Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Farewell Agent Orange, Hansel & Gretel

At Run 1327 hosted by Harry Potter, FBI, Lezzie and ACDC, saw one of our favourite mere and pikininis shed a few tears when they announced that Agent Orange who has been with the hash family for the last nine months and the little agents were leaving in a few days. Back to the Land of the White Cloud. Till we meet again Agent Orange, safe travels.

More to come on this hash when FBI files his formal report.

Agent Orange however had a little something special for the AHHH. Most of us just found out on the night that AO was also a writer of sorts. Following is the special poem penned for the AHHH family:

"So long and thanks for all the sashimi!

Thank you to our hash family for a year of drunken fun
Such as Pole-dancer's 30th and falling on my bum

Shafter was the master and the ceremonies kind,
On the Locks were after, with mummies left behind

Kiwi a true legend with flour on the street
POD collected cash, records always restaurant neat

Taumesina, Vaitele, Lotopa
Was that a joy boy I just saw setting a run from the car?

The Tokelauan Maestro, with the Doctor by his side
Yet, in the presence of Godfather - they would on occassion hide

There's Snoopy on the hunt for punishable new shoes
Thanks Sassygirl for going on-line and telling us what to do

Fa'afetai to Snake and Fang plus the kiddy totting gangs
Hanging with Hansel and Gretel, whilst I got pissed and sang

Visitors were a plenty, cheers for joining the "On on"
Ka pai Crabs and Bloody Mary, especially for Shirley Bond

I never did catch a Pavement Singers beach road live act
But I've seen Flo knock back a pint and was quite impressed by that

Desperate Housewives evenings out were really quite a treat
But where did the silly rumours start that I once worked on the street?

I'm going to miss my Agency Boys, you really were great fun
Definitely the motivation for attending so many runs

Good luck with the Full Moon Parties, I hope they stay on track
although they could do with a warning of ACDC flashing his kilt and crack

Before I finish a quick leaving question for Eveready and Karaeoke
If I packed your nephew in my suitcase would anyone try to stop me?

As we venture off, know that you are all dear to our heart
We shall wear our Apian Hash names proudly long after we depart

So if you're in New Zealand, be sure to give us a call
And I'll be around to see ya, quick as a Tiafau fall.

Agent Orange - Apia - Sept 2006

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