Monday, June 23, 2008

Flash Gordon goes Down Under - Run - 23 June 2008

Mahalo all folks
Today's Run will be fron the STA Fale behind the main Info Fale. This is a BYO BBQ and if there are some meres who can help with a couple of green salads, pls dont be shy.
We're very sad to see Flash Gordon aka Marcus Berking depart our shores to further his flying career downunder and heaven knows where he will end up after....most likely chasing some blonde bombshells in Europe or Dubai!!!! LOL.
So do come down and lets enjoy a good trot and a bbq and go from there.....yes Lewinsky, there will be a keg....

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  1. Hi hashers... Hope you had a good farewell party for Flash last nite... All the best Mac..