Tuesday, November 20, 2007

26th November - Run 1391 I think

Run 1391 - 26 Nov: Snake, Fang, Snakebite & Venom have kindly offered to host next week's run from Vaitele. Check out Charlie Westerlund's Water Factory directly opposite the entrance to Maota o Samoa, up past Yazaki.
Snake and the Snakepit have offered to supply the nectar in the green bottles and some kaikai. Do the right thing and let Snake or Fang know 7770045 if you will be at the run. Otherwise help by bringing something to throw on the bbq.
Run 1392 - 3rd Dec: Mark Birwistle, owner of Berties B&B at Vaitele Fou has offered to host the intrepid lot and to help him celebrate his coming of age. Berties will provide a keg of the golden stuff and all the hashers to bring the meats and salad. Try to coordinate this with Florence Nightingale and SassyBJ so you dont all turn up with empty hands...LOL
Run 1393 - 10th Dec: AHHH XMAS RUN: Venue will behind Hotel Millenia in the wide open park, no nookies in the dark thank you!!! AHHH will provide the meats and all hashers to provide salads and nibbles. Make an offer what you can supply and dont be shy!!!
Everyone is expected as is traditional to come dressed in Christmassy decor.
This year we have a "brown Santa Claus"- scary mother!!!
So dont hold back, get in touch and let us know if you will be here for the Xmas run and for goodness sake learn the words of the carols !!!!

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