Friday, October 09, 2009

Hash Trash

Hash Run Date: 28.9.09

Waiting for latecomers delayed the departure of the truck to the secret destination. Lewinsky driving like a bat out of hell, no pink and late! Made a loud entrance in front of the truck, followed by Kiwi who had no idea how to lock his truck, after much encouragement from the crowd gave his keys to a Hash merry to drive to a safer location.

The truck took off, FBI lost his pink cap and that set the pace for the trip…. He couldn’t wait to jump out and find his precious. The truck stopped at 5km for the walkers and continued on to the mark for the down hill runners.

SOTB struggled with a very beautiful pink fallen Hallow.

In the circle Eveready spoke about Karaoke and Desirables birthdays and expressed his thanks to the Hash Family for the love, kindness and support at the time of the accident. To Desirable “On, On”

Visitor Prue AKA “Roxy the Geologist”, was overwhelmed by FBI’s need to assist the new maiden, some think he was just trying to replace his pink hat!


Nola donated the pig! A down, down delivered for her generosity.

Kiwi & Lewinsky down, down for wrecking the speedy departure.

Mad Hatter, down, down for not knowing if she’s a runner or a walker, and refused to get out of the truck with the runners.

Greg & Swinger went for a walk on the weekend and got lost again. ACDC said that’s the 2nd time, it happened four years ago on the same walk.

Sara, down, down for the superwoman award, she keeps coming in first.

Greg, down, down for taking off like a spring chicken vs. FBI down, down for the jealous award.

Blow Me, down, down for the “totally gay” award he needs to start drinking like a man and loose his wifes’ shirt.

The Monk arrived, only after trying to mount a dog!!! And called for

Greg who has been wearing far too many fancy pants and getting the girls excited so will now be known as “HOT NUTS” ACDC wanted to know which one is the hot one.

Seema who loves to express herself in all areas of pain, ecstasy or anger, will be known as “SCREAMER”

Rebecca is known for wanting to get her clothes off and swim around freely, will be known as the “SKINNY DIPPER”

Peta married to a certain captain with be known as the “PIRATE PRINCESS”

Mattie, loves to bash people around, will be known as the “SLAPPER”, the Hash family hope she doesn’t live up to her name.

The crowd wanted clarification whether it is HOT NUT or NUTS?

Lewinsky nominated Eveready for the “dream car award” a work in progress. A battery was found so all could here the engine.

Special Guest Nathan finished the circle with a spectacular dance.


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