit, 5.30pm

Enjoy , the 2nd week of the games.


Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hash Runs for the 27th August & 03rd September.

Talofa and Hello Apia Hash House Harriers and all those who have the intension of joining the AHHH for a good run in the busy two weeks of SPG.

If you are a taker of the above datesYou Da Man; ring us at 30160 otherwise On the Rocks have confirmed that we can host the next two weeks' runs from there.
For your information our run on the 27th August will be a full moon run but we will not run in the moon light. We will have a party instead. The run will start at normal time which is 5.30pm.

BYO for drinks and food, hash cash will also collect $5.00 for the T-Shirts.

If you are a hasher and has not been to AHHH before; have no idea where On the Rocks is, it is one of our best Cocktail bars in town, next door to Italiano Pizzerria on the left and Crabbers on the right.

So be there on time, Normal starting time for the run is at 5.30pm may subject to change.

Good LuckGood Luck for all the SPG Competitors and those will be working with the Big V.Smile


Have A Nice Day

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hash Run on Monday 20th August

Talofa again Hashers

Just to let you know that our Hash Run on Monday 20th August will be hosted by ACDC, Poison Ivy and one of our returned hash man, I won't mention his name so be there to welcome back the good fellow.

Venue will be at ACDC at Vaivase uta; refer map for direction.

The hosts and the hostess will provide the salad and bread and the rest of the us should bring our own meat for the barbie, and your usual $15.00 for our hash t-shirts and keg of course.

Cheers and Onon

HASH BASH on Friday 17th August 2007

Announcement! Announcement! Announcement!

The med students are putting on a party for all the hashers on Friday 17th August at On the Rocks from 7.00pm onwards.

Be there in style

Monday, August 06, 2007

Hash Run on the 6th August

Talofa lava Hashers

Our hash run today 6/8/07 will be hosted by Delicious and Desirable at their resident at Lotopa behind Adria's Cake Shop

Run will start at 5.30pm sharp


(Late note by the Brewmaster... Hey you newbies, be sure to join us today; attached is a map. Some of our very best hashes have happened right here with Karaoke, Eveready, Delicious, and Desirable. Join us for another great run here in Samoa. The keg is ordered, and yes, the beer is cold.)

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Paradise Found in SAMOA.

Johnny Walker and I, thought you guys might like to know that Samoa made it to the front page of the Travel section of last week's Saturday The Age (Melbourne newspaper). Click here for the full article. In fact, I would like to make a proxy nomination to Godfather for his mention in the article, or should Sassy take it for the article drumming up tourism and filling rooms.

JW and I are can be in Melbourne at the moment with the cold weather. I am planning on posting my Samoa photos somewhere on the web this month, so what this space. Good luck to everyone involved in SPG from both of us. I am not sure how much coverage they will get here, so we will be watching websites.


PS - Has anyone seen my shoes? I am not sure if I brought them back with me. Hahahaha