Monday, October 16, 2006

Alcoholics Anonymous

Hello all - I think this is my first bear with me if its not all that flash (no pun intended).

No doubt all would have heard of the incident in front of Crabbers on Saturday night so I wont divulge the details although I would like to draw your attention (for downdowns this arvo) to a certain individual who was hauled into the Cop Shop accused of being a member of the AAAA (Anti Alcoholics Anonymous Association) also known as the AHHH.... For all you people that cant read (or cant read between the lines) thats drunk driving ...

Will see that this person is identified in due course...




  1. i totally agree that this person should get his/her just punishment, how dare they bring the good name of AHHH into ill disrepute

  2. wow thats some serious shit!