Tuesday, January 08, 2008

14th January Run 1396

Talofa all meres and hashmen!!! Last night saw a minimal turnout at Elava Resort at Vaitele-uta. It was so small we can actually list the faithful who attended: Shafter (GM), SassygirlBJ, Son of the THE Bitch (SOTB), Underrated & Isaac, Snake, Fang, Venom & Snakebite, Kiwi, Delicious and the fitter version of Lewinsky. The host, "Rambo" (Eti Laulala) finally turned up later due to work commitments. The group enjoyed a bbq under the stars surrounded by lush and beautiful gardens-one could be excused for being in an oasis!!! The small gathering looked at each other and stared at the 50 liter keg dreading the down downs that will likely come. Delicious, SOTB and Sassygirl all swore they were detoxing and did not want to drink....well not beer anyway. An honest attempt was made by those present and finally agreed there was no damn way the keg could be finished. It was unanimously agreed that Lewinsky take it to Headquarters for on-selling and raise a credit for AHHH worth of a quarter keg.
Next week's 14th Jan- run will be hosted by Mr. Whippy and his family from their home at Lotopa. Mr. Whippy's mum will arrive tomorrow (Wed) morning and has specifically asked to host next week's run. So Mr. Whippy get that map up for those who dont know where to go.
Furthermore can we have an indication of numbers so we do not have a repeat of last evening-and just stick to a few cases of the nectar.

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