Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hash Trash 1483

A glorious day for a run, hosted out in Vaitele at Apia Concrete Products by Tupua Fred Wetzell. The run was set on paper, and the hare was Swinger, who obviously had been a very mobile hare. The paper was obviously placed out the window of his Haremobile, which meant we couldn’t run against the traffic (that should have been an award). The run started out from ACP through the hills of grit and sand, with Captain Mortein taking and keeping a commanding lead. So much so that we lost sight of him a few times. He was so fast that when the pack caught up to him he had already found the false trails and re-acquired the real trail. The run was a pleasant road run through the back roads of Vaitele for the most part. The slow rising hills were a pain, as was the hill on the on-home, but we all made it back safely, there were no dog incidents and no curfews to violate.

Strangler stepped in as acting GM, mainly because he was in line for a few awards, so this was an easy avoidance tactic. There were a few newcomers to Apia Hash – Foxtrot Mike (Len from Australia), Mary from England, Sarai from NZ/Vailoa and Red Robin from Australia. Rethreads were MilkMe (busy in Savaii with his multitude of livestock), AC/DC (on drugs), Gilligan (from Oz, returned after 14 years was it) and Bear Faced (BlowMe’s dad).

The Shoe Inspector was called forth and he identified Seema and Red Robin as having brought new shoes that were quickly filled and drained.

Celebrity Awards went to Poumuli (Observer article), Wahoo (TV ad) and Godfather (vaka story on TV).

The GM presented his own special Wannabe Nudists/Germans Award to those willing to be extras in a new TV production – Swinger, Mad Hatter, Lesbian Vampire Killer and Poumuli. He also presented AC/DC with the Hitting on Nudist Girls Award. The GM reminded us that there had been a very special birthday that weekend, so we all sang Happy Birthday for Godfather. He also got a cake which was heartily consumed later.

The GM brought up the shenanigans after Hash 1482, where a number of Hash Meres had jumped or been thrown in the pool for what he described as the wet t-shirt competition. Peta, Delicious, Karaoke, Wahoo and Sassygirl got the Showing Us What They’re Made Of Award as a result.

The first nomination from the floor came from Tony Blair for the Academic Achievement Award. Apparently Salsa has been accepted at the Harvard Business School (was there also a scholarship?), so Selena as closest relative accepted the award. Sassygirl berated the Hasher who constantly leaves his wife behind to go fishing, etc. so the Careless Award went to Lewinsky. Flash Gordon brought up Lewinsky’s cellphonus interruptus, corroborated by SOTB, so out he went again. But Sassygirl had observed Flash Gordon trying to hold up the seemingly sturdy building, so a Leaning Award was given.

Poumuli had to take an award at Hash 1482 on behalf of Underrated (for getting Buzzer’s hash name wrong on the website), so he managed to get Underrated a Repeat Award. Eveready recounted how he had asked a Hasher for the phone number of said Hashers Mum, only to be told the Hasher couldn’t remember it, but Swinger avoided the award as we were thanking the Host and the Hare.

Next week’s run will be at Eveready and Karaoke’s place. He asks that all wear pink. There was also some mutter from SOTB about an email from the Hash Monk, who intends to join us next week. Should be fun.

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