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Hash Trash Run 1139-Eveready's & Karaeoke

Hello all
below is the hash trash for 4th November run. We are still looking for another scribe. If you fancy yourself a bit of a writer then drop me a line.

Run 1339 was hosted by Karaeoke and Eveready from their home at Lotopa behind Adria’s Cakes-the best Cakes in Samoa, especially the Rum Chocolate Cake loaded with cream…yummy!!

The heavens threatened to open all afternoon but thank goodness, only a few drops made their way down to keep the dust down. The run was led by the bouncy one, ACDC who ran all the falsies, closely followed by POD who kept an eye on the wayward one and brought him back. The pack, led by Mr. Whippy, trotted off behind Faleata School and picked up the paper trail heading down into the river. This proved rather trying for one of the hashmen, who later on received the Environmental Award for slipping and dislocating his finger during the process, but thank goodness, good old Godfather, being well versed in these things, relocated his finger, ouch!!! back in place and valiantly ran the rest of the trail hugging an ice pack to his affected index. Some of the novice hashers, namely Deep-throat, Delicious and Luana couldn’t find the trail so decided to chariot ride to find the trail. Funnily enough they did a full circuit of the block and ended back at the taxi stand where they proceeded to the river and spent the rest of the run swimming. They were duly penalized for such unhash-like behaviour. The troops drifted in just before dusk and enjoyed the nuts…good to have “Hash Nuts” back on island, and some delicious “poke”, chips and spicy guacamole courtesy of Eveready’s Spicey Kitchen.

The GM finally arrived with some lame excuse that he had pneumonia. He promptly appointed Lewinsky as his “whipping boy” to take any of his down-downs.

There was one New Boot: Aaron from British American Tobacco. He is definitely hash material, has a wicked sense of humour or was that dirty sense of humour and loves to smoke and occasionally break out a sweat. He is one of Eveready & Karaoeke’s new tenants.

Retreads: Hagar, Heinrich Arp, Nola Gidlow, Danny Rankin, who can’t remember his hash name, its been that bloody long since he last came to hash, took their down-downs enthusiastically. Unfortunately Heinrich had another one for wearing his skull piece during the awards and was threatening for a moment to wear the rest of his beer, much to the delight of the mob

GM pointed out that two of our long time hashers were buggering off shortly, Schumacher leaving in a couple of hours and Snoopy aka Snoofy, cum Wednesday night. They were given a down down each for being such great sports and for deserting the pride.

Schumacher nominated So’o for the Fashion Abuse Award for dressing like an Arabian Belly Dancer. Someone was overhead calling So’o the Sarabian Dancer…Samoan Arabian Dancer???

SassygirlBJ nominated Reverend Flaming Sword (incidentally the new boot Aaron thought the name was Rev. Flowing Soap!!) for Sexual Harassment Award and felt sorry for the Flaming one and declined to go into too much details. This brought much laughter from the crowd as it appears this hash-man keeps getting penalized on similar incidences. Flaming Sword was duly given the “Prick of the Week Award” and was observed enjoying this part of the award far too much.

Snoopy dobbed FBI in for trying to run her and Schumacher over whilst on the run. Whilst the award was duly noted, some of the hashmen thought that FBI should get the award for being a lousy driver and missing the two. FBI then proceeded to have a case of “verbal runs” and carried on till he was finally shouted at by just about everyone to quit his bs and take the down down. He was made to drink the “Tit of the Week Award”.

Snoopy was then asked to hand out the shirts…some way overdue!!! And far too much to list here. What was good tho’ was that Godfather finally got several shirts well due to him. Similarly Kiwi.

GM then called on Snake to assist him with the naming rituals. He also apologized for the Hash Monk’s absence as he is busily fighting some stupid war in Iraq or was it Iran or maybe Fiji.

The following were inducted into the pride, pod, mob, family, whatever!!!
Donovan all the way from the States with that Barry White Deep voice was aptly named “Deep-Throat” Once saw a movie of the same name and she wasn’t singing.
Shay our super chef teaching at Polytech School of Hospitality was named “Pupu”. This is pronounced as “poo-poo” and has nothing to do with what comes out the other end. Pupus (island style) = canap├ęs or any nibblies palagi style.
Alex who works for the hopeless Electric Power Corporation has an affinity with pigs. It has been observed on a number of runs that whilst everyone else gets chased by dogs, Alex is chased by pigs, hence he was aptly named as “Oink”
Nicole, the leggy teacher from down under has never been seen to run or make an attempt to run so she was duly named “Johnny Walker”. After several shots of this baby, you wouldn’t be running anywhere, in fact you would be walking welly welly schlowly!!
Natasha suffered similarly at the previous run at Schumacher’s place. After several vailima’s she was talking welly welly schlowly and ending up trying to describe herself as being “puder-licious” perhaps from pretty and delicious. She was duly named “Delicious” and boy can this mere put away the down downs. And yet another candidate for the Samoan Meres Boat Team. Now there is a dynamic Trio!!!

Christmas Hash which was suppose to be on the 11th has now been postponed after a request from the “meres” of the UN to postpone as so many of the die-hards will be at a Conference at Aggies Resort. Show of hand has confirmed the Xmas Run will now take place on the 18th December and will commence from Tiafau, Second Headquarters of Hash. GM also confirmed that this year will be a young and good looking Santa of about 35. Am not sure if that is his waist line or IQ. Snoopy threatened to stay on if that was his age. Please get into the spirit of things and dress up in your Christmassy gear…by all means look like a fairy if you are that way inclined or a mistle-toe but for goodness sake, ensure mouth wash is handy…LOL

First prize for best costume-if you’re female is a dinner with POD
If you’re a guy, dinner with POD and Lewinsky. Am unsure whether GM has any other prizes.

More nominations from the floor were called for, whilst the troops awaited the special dinner guest to be brought in….”oink oink no more!!” Sassygirl asked for the GM to take a down-down for giving the family such a lame excuse as having pneumonia. Lewinsky stepped up and took the down down as planned.
FBI dobbed Son of the Bitch and Lewinsky for trying to run the hare down whilst he was setting the run.
POD nominated Snoopy for commenting at a certain watering hole that everyone else was drunk and she appeared to be the only “soder” one. Well done Snoofy!!
Lambada and Pavarotti got down-downs, for not canoodling as always at the hash circle and for using the railing to prop himself up all evening.
FBI asked for ACDC, Flaming Sword and Lezzie to be penalized for causing the Xmas Run to be changed to suit them. Also noted that ACDC and Flaming Sword will be sharing a single room at the resort. These guys are really starting to become a worry especially when they were also overheard talking about picking up Vaseline at the pharmacist.

At this time the keg was starting to look rather sorry as it tilted like the Leaning Tower of Pisa… Kiwi the Hare took his down-down. Eveready, thanked everyone for coming and was also excited that Deep-throat and Delicious were now duly named. Karaeoke, Nola and Deep-throat then joined him for the Hosts Award.

Godfather called the group together to sing its final farewell to Snoopy and Schumacher-“Goodbye my feleni” Snoopy responded with a challenge to the hashers to come to NZ next year and terrorise Napier….now there is a thought!!!

This was followed by a lavish spread which was much enjoyed by all. Overheard several hashers say this is the reason they never miss Eveready and Karaeoke’s hashes…the delicious spread to follow. Thanks Eveready, Karaeoke and the Troops.



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