Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Run 1320 Report

Talofa all Hares, Meres & Pikininis

Thanks for a what turned out to be a delightful evening after all last night. Much fun was had by all. Thanks to Godfather and the Roadside singers or swingers for the
entertainment. Poor Lezzie almost broke his back trying to impress everyone with his
dance moves. Thank goodness the only thing he broke was his shades.... could have been worse, he could have dropped his partner on her head and resulting in a courtcase...will try and put together a hash trash as FBI is missing in action again.

Thanks to Son of the Bitch, ACDC, Lezzie and Lewinsky who paid for the jugs of down-down plus many more later on. Thanks to those who merrily partook of the jugs without using their bloody brains to reciprocate. Thanks to all the other strays picked up on the roadside who enjoyed the singing, free drinks and feed. May they one day turn up to hash and pay.

Now here comes the issue that a number of our hashers are annoyed with but do not
vocalise, and which I have no problem doing. Last night almost ended up in a nasty
scenario so I have decided, enough is enough and things need to be straightened out. Just to ensure that all the hashers know a few facts and take this into consideration and perhaps offer to help some-times: "Hello.... hash is suppose to be fun if everyone does their part!!!"

1. Kiwi, SOTB, Lezzie, ACDC, Flo, myself etc., are not the official BBQ cooks. We do not go to hash so we can end up serving every one else. Please feel free to offer now and then to cook. It never fails to amaze me how some of the hashers would distance themselves from the BBQ until the food is cooked. They are the first to flock in and grab food, whilst the idiots doing the cooking wander off and sing with Godfather.
2. It is highly recommended that those who love to eat, should also be keen to cook and not sit around on their backsides and expect others to cook for them.

I am using this forum to vent my disappointment so there is no second guessing or
mistaking what is being said. We all want to enjoy ourselves, and whilst we do not mind cooking now and then, it is not acceptable to be taken for granted that we shall do this all the time and for heaven's sake, lets keep hash fun for EVERYONE!!!

Now that I have said my piece, I hope that there will be some attitude changes in the upcoming hashes. If you are cooking at BYO BBQs, dont cook only your food and leave the others to do their cooking. Make it a team effort.

Oh by the way, many thanks to Agent Orange for preparing all those nice salads and for offering to help doing anything else as she was not good at bbqs.



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