Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Mothers Day Hash Run- Nu'usafe'e Island & Poutasi @ Godfather house


We need to get a fair idea of who will be attending the Mothers Day hash Run next week.
The plan is to head over on Sunday to Poutasi, take the boat across to Nu'usafe'e Island and camp over on Sunday night, return on Monday afternoon to Poutasi by boat and have the hash run and On On at Godfathers House.

The boat will be running ferry trips in the afternoon on Sunday as well as Monday (depending on the tides)

If you intend on coming to camp on Sunday, please post your names below so we can get an idea of numbers to sort out tents and so forth. If you are coming and you have your own tent then by all means bring it. Remember this is real camping, not a 5 star camping trip, its all natural out there.

Its best if we car pool as it is a fair drive unless you want to bring your own vehicles. Appreciate your response so we can arrange this and not leave everything to the last minute as it will be hard to sort things out on Saturday as most of us will still be busy.

If you want to know more about the run, please contact TittyG on 7205455 or SOTB on 7500767.

On On

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  1. Sweet!

    High tide on Sunday should be around 4 pm, so the boat can start making trips around 2 pm. If your interested in going to the island try to get to Godfather's house in Poutasi by 1 pm.

    The Run on Monday will be at 1 pm so we'll have time for swimming and eating after the circle before it gets dark!

    Any other questions you can also call Spanky at 7262122!