Friday, May 07, 2010

Mothers Day Hash Run 10th May

Morning All, Mothers Day Hash Run will be at Godfather's house in Poutasi. The run will start at 1500HRS, That's 3pm for those of you that cant figure it out...Godfather has said that he will be supplying sausages and an Umu and possibly a pig, but it would be great if we could all bring something to throw on the BBQ for the day. You are more than welcome to come earlier on and make use of Godfathers house and relax on the beach so bring some snacks and Drinks if you wish to do so.

Swinger will be bringing the Keg out on Monday which Sassygirl has kindly shouted as it is her birthday on Monday..yes, its the BIG 50!..woot woot! well as softies for the..well, softies..
Godfather has also offered his house to anyone wanting to come out on Sunday and not camp on the island overnight. There are 2 bedrooms available to anyone that wishes not to rough it out on the island.

For those intending on Camping out on the Island on Sunday. We are to meet at Godfathers House at Poutasi at 11am so we can arrange all our gear and load up the boat and head over to the Island. We will have a small lunch with godfather, To'onai style so we are all to bring something to contribute to the To'onai on Sunday.

Please make sure you bring your poison of choice as hash will not be supplying drinks for the camping trip but only for the run on Monday.

Please make sure you bring food to throw on the BBQ for Sunday night and Monday morning Brunch.

Dont forget your camping gear, change of clothes, and any other bits and pieces you think you might need.

So far we have a few tents available, but if you have your own, then by all means bring it. There are lots of Tarps that Godfather has for us to use out there so maybe just a mozzie net if you feel like it.

If you have any further questions, please call SOTB on 7500767

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