Tuesday, October 03, 2006

White Sunday Hash Trot

Talofa All

White Monday's hash will be hosted by Godfather and Godmother at Sinalei Reef Resort. All the kaikai will be provided. All you need to provide is your running shoes and any other special drinks you wish to consume. Hash will arrange the keg as usual.

You are all kindly asked to use the car park next to the Golf Course and then walk down the side road adjacent to Maninoa Beach Surf. ABSOLUTELY NO WALKING THROUGH THE HOTEL PROPER. All the children are off limit to the hotel proper. It is highly appreciated if all the meres and hares ensure this simple instruction is abided by.

Run will commence at 1pm.

For catering purposes, would you pls advise whether you will be attending....either by commenting via this blog or by emailing me at sassygirl@samoa.ws




  1. Myself and Nicole will be attending. Cheers Alex

    PS - your email bounced on me, what ever this means --> [PERM_FAILURE: SMTP Error (state 9): 550 sassygirl@samoa.ws, Recipient unknown]

  2. Hi SassygirlBJ, I want to introduce you to http://freearticle.name

  3. sorry aleki
    it must have been a problem with the ISP. my email is still sassygirl@samoa.ws unless they have disconnected me....LOL

  4. Hi Sassy I am interested to host hash on Monday 16th to welcome my family from NZ. I will confirm once I get back tomorrow.