Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hash Run on Monday 22nd October 2007

Talofa Hashers

Our run on Monday 22nd October will be hosted by the Snake, Fang, Snake pit, Venom and Nessie.

CONFIRMED VENUE: Charlie's Bakery @ Vaitele. Opposite the Breweries there is a shop with the ANZ Vaitele Branch on the side, the turn in to the venue is just after the shop on the right. If this is still confusing huh.. then call Snake or Fang at 7770045.

BYO for the BBQ.

The keg will be ordered as usual.

The author of this post would also like to remind the hashers that our HASH CASH is $15.00 per person EXCEPTIONS are the kids and the LIFE MEMBERS. This goes to the beer and the t-shirts, whether it is BYO or Host putting on the Feed. It only changes when the run is from a bar whereby we can buy our own beer.

Please feel free to host a run with food to be BYO.

See you all on Monday

Manuia le aso

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  1. HEy Flo, thanks for the clarification, i know there was alot of confusion out there.