Saturday, October 06, 2007

Run on Monday 8th October

Mahalo Hashers,

Run on Monday 8th Oct will be hosted by the Ray Charles, ACDC and their little community at Vaivase Uta.

For the new hashers, the map will be up soon otherwise if you come from town, take the cross island road, 2nd turn to the left which goes to the Lelata Bridge, pass the bridge then take the uphill on the right that goes to Magiagi and Samoa College. You are still on the main road. Go pass Samoa College and Samoa College Hostel then turn right between the hostel and the EFKS Vaivase tai church. Take that main road up to Vaivase uta, pass the Vaivase uta EFKS church and the EPC Compound - start looking for the papers now on your left, the hosts' houses are on the left and in a fenced compound.. thanks SOTB.. check for papers now. Here's the map anyway.

Good luck and OnOn


  1. Great Set of Directions, but you did manage to get one part wrong...the end of it..the hosts house is on the left side (not right) and in a fenced compound...muahaha