Monday, February 11, 2008

1400th RUN & BASH

Malo Hashers

For your information if you haven't seen today's paper. Our 1400th run this evening will be at the ACP Compound Vaitele.

I assume you are aware of the Airport Road. If you are in town take the airport road down, just go passed the Samoa Breweries/vailima Breweries, pass the Yazaki boath roads on the left then start looking for the ACP sign on your right.

Turn in the main gate and keep going down to the seaside. Ask someone inside to direct you to where the hash is



  1. Congratulations and plenty alofas to the HHH's 1400th Run...For all the oldies I should be crawling by now..HA HA! maybe except for Joe..

    Who can forget the 'hornies' blowing that goddamn bugle in the jungle sounded like a 'call from heaven' while we're bloody lost in the dark swearing..! Who set this damn run!

    We came out cut, bruised and nearly dead and they had the audacity to give us some 'titty' award for being a hazard to nature and the environment..

    But hey...all that was forgotten once we sat down to a bbq and sing-song and tales...and bullshit from others...and getting ready for the following weeks torture.. especially where there's hills ..that means when you go down ..there is only up and up and up..!
    On a wet day..well..!we could set records on bloopers and mischiefs and unrepeated performances .elsewhere.

    It's a whole new discovery adventure ..on your own backyard.. and that adventurous spirit has remained with us here on our daily walks and bush trekking. And that never fails to remind me of Hash House Harriers in Apia my beloved country and family and friends.

    I was the song mistress for a while and I still have HHH T-shirts from all those exciting ..adventurous runs we had in Upolu and Savaii

    Alofa tele to all the Harriers..

  2. Malo lava former song mistress.. great to hear from you.. Good old day may I say it.. anyway .. dont forget to drob by on this site whenever you are in town for the next hash run followed by the usual singing, bbq while struggling to finish the 520ltr keg.. lol