Tuesday, September 12, 2006

UPCOMING RUNS 1328, 1329, 1330, 1331

A million thanks to our previous and generous hosts.

Following are the upcoming runs and if you feel the urge to do something useful for hash and your hash mates, then host a run. Don't be shy to contact SassygirlBJ if you are overly keen..LOL

Run 1328 - 18th Sept - Snakepit in Apia. Opposite Pacific Explorer/formerly known as Island Hopper Vacations - Lotemau Centre.

Run 1329 - 25th Sept - Soprano & Just Missed at Alafua - we will provide the map closer to the day

Run 1330 - 2nd Oct - awaiting confirmation from Mats the Blonde Swede??

Run 1331 - 9th Oct - White Sunday Monday - Godfather & Godmother - possibly at Sinalei Reef Resort and Spa.

Run 1332 - 16th Oct - Possibly Flying Fish's place at Siusega


  1. 1330 is my lucky number so the blonde guy from Denmark (which makes him a Dane) would be delighted to host that run. Due to my absolute inexperience regarding the Samoan HASH customs, I would appreciate all the help I can possibly get from you fantastic guys. Kiwi has agreed to help set the run, if he's available, and since my place is opposite SPREP Compound in Vailima you might expect some mountain climbing...

    Yours sincerely


  2. oops sorry about that Mads the Mad Dane...will update the site tomorrow with your details.