Saturday, January 12, 2008


Talofa all you darling hashers of the AHHH and any visiting hasher from around the globe.
Next Monday, 14th January will see the AHHH convene at Mr. Whippy's Home at Lotopa to meet his parents and extended aiga from the US. This run was a special request from Mom prior to hitting the home shores. Furthermore, Mrs. Whippy will just have to join in then.LOL!!

We're also very sad to say that this will be the last run for Rainbow Warrior (Fabien Chauvet) who will depart for colder climes to continue with his diving training, I think its underwater demolition ???? Well how appropriate is his name...LOL... Ann will stay on for a few more months to finish her contract and join him later on.

I have been threatened by some Retreads to join us on Monday, and lo and behold, with NEW BOOTS as well!!! Unless anyone is into getting the trots and goodness knows what other diseases, one would be well advised to keep those new shoes in the box till fair weather. Just a reminder, Mr. Whippy lives close to a number of rivers and right now theyre flowing at capacity and looking like chocolate. I dare you to break out those shiny new boots!!!!LOL.

Samoa was graced by the passing visit of Pharlap - unfortunately only for a couple of days, which did not co-incide with a hash run. Could this have been done on purpose Pharlap?
SassygirlBJ is disappointed that Pharlap didn't have the decency to stop by and pow wow with Florence and the superwitch.

Welcome back Godfather. Great catching up with you and looking forward to seeing you next Monday with the ukulele. O and just a word of warning, DONT FORGET THE NUTS....there's talk of renaming Godfather....something to do with not having nuts!!!! OUCH.

We will put on a keg, AGAIN, so there had better be enough people to drink this. Flo has confirmed she will be there to deal with the other half of the keg...thank goodness for the meres!!

Stay safe all and try not to fall comatose in a puddle-dont care how strong you are or whether you can swim 5 miles with an esky like Lewinsky and Thorpedo, a few inches of puddle water will do you in.

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