Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Hash Trash Run 1237

Following is the report from FBI on Run 1237 at Harry Potter's home.

Hash # 1327 was organized by the three musketeers – Harry C Porter, FBI, Lezzie, and ACDC. The venue was HCP’s boom-boom flat at Motootua. Kiwi set a good track for the meres and hares to endure for about 45mins. FBI caught Kiwi on his way back from setting the run, and this helped the hares/meres follow the route. However, this did not help the harriers from missing the first turn. It took about 10mins of searching for paper trail until Sassygirl spotted some paper inside Malifa Primary School compound. For the first time in a long time, a mere led the way to the host’s place. Godfather, FBI and Alex could not keep up with the determined mere’s finishing style. The absence of ACDC from the run and during the first part of the drink-drink session was quite noticeable. He did arrive later, without Ms. Pole-dancer. Wonder why??? Lezzie and FBI got the BBQ going while HCP played cameraman. Soo helped out in setting the table for the food. Kiwi was excused from the BBQ ‘cos he was dressed up in fashionable attire fit for a prince of hash. Sassygirl and SOTB were stationed at the keg serving drinks. Fang collected hash cash for the evening.

During the special award ceremony, the following hares & meres got their down-downs from the bodacious and colorful Grand Master (Shafter):
Ø The “new-boots” were welcomed in the usual hash tradition, notably the presence of Ms. Germany solicited loud jives from the hares who wanted to extend her visa in Samoa. Unfortunately, the laws of the country could not allow her to stay longer.
Ø New shoes award went to Godfather who conjured up a story about giving the shoes back after a certain trial period to see if they fit his lightning feet. FBI did a quick check and called up all the shoe shop owners. End result was a negative response. Godfather bravely accepted his award and drank like a 25-year old.
Ø Cell phone punishment went to FBI and Agent O for their phones going off during the award ceremony. Actually, it was RC’s cell phone but FBI got charged for the crime.
Ø During FBI’s downdown, Sassygirl was spotted having an ear next to Shafter’s upper leg, obviously trying to find the source of another ringing phone….unfortunately for her, it was ringing from her backside pocket. On checking out the caller the GM announced that the call was from another man, not her husband. She got duly penalized for her indiscretion.
Ø Amidst the loud cheers/laughter from the hash groupie, FBI got his special award from the GM. Sassygirl dished out the exotic-looking cup of a lady’s tittie! Not to miss such a grand occasion, FBI delivered in flying colors! His suave dance moves got the hares/meres into a wild frenzy of excitement. The kids were excused as they did too enjoyed the dancing moves of the FBI man.
Ø ACDC and Mads received nomination from Soprano/Snake for singing the hash anthem at Lalomanu beach in wrong tunes and lyrics. Pathetic!!!
Ø Kiwi received a nomination from FBI for setting the run in national attire and true Samoan colors. His snazzy looks got weird admiring looks from lady drivers passing by.
Ø Kiwi and FBI received the last award of the evening for doing something weird. Kiwi was given the pussy-cup while FBI drank from the legendary cup!

Singing was again provided by Godfather and his swingers RC, FBI, Sassygirl, Lezzie, Kiwi, Soprano, Flo and Soo. To end a successful hash run and fun evening, Shafter conveyed grateful thanks to the hosts for the lovely spread of food. Harriers started disbursing in small batches, leaving only FBI and HCP to tidy up the premises. Next hash run will be hosted by Snake and Fang at the snake-pit.

With respect,
Director of Pacific Operations

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