Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Next Week's Run 23rd April 2007

Talofa All crazy meres and even crazier hash-men
Heard that last night's hash at the Samoa Tourism Fale was well attended and enjoyed by all, more so, by the cumming of Madam Flash who apparently lived up to her name when the troops retired/took over "On the Rocks". Malo everyone. Son of the Bitch rang up home to whine about the keg running out very early in the proceedings. Two options come to mind, either the keg wasn't full or the hashers drank too much too quickly...both have the same outcome. I hear thru the grapevine that Tony Blair kept a very close eye on his & Selena's daughters ensuring that they were out of reach of some of the hash-men.
Poison Ivy, Talei and their Russian Friend will host next week's run from Vaivase-tai opposite the Polytech and Samoa College boundary. See u all there then.

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  1. Birthdayboy Tony Blair!!

    Congrads dad!!
    Mr. Tony Blair will be celebrating his 50'st birthday today!! But because i'm halfway around the world, i'd like to ask each and evey hash-member in Samoa to give hem a huge hug(or even kiss if you dear) for me. I'd like to myself, but unfortunatly you all know my situation. Thank anyways, and hope to see you all soon!!