Friday, October 23, 2015

Hash Trash 1799 A

The Hash was hosted at the Nafanua Steakhouse. Live hares were provided by Daz and Hot Nuts. We set out through the CopShop parking lot, up to the 4 corners and then down towards Palisi. Several hash halts were called, but the walkers ended up doing their own thing. Up the hill towards the prayer house at Palisi, then back down the other side, into town again and on home to Nafanua.

Godfather was absent so there were no frosty nuts waiting for us. POD was also absent so Hot Nuts stepped in as GM. New to Hash were Jessica (friend of Katy’s) and Bedbitch (Samoan but from FSM Hash). Retreads were Poumuli, Hot Nuts, Mr Whippy, Wet Pussy, Offspring and Witch Doctor.
Celebrity Awards went to Katy who had been on TV, and Cunning Linguist for the story on Ac/DC in the paper. Swinger had bee spotted on TV as well so that one went to Strap On.

The GM buggered up on the history but no really good ones anyway. Shoe inspection was not carried out but Cunning Linguist tried to get this anyway for Poumuli – False Accusation Award.

Claudia nominated Daz for the Misleading Award for giving wrong instructions on the run, which Daz countered by nominating all those who had used the down-down glasses before the circle started – Claudia, Jill, Cunning Linguist and Lucy, and since this was a crime, Crime.

At this point Wet Pussy wanted to encourage someone to download some more hash songs, but it was pointed out that Godfather only knows 3 songs. Poumuli gave a rendition of one he had heard with the Nadi Hash – Here’s to Brother Hashers – and received an award for it.

Witch Doctor nominated the GM for the Internet Retard Award for not checking the blog, and we then saluted the Hares and the Hosts.

Next week’s run may be hosted by Katy and Speedhumper but check the blog.

On On

Poumuli, IKA Slit

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