Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A message from Hagar the Horrible

Talofa all

Following is a msg from the Great Dane-Hagar the Horrible, who is freezing his butt in Viking land:

Dear Apia Hash,

Thanks for the great support showed to the last run we hosted in Vailima -
I enjoyed myself, but sometimes wonder if the honourable hashers attending
this freakshow was enjoying themselves as well?!

Anyway, I wish you all good times here from the cold Denmark, where we are
currently parked somewhere around minus 5 - which is a bitch when you've
just come from Samoa through Bondi Beach! Still, it's great catching up with
family and friends again.

I will be following the hash-blog from time to time and should some of you
ever desire to go to the lovely shores of Scandinavia, please feel free to
give me a buzz and I'll sort you out.

WIth those words, thanks for everything, it's been great hanging around the
hash-posse and my down-down techniques have been further developed, which I
perceive as a very good thing!

Take care

WIth best regards

Mads aka Hagar the Horrible

Mads Kragholm Nielsen
Danmarksgade 76, St. Th.
9000 Aalborg
Tlf: 61675668
Skype: mads.kragholm

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