Monday, October 07, 2013

Hash Run 1694 - 3 Stooges at Vaitele (El Mc Jr, Da Head & Anthony) - Seyleck Motors Workshop

Good Afternoon All,

Sorry for the late posting. Tonight's run is being hosted by the 3 stooges; El Mc Jr, Da Head and Anthony at the Seyleck Motors Workshop in Vaitele. You should all know this location as we have set numerous runs from Transporters workshop.

The run will start at 6pm. This should give you ample time to make your way down to Vaitlele. Please bring a change of clothes with you.

The Hosts have kindly offered to put on a spread tonight for the run so you will just need to bring your hash cash. A friendly reminder, as of Today, the hash cash has gone up from $15 to $20. This is to help us offset the increase in the cost of the kegs.

See you all then!

On On

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