Tuesday, September 26, 2006

BOC Samoa Limited Aids AHHH

AHHH wishes to extend its sincerest thanks to Chris Fancourt aka Chillibeans and BOC Samoa Limited for its generous offer to support AHHH through the provision of a new gas bottle and future free refills.

We look forward to seeing Chillibeans on a run soon. We need to check out his "down down" skills.



Run 1330 - Soprano and Just Missed

Talofa All

Our FBI is still MIA and needs to be pulled up for his slackness in attendance and not presenting a thorough report on the ongoings of the last lot of hashes. Will try to put a report together but no guarantees it will be forthcoming this century.

Next week's Hash will be hosted by Soprano & Just Missed at Vaivase. Will post a map shortly for our new recruits.

Many many thanks to Snake, Fang, Venom and Snakebite for Run 1328 and the fantastic spread put on for the mob and to Mads, the Viking Hunk and his co-hosts for yesterday's tasty and plentiful spread. Thank you very much to Crabs, Son of the Bitch, Al, Ron and Kiwi for cooking the BBQ.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Full Moon Party - Saturday 07th October 2006

AHHH Full Moon Party will be held at Tiafau Fale on the Saturday 07th October 2006 at 6.00pm onwards - We will also celebrate the THE THREE S's Birthdays - you will find out then who they are.... Keg and food will also be provided. Just bring yourself along - If you have a special drink bring it with you, we can share it... kidding.... Hope to see you all there...

Please note that this is an Adults Only Party

Dresscode: Fiafia (no bottomless kilts)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Run 1329 - 25 September 2006

Change of plan folks.... next week's Run, will now be hosted by the Viking Hunk-Mads at his home, in the cool heights of Vailima, down the road from SPREP. In case Kiwi is not back on island by Monday, could Swinger or Tramp help set the run please. They are familiar with all the bushes and tracks.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Hash Trash Run 1237

Following is the report from FBI on Run 1237 at Harry Potter's home.

Hash # 1327 was organized by the three musketeers – Harry C Porter, FBI, Lezzie, and ACDC. The venue was HCP’s boom-boom flat at Motootua. Kiwi set a good track for the meres and hares to endure for about 45mins. FBI caught Kiwi on his way back from setting the run, and this helped the hares/meres follow the route. However, this did not help the harriers from missing the first turn. It took about 10mins of searching for paper trail until Sassygirl spotted some paper inside Malifa Primary School compound. For the first time in a long time, a mere led the way to the host’s place. Godfather, FBI and Alex could not keep up with the determined mere’s finishing style. The absence of ACDC from the run and during the first part of the drink-drink session was quite noticeable. He did arrive later, without Ms. Pole-dancer. Wonder why??? Lezzie and FBI got the BBQ going while HCP played cameraman. Soo helped out in setting the table for the food. Kiwi was excused from the BBQ ‘cos he was dressed up in fashionable attire fit for a prince of hash. Sassygirl and SOTB were stationed at the keg serving drinks. Fang collected hash cash for the evening.

During the special award ceremony, the following hares & meres got their down-downs from the bodacious and colorful Grand Master (Shafter):
Ø The “new-boots” were welcomed in the usual hash tradition, notably the presence of Ms. Germany solicited loud jives from the hares who wanted to extend her visa in Samoa. Unfortunately, the laws of the country could not allow her to stay longer.
Ø New shoes award went to Godfather who conjured up a story about giving the shoes back after a certain trial period to see if they fit his lightning feet. FBI did a quick check and called up all the shoe shop owners. End result was a negative response. Godfather bravely accepted his award and drank like a 25-year old.
Ø Cell phone punishment went to FBI and Agent O for their phones going off during the award ceremony. Actually, it was RC’s cell phone but FBI got charged for the crime.
Ø During FBI’s downdown, Sassygirl was spotted having an ear next to Shafter’s upper leg, obviously trying to find the source of another ringing phone….unfortunately for her, it was ringing from her backside pocket. On checking out the caller the GM announced that the call was from another man, not her husband. She got duly penalized for her indiscretion.
Ø Amidst the loud cheers/laughter from the hash groupie, FBI got his special award from the GM. Sassygirl dished out the exotic-looking cup of a lady’s tittie! Not to miss such a grand occasion, FBI delivered in flying colors! His suave dance moves got the hares/meres into a wild frenzy of excitement. The kids were excused as they did too enjoyed the dancing moves of the FBI man.
Ø ACDC and Mads received nomination from Soprano/Snake for singing the hash anthem at Lalomanu beach in wrong tunes and lyrics. Pathetic!!!
Ø Kiwi received a nomination from FBI for setting the run in national attire and true Samoan colors. His snazzy looks got weird admiring looks from lady drivers passing by.
Ø Kiwi and FBI received the last award of the evening for doing something weird. Kiwi was given the pussy-cup while FBI drank from the legendary cup!

Singing was again provided by Godfather and his swingers RC, FBI, Sassygirl, Lezzie, Kiwi, Soprano, Flo and Soo. To end a successful hash run and fun evening, Shafter conveyed grateful thanks to the hosts for the lovely spread of food. Harriers started disbursing in small batches, leaving only FBI and HCP to tidy up the premises. Next hash run will be hosted by Snake and Fang at the snake-pit.

With respect,
Director of Pacific Operations

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Farewell Agent Orange, Hansel & Gretel

At Run 1327 hosted by Harry Potter, FBI, Lezzie and ACDC, saw one of our favourite mere and pikininis shed a few tears when they announced that Agent Orange who has been with the hash family for the last nine months and the little agents were leaving in a few days. Back to the Land of the White Cloud. Till we meet again Agent Orange, safe travels.

More to come on this hash when FBI files his formal report.

Agent Orange however had a little something special for the AHHH. Most of us just found out on the night that AO was also a writer of sorts. Following is the special poem penned for the AHHH family:

"So long and thanks for all the sashimi!

Thank you to our hash family for a year of drunken fun
Such as Pole-dancer's 30th and falling on my bum

Shafter was the master and the ceremonies kind,
On the Locks were after, with mummies left behind

Kiwi a true legend with flour on the street
POD collected cash, records always restaurant neat

Taumesina, Vaitele, Lotopa
Was that a joy boy I just saw setting a run from the car?

The Tokelauan Maestro, with the Doctor by his side
Yet, in the presence of Godfather - they would on occassion hide

There's Snoopy on the hunt for punishable new shoes
Thanks Sassygirl for going on-line and telling us what to do

Fa'afetai to Snake and Fang plus the kiddy totting gangs
Hanging with Hansel and Gretel, whilst I got pissed and sang

Visitors were a plenty, cheers for joining the "On on"
Ka pai Crabs and Bloody Mary, especially for Shirley Bond

I never did catch a Pavement Singers beach road live act
But I've seen Flo knock back a pint and was quite impressed by that

Desperate Housewives evenings out were really quite a treat
But where did the silly rumours start that I once worked on the street?

I'm going to miss my Agency Boys, you really were great fun
Definitely the motivation for attending so many runs

Good luck with the Full Moon Parties, I hope they stay on track
although they could do with a warning of ACDC flashing his kilt and crack

Before I finish a quick leaving question for Eveready and Karaeoke
If I packed your nephew in my suitcase would anyone try to stop me?

As we venture off, know that you are all dear to our heart
We shall wear our Apian Hash names proudly long after we depart

So if you're in New Zealand, be sure to give us a call
And I'll be around to see ya, quick as a Tiafau fall.

Agent Orange - Apia - Sept 2006

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Subscribing to the Apia Hash House Harriers Collective Email Address

For the hundredth time, if you want to be on the collective email list of AHH, pls select the following link http://webmail.samoa.ws/mailman/listinfo/apiahash and provide the info for the respective prompts.


Welcome to the Apiahash@samoa.ws mailing list, courtesy of our sponsor and continuous support by Computer Services Limited, Apia and Rottweiler & FBI. Fa'afetai tele CSL.

To post to this list, send your email to: apiahash@samoa.ws

General information about the mailing list is at:
If you ever want to unsubscribe or change your options (eg, switch to
or from digest mode, change your password, etc.), visit your
subscription page at:

You can also make such adjustments via email by sending a message to:
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You must know your password to change your options (including changing
the password, itself) or to unsubscribe.

UPCOMING RUNS 1328, 1329, 1330, 1331

A million thanks to our previous and generous hosts.

Following are the upcoming runs and if you feel the urge to do something useful for hash and your hash mates, then host a run. Don't be shy to contact SassygirlBJ if you are overly keen..LOL

Run 1328 - 18th Sept - Snakepit in Apia. Opposite Pacific Explorer/formerly known as Island Hopper Vacations - Lotemau Centre.

Run 1329 - 25th Sept - Soprano & Just Missed at Alafua - we will provide the map closer to the day

Run 1330 - 2nd Oct - awaiting confirmation from Mats the Blonde Swede??

Run 1331 - 9th Oct - White Sunday Monday - Godfather & Godmother - possibly at Sinalei Reef Resort and Spa.

Run 1332 - 16th Oct - Possibly Flying Fish's place at Siusega

Poledancer and Daz last dash!!!

Mahalo all
Following is from Poledancer and Daz....lets all give these two a sendoff they will not forget after Faleolo International Airport ...lol.
It has been a pleasure knowing you and sharing a drink or ten with you guys...we look forward to meeting up again somewhere, some place, some bar ....

"Yes, it's sad to say but our time on The Island Paradise is fast coming to an end...Neither of us are up for any big farewell fanfare. But that said, we would love for you to join us as we watch the sun set on the last place on Earth for the final time (til we next come back to Samoa that is...!). We both leave for Melbourne on Saturday 23rd September - no doubt puffy eyed (hopefully that'll at least give us some sympathy votes for our excess baggage requests...)Where: the Yacht Club When: Friday 22nd SeptemberTime: 5pm onwards Afterwards: Tropicana for a final siva.

We'll do contact detail swapping on the night (Al, how much were those business cards you got printed up??!). In the event you can't make it to the Yachtie though, please forward through your details as we'd love to stay in touch (and will be happy to offer discount accomodation rates in Melbourne and Alice Springs to any interstate or international visitors!)Finally, a big thank you to those of you who have helped make this place a happy home to spend the past 6 and 12 months. Making new friends abroad has been fantastic and no doubt will continue to be for reliving memories (and ensuring the truth doesn't get in the way of a good story!)See you Friday (in 2 weeks time) - but hopefully before that too!Cheers,Daz & Nic

Friday, September 08, 2006


Hello everyone

Put on your dancing shoes and get with it to the beat of the NZ Group "Beetroot" who will be rocking the house tonight with supporting acts from the talented local boyz: Vaniah Toloa, Zibso, Mr.T, Ben Vai etc.,

The party will kick off at "Tiafau House", next door Millenia Hotel at 6.00pm onwards.

This is the only DJ'd function for the Teuila Festival so see you there sharp and early!!!

All proceeds will go to Team Samoa-Archery for their preparations for the upcoming Oceania Competition, SPG2007 and Beijing Olympics 2008.