Tuesday, November 20, 2007

20th November 2007 Run

Last night's run saw a small turnout, thanks to Lezzie for coming to the rescue again with the venue - however, it was a great town trot with "live hares" who alternated during the run. This was followed by a very relaxing and peaceful??? evening enjoying Fang's delicious spaghetti bolognese topped with a "ripe" splash of parmesan cheese...ummm umm gooood!!! and for main course lol, were bbq'd bottom fish. Most of us enjoyed Godfather's chilled nuts :-)) The last two runs have been easy on the nectar and high on healthy food. This has to be good for us!!!
Maybe we should do away with the keg and limit the beers to 2 stubbies each. YEAH YEAH YEAH... I can hear the groaning in the background. Just kidding.
Check next posting for upcoming Runs.

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