Friday, August 11, 2017

Hash Trash 1892

The Hash was hosted at On The Rocks by Lewinsky and POD in the absence of a suitable host. Cockblocker was live hare and took us on a jaunt on the seawall to Mulinuu, back into town and on home through the back roads of Apia. Not the most interesting run, but whatever. There were sweet nuts awaiting.

POD called the circle to order, trying to be heard over the infernal catervauling of the OTR band. There were no newbies or retreads. While Richie was fined for leaning, Shoe Inspector Snakebite struck gold with Prince.

This Day in History Awards went to Poumuli (1030 – Ladejarl-Fairhair succession wars: Battle of Stiklestad: King Olaf II fights and dies trying to regain his Norwegian throne from the Danes), a British
Medic (1900 – Kaiser Wilhelm II makes a speech comparing Germans to Huns; for years afterwards, "Hun" would be a disparaging name for Germans), Snake (1970 – Black Tot Day: The last day of the officially sanctioned rum ration in the Royal Navy), StrapOn (1976 – In New York City, David Berkowitz (a.k.a. the "Son of Sam") kills one person and seriously wounds another in the first of a series of attacks), Crash Bandicoot (World Hepatitis Day) and Lewinsky (International Beer Day).

Celebrity Awards went to Coinsave (for pro and anti Sinalei stories), Nom Nom (for Snatched story), POD (for being the “darling of Samoan running”) and Poumuli (for giving his real name to the WHO Expanded Special Project on the Elimination of Neglected tropical diseases).
On the run Mark and Coinsave ran past his building and he didn’t pay homage, while Mark was chasing Danielle. POD joined for being vindictive. Screamer was nominated for partying wildly on the south side.

Snake nominated Lewinsky, as he had asked for an extension cord at OTR, and it was so filthy he had to unlock it somehow, and somehow broke something. Anyway both of them took the award as it was incomprehensible.  Prince gave the hero award to Lewinsky for his role in the paddling regatta and the provision of an after race keg. He then tried to blame Titty Galore and went from hero to zero, but she joined in.

Nom Nom nominated POD and Lewinsky who as last week’s hosts had not provided us with a safe space for Hash. Because THERE WERE PEOPLE HAVING SEX IN THEIR TOILET. In the end it was agreed that this must have been Nom Nom and Peeping Clam.

StrapOn nominated Poumuli for Wahoo’s FB posts about pregnant women needing to have sex every day. He then nominated Godfather for showing off his tattoo to someone from the Suva Hash that StrapOn had met in the Port Vila Hash.

For the 50th Anniversary of the Peace Corps, Eveready and Louisa were nominated. Peeping Clam made Mark join them for having made out with one during the celebration party. Crash was made to join for looking Mexican.

The Hare and Hosts were saluted and then PIZZA!

On On

Poumuli, IKA Slit

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