Monday, May 17, 2010

Hash Run 1519- Malololelei- Poumuli & Wahoo

Morning to you all. Hash tonight will be hosted by Poumuli/Slit and Wahoo up in Malololelei. As its up in the hills, the host hash asked that we please be there early to get the run started on time at 1730Hrs as it does tend to get dark quite quickly up there.
In any case, bring a torch with you to hash and take it with you on the run and maybe something slightly warmer to change into.

Malololelei is up the Cross island road past the Bahai Temple but before Taito's famous tiled house. Look out for the turn off on Kelsey Lane.
The Theme is Red/White/ wear something along those lines
There is talk of an interesting meal tonight too, so you've been forewarned.
See that Map for directions

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