Friday, February 12, 2016

Special Announcement - this Sunday

A reminder that Samantha is running the full length of Cross Island Road on Sunday morning (as you do?!). She will be starting at the John Williams memorial at 6am and finishing at Sinalei around 8:30 / 9 am 'ish'. Everyone is invited to support her however you see fit eg run a segment with her, drive alongside as a support vehicle, sit in a support vehicle and herd off vicious dogs, or meet her at the end with a beer (a beer for you that is- maybe a shandy for Sam since she ...doesn't drink?)
The pre-arranged support vehicle has unfortunately just been withdrawn. Sunny Side Up offered on Monday to also provide a support vehicle so if anyone else is interested please let us know.
The celebration at Sinalei will be BYO brunch i.e. BYO food & drink). Children are welcome but please come around the edge of the hotel so you arrive directly at the beach, rather than coming through the hotel.
Good luck Sam!



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