Friday, May 04, 2007

May 7th Run - Lewinsky & POD - Taumesina

Talofa all meres and hares

Next Week's Run will be hosted by Lewinsky and POD from their digs at Taumesina. Pls indicate if you will joining us this run to ensure enough catering is arranged both solid and liquid wise.... so pull out those collective fingers and comment via the blog.

Last week's run hosted by Selena, Tony Blair, Salsa and Cocaine was again a big success especially afterwards, in the swimming pool. Plenty of downdowns were dished out for some very disserving misdemeanours which occurred during the run and earlier in the week where-ever the hashers hang out. At least this time, everyone had some bloody common sense and left before the cops visitation.

Tony Blair and Selena were rightfully punished for not setting the run and were instead waiting for poor Kiwi to do so. This would have worked if someone had informed Kiwi. Eventually Kiwi and SassygirlBJ set the run partially by chariot and were also penalised for this disservice ....heh!! What an ungrateful bunch!!

Graft got so many downdowns, the scribe lost track. Lezzie as usual never fails to stuff up his nominations, ending up doing the penalties instead. SassygirlBJ was caught out for strutting in the buff on the night of Tony Blair's half century celebration... other hashers also left quite a few of their belongings in the pool including a very expensive phone, earrings and goodness knows what else....scary!!!

Oink, doing what he does best, dug his way from underneath the golf course fence followed by some of the meres who were trying to shortcut home, and ACDC was punished for polluting the pristine environment-when will he ever learn.

Poor Ryder tried to get out of drinking from her brand spanking news such luck! Lezzie offered to drink the dregs but was graciously refused.

Newcomers to hash, Lorens? and Stefan were duly punished for being dishonest and not owing up as new boots. Subsequently another hashman backed his chariot into their dc wheels and took off without letting the poor new hashers know...tsk tsk.... this deserves a double down-down next week.

When the scribe has sobered up and remembers some more of the nights proceedings, they will be duly posted.

This has got to rate again as one of the top hash runs. Malo Selena, Tony Blair, Spicy hot "Salsa" and the dynamic "Cocaine", guaranteed to make you high... judging by the way some of the hares, both old and young were salivating...heh heh heh!!! Pls drop off images if you have some gems that could be used for blackmailing purposes to moir for the site.

onon folks - Tight Lines, Skirts and all to those hashers who are competing in the upcoming Samoa International Game Fishing Tournament next Week.


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