Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Run 1332 - ACDC Welcome Back Run

A million thanks to Godfather for a fantastic, heart stopping, gut wrenching run that saw the mad hashers take off in the middle of the day on a a few falsies around the golf course and then last seen heading for the mountains.....the mob finally ended up on the Siumu Cross Island road...phew!!! and ran all the way back to the onons. Several of the runners were hyperventilating, flushed and cussing on arrival at how tough the run was. Thank goodness they all made it back on time with plenty of sunlight to spare. Needless to say, Godfather admitted that he was late from setting the run as he got hopelessly lost in the bush!!! Well done Godfather!!! SassygirlBJ and Snake went on their own run totally oblivious of the track... and grateful for it too. Would not like to have another BJ done on the sexy one in the middle of the day....repeat of the Vavau Run.

Here is hoping that FBI will be forthcoming with the rest of the hash trash this month...LOL

Welcome back ACDC!!!! Great to hear the Wild One is back in one piece and not been mistaken for a terrorist.

ACDC has offered to host next week's Run 1332 to welcome his family who are visiting from New Zealand as well as to make up for the runs and parties that he missed out on. The Trot will take place at Tiafau Fale, next door to Hotel Millenia.


  1. hi all
    a cinderella left her blue flowery slippers at the beach....will bring them to Run 1332. would prince charming and his princess kindly identify themselves then.

  2. I think it may have been shrek in disguise